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LLC need a profit motive?
Hi! If someone creates a New Mexico LLC for privacy and/or asset protection purposes, does the LLC economic activity and a profit motive? Would it be required to generate revenue? Or will the IRS disqualify the LLC or if it only holds assets, will it be taxed as a personal holding company (PHC) (which is a is a C corporation)?

I really love JJ Luna\\\'s books but when they talk about starting LLC\\\'s I get confused on how the LLC can function in the eyes of the IRS etc. if it\\\'s not a real operating business (has business transactions and has a profit motive)

Packages delivered to home
Hi JJ. Do you know if FedEx or UPS ever require ID for delivery, for example if your name-address combination isn\\\'t in their computer system? (I\\\'m talking about regular packages, like from Amazon, not something like wine sales that would require proof of age.)

Thanks for all your help and good advice over the years!

Dear Jj Luna,

In your book How to be invisible you stated voting as amongst some things to not do in preservong one\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s identity. I understand reasons for most of the other things listed but am still not sure why voting is a risk to one\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s identity?

deleting public search records
I am in the process of bcoming a law enforcement officer, i just pruchased information about my self from intellus (using a one-time use debit card of course). my questionis how can delete that information so the bad elements that i will be coming in contact with wont have access to it . P.S i have the new book hoping to be on level 3 ASAP

Re 11287: \\\"ghost address\\\"
The options for an alternate address are similar in Sweden as in the US or any other country. The cheapest, easiest are less useful. The most useful are more difficult and expensive. The best solution depends on the purposes for which you will use the address. In (roughly) increasing degree of expense, difficulty and usefulness:

PO box
Private mail drop
Business address where you work
A business that allows you to receive mail (any shop, accountant, attorney)
A one-room office that you rent
An accountant or attorney who works from home (use his home address)
A friend or relative who can say you sleep on the living room sofa
A vacation cabin, rented or owned by you, or owned by a friend Cheap to rent for a few months during the off season (beach in winter, ski resort in summer)
A room rented by you in a hotel or rooming house. Best is one which does not have the name of \\\"hotel\\\" when searched on google. Some people rent rooms to students and these rooms are cheap for 1-2 months in summer.
A cheap apartment rented by you. Can be in a cheap/dangerous neighborhood where you only feel safe going to pick up the post once a week in the daytime, or dilapidated on the inside.

A friend or relative

Proof of Residency needed for DL
The Wisconsin DMV notified me that they \\\"received information\\\" that the address they have on file is not my place of residence. I use a UPS Store Mailbox for everything. It is on my tax documents, my bank. The WI DOT says I HAVE to provide my physical address on my DL.

After some phone calls this morning, the DOT basically accused me of \\\"Residence Fraud\\\" even though I never tried to get my UPS Mailbox address on my DL. (My current DL has an old address from years ago on it. When it comes to my DL the only thing I am guilty of is laziness).

Is there anything I can do to avoid my physical address on my DL for the state of WI?

Public Assistance
Can a potential employer find out whether or not a job candidate is on public assistance, Medicaid, etc.?

What happens if a man gets pulled over in a car registered through an invisible LLC?
I get the benefit of having an invisible LLC, even several for different purposes, but with one of those LLCs and a vehicle registered through it - what if a man gets pulled over in a vehicle registered under his private and invisible New Mexico LLC. He could go the common law route and just straight up ask if he\\\'s free to go and if he\\\'s being detained, granted the fuzz pulled him over just to say his tail light was out or that he was going 8 miles over the speed limit or some shit.

But what if the cop was legitimately trying to nab this man driving? What then? He\\\'s going to use force or some kind of way to get that DL, registration and proof of insurance and see who this dude is and search in the system. In which case, does that pierce the veil? Does that jeopardize the privacy?

The same concerns come up when it comes to paying for the titles/tags/registration of the vehicle and the insurance, all of which can be traced unless the man with the invisible LLC has a proxy do it for him or does it in cash or cryptocurrency - there might be limitations in using these forms of currency depending upon the state or the insurance company or whatever.

Lost password
Hello Mr. Luna,

I am trying to download your privacy report and it is not accepting my password.
Can you reset my password so I can access the report where I can change it later?

Thank you.

URL #1: 942 So. Clare Ave.

Telephone Land Line
ATT is my local telephone carrier. They do not want to activate my J55 phone jack. They say they can offer landline service over cable. But I believe this is just VOIP. Which is entirely insecure. I\\\'m thinking a court order might be the way to go, but I\\\'m not sure.

Would it be safer to withdraw money form your bank acct in the form of a bank check to hide it from the system. And just go back every 6 months for a new check to keep them fresh. It seems this would be easyer then going out of state to open a bank acct ?

I went to download your free ebook at The password I have used previously will not work. Is there a problem with old passwords since the new webpage was started?

If I might make a suggestion: Most websites have a \\\"lost password/change password\\\" option. I cannot find such an option on the new webpage. Do you have one I missed, or, if not, do you intend to have one in the future for those of us who have password problems?

Kickstarter project not tied to your real identity
I'm not trying to pull this off, just for a thought experiment: I'm curious how you or readers would pull off a Kickstarter campaign not tied to your real identity.

You can have all the good intentions, you just don't want a lot of strangers to contact you through your private channels all of a sudden, if your campaign turns out to be too successful. I wonder if this kind of business could work at all with a pseudonym.

DEA agents profiling travelers to seize their cash
There is a story I thought everyone would find interesting about the DEA profiling travelers to seize their cash. Quote:

Agents seized $25,000 from Christelle Tillerson’s suitcase in 2014 as she was waiting to board a flight from Detroit to Chicago. The Justice Department said in a court filing that agents became interested in Tillerson after they “received information” that she was headed to Los Angeles on a one-way ticket. Tillerson told the agents that her boyfriend had withdrawn the money from his U.S. Postal Service retirement account so that she could buy a truck, according to court records. Agents were suspicious; Tillerson was an ex-convict, who had spent time in prison for driving a load of marijuana into the United States from Mexico. She seemed to have little money of her own. And a police dog smelled drugs on the cash.


Court records show agents and informants flagged travelers for questioning based on whether they were traveling with one-way tickets, had paid in cash, had listed a non-working phone number on the reservation or had checked luggage. They also appeared to pay particular attention to people headed to cities such as Los Angeles (which prosecutors described as “a well-known source city for marijuana and other types of narcotics”), Fresno (“known for large quantities of outdoor grown marijuana”) and other California cities.

Note also that 90% of cash has detectable amounts of drugs on it. See:

URL #1:

Social media/small biz #11302
This is in reply to #11302 - I posted a reply on the "comment" section (Disqus). Is that the correct way? If not, here is my reply to that poster about social media and online business:

I run an online business and use a fake name. Under this fake name and bogus email I had a social media consultant from another state build a business FB page for cheap. Only the name of the business needs to be visible to the public; your personal name/info will not be seen on that page.

Depending on what you are selling, SM for B2B may or may not be a big help. It is secondary for me, email and phone marketing being #1. B2C is different and more SM-intense. Reach out via phone and gather email addresses of the business owners to send some information on this product or service that may help them.

Of course having a website and getting someone to do some Adwords/SEO for you - under the same fake name and email - is probably step 1 for most people. These 3 examples will be in different order of importance depending on what you are trying to do.

Craigslist RES section is your friend

No, posting on Discus does not work. Thanks for also posting here, Ed, as this is great information!

Is social media marketing possible?
One of the big rules for those seeking privacy is not to have any presence on social media. However, for those of us who plan to start a business, we are told that social media is a great way to market the business. I wonder if it is alright to promote the business through social media as long as I don't include any information about myself. If not, what are the best marketing strategies for an online business? I know I would need to build up an email list, but people have to come to the business website first.

There may be a way, but I have never looked into it. Perhaps one of our readers can answer this one.

Privacy International releases searchable database on more than 520 surveillance companies and the powerful tools they sell to governments.
Most of the surveillance companies (122) are based in the US, followed by the UK (104), France (45), Germany (41), and Israel (27). The SII also features information on the types of products the companies sell, with the majority covering communications intelligence, intrusive spyware, and internet monitoring tools.
URL #1:

Business License
Hi Jack. I'm planning on starting a CMRA mail-forwarding service using a PO Box address. The post office allows this but they require my home address on the application form. I intend to provide my address because the information isn't generally available to the public.

However, to get a business license I have to list a physical address for the business (no PO Boxes allowed except as the mailing address). And this is public information. I want to do the right thing and be 100 percent legal, but there is no way I'm publishing my home address for the whole world to see.

I don't have a nominee available so I might just skip the business license. Can you or your readers think of any other options? Could I list the post office street address since that's where I'll be receiving and shipping the mail? My website won't list my real name or home address. What is the likelihood I will get caught?

A bad idea, Patrick. There is no money in that, and endless competition. I urge you to find some other business!

TSA Pre, Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI programs
Dear Mr. Luna,

I recently learned that if one wants to go more quickly go through airport security and/or customs when entering the US, one can sign up for the TSA Pre, Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI programs (

All of them would require me to give the respective agency my fingerprints and appear at an enrollment center for an interview. I normally would not want the government to have my fingerprints, but the FBI already has them because I had to request a criminal background check years ago and recently requested one again. Since one government agency already has my prints, do you see any harm in applying to any of the above Trusted Traveler programs to make life easier at airport security and customs?

Thanks and regards.

URL #1:

You alone must maker the decision, based on privacy vs. convenience. I cannot make it for you.

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