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Dear mr. Luna,

I live in the Netherlands, Europe. Last summer I ordered and red your book 'how to be invisible' in one row. I was overwhelmed by it, you are fabulous.

Allthough I do believe we are too late and big brother will finally take total control over our lifes, the idea of at least slowing the proces at the utmost gave me a very positive an joyfull feeling. I am fighting against all those privacy harasments of our governments for a long time and became very frustrated by lack of result and especially lack of support by my social surroundings.

Since I red your book I decided stop fighting in the open and protect myself against all arogants and ignorants shooting arrows at me. From now on in my public life I will act as a model citizen playing neatly to the rules. But I will investigate every connection I have with big brother and ask myself: how can I cut this connection away ?

The first thing I did after reading your book was walk through my city and look for places to get myself a ghost address. I was amazed to found loads of them. There are so many existing unused mailboxes which easily can be taken over. First place a number and a name on it and send testmail to it.

If nothing happens, replace the locker and start using it. I found non-existing numbers in streets which did exist in the zipcode system. For some of those missing numbers it could be easy to place a mailbox on a empty piece of a wall.

Same for backdoors of buildings which are only used for emergencies, but do have housenumbers. I placed a mailbox along a bit rural place in the city next to some other mailboxes and placed a missing housenumber on it. At this moment I don't use any of the ghost-mailboxes I found, because I found a business offering a mailbox on their fysical address for just 50 euro a month. I had a good, long talk with the manager and he was very interested in the (privacy) reasons I had for using the mailbox. He is sending me an email when post is arriving and he is also willing to receive and send bigger parcels for me.

When we signed the contract he asked for my id, but didn't bother while I prepaid for half a year and said I forget to take an id with me. I also ordered a mailbox (with mailbox number) with a firm which didn't asked for an id and accepted cash.

Because I won't change very quick I also ordered a mailbox for my real-life identity and took care that I changed my address only for a few (10) basic services to this postbox. All other services which do get into my old mailbox will be called in two steps to first get my name (took over wifes name) changed and second my address to one faraway.

In the ordering proces of my official mailbox they officially needed an id and bankaccount, but they didn't bother my non-existing bankaccount and by showing up a few times at the counter for getting the keys and putting up some confusion about anything what came at hand, I finally got the keys without showing my id. So next experiment will be to get myself an official mailbox on my pseudo without id and bankaccount.

For my money I am completely back on cash. I have a prepaid creditcard on my real name with a firm who offers the possibility to order subcards in any name. One of those subcards I am carrying with me for emergency, it is especcially handy for loading my anonymous public transport card. For the internet I am completely dependent on prepaid vouchers which can everywhere be bought with cash (paysafecard, ukash, wallie). Most important is 3vcash (3vcash.com) which also can be bought by cash and offers a virtual credit card number which in nearly all webshops accepting creditcards can be used.

I took me quite a while how to get myself an anonymous paypal account, but after I did I can top it up with 3vcash and pay with it. Very rarely I have to order a service which only accept payment directly on their bankaccount. In my homecountry there is hardly any possibility left to pay by direct deposit to bank accounts anymore, even for small amounts. For these cases I opened an account with globaldigitalpay.com and use their certified exchange agents to load my account and pay the services I need.

For my (tele-)communication I depend on a good vpn (virtual private network) provider. This provider is offering me one personal anonymous ip-address in my home country and several shared ip-addresses in different countries. My private ip-address I am using for critical services like creditcard-company, paypal, providers, voip. It was only after I had this private ip-address that I was able to get myself an anonymous paypal account, because paypal is actively monitoring from which ip-addresses you are using their service. The shared ip-addresses I am using for my regular internet usage. Website owners can't check by my ip-address who I am, because I share it with lots of other people.

I ordered a virtual telephone number with a voip provider in my country and use a voip phone for my main telephone calls. I bought myself a cellphone with cash and ordered a prepaid simcard with the cheapest provider I could find and let it send to my ghostaddress. For my pseudo my emailadresses are vitally important, because all other services are backup'd by it.

I have two providers for my email. The first provider is offering me two adresses at myowndomain.org. One I am using for my businesscard and internetcommunication and is just for catching new contacts. I am regularly replacing it to reduce spam.

The second is just a backupadress for my second provider, which is a specialized emailprovider in which I can create different personalities and organize my mailtraffic and addressbook.

Mr. Luna, I want you to express my great gratitude to you to help me on this route tho grab some of my privacy back from big brother. I took special notice to your advice to set targets on the things you want to accomplish. I took two months in which I used nearly all my freetime to investigate the things I needed and drytest a lot of things which looked useful. From all the things I investigated and tested only a few really useful things remained. It took me another month to get rid of all the services I finally did not want to use anymore. For I got myself an extra rule: leave no traces ! The next things I want to accomplish is to become self-employed and get myself a bankaccount in Switserland or Luxemburg.

Martin Bakker

JJ Luna Responds:

Please keep us informed of your future accomplishments. So far, you are doing very well indeed!
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