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I think the people who read here are 'off the beaten path' types. I'd use Seth's method.

If a vendor tried to quote the Coinage Act of 1965, specifically Section 31 U.S.C. 5103 as found in that link, I'd label that "obnoxious" and challenge them so that they understood where a paying customer was coming from. "Really? In THIS economy you're going to refuse cash payment? You can AFFORD to refuse cash payment!?"

In JJ's book (Work From Home At Any Age) he challenges an uninformed vacuum salesperson and complains at McDonald's after a lack of service - for the joy of stirring the pot.

I think if a person complains about 'Wall Street thugs' and 'Crooked Bankers' loudly enough, (whether I believe in that baseless class-warfare tripe or not), people will take any denomination of my cash and do it with a smile. If we don't stand up and call "Balderdash!!" on some of the stupid private policies locally, they'll become mainstream - and that's just not acceptable.
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