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Free HDTV with cheap antenna

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I am currently receiving all the major networks FOR FREE with crystal-clear reception using a homemade TV antenna called the Gray-Hoverman antenna. Instructions are widely available online. Why pay through the nose and give up your personal info when most of what you watch is probably on the free networks anyway? I built one with less than $20 worth of components, but I didn't bother with the PVC pipe frame - I just screwed the wires onto a wood plank with screws & washers. I got 10 ft of 12-gauge copper wire on ebay for $10 and the balun at Lowes for $4. I omitted the wire mesh reflector, but I do live in a major city with broadcast towers close by, so if you're in the boonies you may need the reflector. I still need a dual-tuning DVR to record 2 shows at once, but the cost would be made up after 4 months of not making DirecTV payments.

URL #1: http://www.digitalhome.ca/ota/superantenna/
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