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Two-way radios, blog post

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I think a CB or ham (amateur) radio rig may be what is needed. The problem is, if they are going to be used in Mexico, the users need to find out what the communications law is there, and how well it is enforced, if they want to do anything illegal. I am only familar with US laws. CB radios do not need licensing or call signs, ham radio does. In the US the FCC is serious about enforcing against violations of the law, especially on the ham bands, and the ham radio community is also vigilant on reporting violaters on the ham bands. The downside of all radio communications is anyone can listen to them. There is no privacy on the airwaves, unless encryption is used, and that may not be legal (it's not on the ham bands in the US). But, there are legal modes, such as Morse Code and packet radio, that are not as likely to be intercepted.
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