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c'mon people!

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Geez, c'mon people I'm disappointed in y'all

Kevin's question at #8112 is clearly not looking for textbook answers like "oh, you need a tax lawyer" or "oh, you are required to report worldwide income". No sheet, Sherlock! I'm sure Kevin already knows that stuff.

On the contrary, it seems to me that his situation is a classic case of so-called Tax Avoision, a possible gray area between avoidance (legal) and evasion (illegal) where certain things COULD be accomplished by thinking outside of the box a little bit, and maybe assuming some level of risk by NOT doing things completely by the book, as The Man always wants us to do things.

If Kevin follows his plan, what is likely to happen? Does the company making the payment to his lawyer have to report something to the IRS? Is it reported as the law firm's income? Or will his lawyer's office have to report something on Kevin? If the money goes from the law firm to a bank account out of the country that is in his wife's maiden name (which, possibly, means that technically it is not 100% exactly "in Kevin's control", or in other words, it's like a nominee account) and if this foreign bank does not make reports to the American IRS, how likely is it, really, that IRS will notice anything about this? And even then, IF Kevin really does report it as income as he slowly takes the money back into the USA banking system, has he actually "evaded" tax or just legally "avoided" it, and paid less tax on the lower income amount per year?

His scenario is interesting to me (I may be in a similar situation some day) and these are the kind of questions I'd like to see answered. And any normal tax lawyer or accountant will almost certainly NEVER advise you to do anything that could even remotely be considered even in a "gray area" of legality. They all will just give textbook "cover your ass" answers 99.9% of the time.

Personally, I don't read this blog for that kind of simple obvious textbook advice: I'm here for information about how to bend the rules to get back my privacy and God-given sovereign rights, about how to take back the power that agencies like IRS have taken away from all of us. Is everyone here so afraid of the tax man that we can't even speculate on a mostly anonymous web message board about what may or may not happen in Kevin's scenario? That's pretty sad, if so.

JJ Luna Responds:

To quote you, Janie: "I'm here for information about how to bend the rules..."

- - - I suspect you have not read How to be Invisible. Had you done so, you'd have learned that I advocate legal solutions (unlike a few other authors who will here go unnamed).

You add that you wish to "get back my privacy and God-given sovereign rights ..."

Oh boy. I shall assume you refer to the God of the Bible who is mentioned at Psalm 83:18 rather than the god of this present world (John 12:31, 2 Cor. 4:4, 1 John 5:19, Revelation [Apocalipsis] 12:9,12), right?

You have no "God-given sovereign rights," where did that idea come from? Certainly not from the Scriptures!

As for "how to take back the power that agencies like IRS have taken away from all of us," read Luke 20: 22-26. You ask, "Is everyone here so afraid of the tax man?"

Of course not. Rather, many of us here are afraid of displeasing someone far higher than the "tax man." (Romans 13:1-7)


NOTE TO READERS: This forum is about privacy, not about religion. However, when I read about "God-given sovereign rights" and "take back the power," I just had to respond.

Let's leave it at that and get back to legal ways of protecting our privacy.

By the way, there are aggresive lawyers who deal in gray areas. It's just that all the good ones are expensive (read $400 to $1000 an hour).

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