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Dangerous Decision

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In 2007, two environmental groups filed FOIA requests for the identities of livestock grazing permit holders in an attempt to evaluate the bureau’s management of grazing on Idaho’s public lands.

Last month, Judge Candy W. Dale balanced the privacy interests of Idaho’s grazing permit holders against the public interests of those wishing to shed light on the agency action related to the permitting scheme.

The privacy interests of Idaho’s grazing permit holders, she ruled, were not threatened by the release of their addresses and were outweighed by the public interest. The documents were, therefore, ordered disclosed.

So - What is Judge Dales' address and telephone number? How many children has she got in the house? How many wine bottles can be found in her garbage each week?

If the ELF or any other Domestic Terrorist organization visit those permit holders, Judge Candy will have a lot to answer for.

URL #1: http://www.rcfp.org/newsitems/index.php?i=11557
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