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Airlines no longer accept cash while in flight, to purchase headphones, food or drink.

This also was experienced last week while attending an NHL game, where the food desired was not available without using plastic. Where we were directed, for goods sold using money, had very restrictive menu with nothing we were interested in. We walked away, no sale.

Although I am not making a scene, contact people I'd like to discuss this issue with are not present and the employee will state, "This is the policy." Posted previously, our money states 'legal tender.' Just another example as to what we face in trying to maintain privacy. Headaches and hassles.

JJ Luna Responds:

Yes, if you travel by air, you will (sad to say!) need a credit card. I recently had to check a suitcase for the flight Loreto BCS to Los Angeles. There was a charge for $35 and the Horizon agent was not allowed to take cash. Credit card only!

On the somewhat bright side, there is still no need for the credit card company to have any idea of where you really live.

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