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for those using clear and other providers of unlimited 4g. It is likely you are on the wimax network run by Sprint. Sprint is shutting the wimax network down on November 6th of this year though some areas may lose coverage sooner. They have migrated to 4 LTE in place of wimax. I am posting this because since I have been searching for an affordable and private alternative for months now, I have learned that most resellers of modems using the wimax network are continuing on without telling their customers that their modem will only work for a few months longer. Before you buy a new modem/hotspot check the providers webpage to see if the 4g is wimax or LTE.

And please post if you have gound a provider for post-wimax internet that is still affordable. I am still looking.

Illinois - Retitling a car
Any Illinois residents here successfully re-title their car to a NM LLC? Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

returns and passports
What is the benefit of using a ghost addressed such as the Spanish community Islands when ordering a passport and tax returns what does this truly protect you from

I have never said you should use the Canary Islands address for a passport or for your tax return. Why not use the address of your CPA? Or, use your own address if you aren't worried. Your choice.

thank you
I wanted to say thank you for your many years of hard work developing your ideas and creating books and web sites to inform my thinking. I've been keeping up with you for 10 plus years and even passed your info on to the world's greatest skeptic, my father, who is an attorney. His comment was "this is very INTERESTING..." which is about as good of a compliment as you'll ever get from him ha ha ha. He works in estate planning and was intrigued by creating privacy for his clients besides tax savings, keeping the IRS at bay and keeping siblings from killing each other when a parent died. I know he read everything I sent to and visited your web site whereas most things people send him he "skims" over. Please take care of yourself, young man, we need you!

Thank you for the kind words, MC!

In 11039 you say keep cash but in what form i.e. paper, gold, silver, foreign, etc.?

All of the above--your choice as to percentage. (Paper should be at least 50%).

Ban on Cash
It's clear that the global monetary system is moving towards a cashless society. One reason is obvious to us - to make transactions less private. But the main reason is the pressure to move to negative interest rates, which would make people withdraw their money from banks. If we move to a cashless society, what is the next best thing? Bitcoin? Barter?

No easy answer. I suggest keeping a LOT of cash in a safe place (other than where you live).

What's better, cash in hand or bank account elsewhere
I know the USA is not Greece but stories of bank shutdowns, and limits on cash withdrawals got me thinking I need a plan B, and possibly a C,D & E.

What's your recommendation, cash in hand or having an account besides one in USA?

BTW I just purchased your e-book Invisible Money (which is great), and if there is additional recommendations you would like to offer based on current events, I AM ALL EARS!

There is no substitute for cash on hand. As for banking, buy, study, and follow my e-book INVISIBLE MONEY.

Personal question

No email address included, so I can't answer you in private. You can get the legal explanation from either Rosie or me, personally. Email us.

Many "top" VPNs are insecure
Check out the list - if you use a VPN.

"14 of the top commercial virtual private networks in the world leak IP data."

"They found the most common VPN tunnelling technologies relied on outdated technologies like PPTP with MS-CHAPv2 which could be trivially broken with brute-force attacks."

URL #1: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/06/30/worlds_best_vpns_fall_flat_in_security_tests/

For that reason I have never used--or recommended VPNs. Email is never secure, never. For secrets, use the telephone or the U.S. Postal service. Normal first class.

Canadian bank accounts
JJ- Following up-- If I plan on moving soon, do you see any problem giving a Canadian bank my current home address as long as I give them a mailing address? I have a PO Box address that I want to give them, but what if they say "We need your home address"? Can you open a Canadian account without giving them a U.S. street address (i.e. "home address"?)

No the the fist question.
Usually, to the second question, but be sure to use the bank I recommend in my "INVISIBLE MONEY" eBook.

When will the "skip college" book be out? This book needs a wide audience. There is a bank that is giving $1 million for job search training for college grads! Good grief!

Maybe never, as I am too busy with other projects. The original was on the market years ago but did not sell as well as I had expected.

lawsuits force your ISP to reveal your identity?
Saw an article online relating to court actions against Comcast to force reveal an "anonymous commenter" who had posted alleged defamatory comments.

The scariest part of the article was the bit about how many internet users think they are "safe" because they use a fictitious name.

URL #1: http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/breaking/ct-anonymous-comment-supreme-court-20150618-story.html

Canadian Bank/ghost address
You suggest using an Alaska ghost address for acquiring a Canadian Bank account. I will be traveling to Canada on vacation and might use that opportunity to get a bank account. If I give an Alaska address, and they ask if I live there (if it's my "home address,) and I have no legal documents showing that address, will they believe that I live there? My DL has my NJ PO Box address, and my passport has no address. When they ask "Where do you live?", I'm not sure what to say. I don't want to seem shady.

Easy answer: "I live in NJ but I spend a lot of time with friends in Fairbanks and I want my statements sent to an address there."

leasing a car
JJ (or anyone) - do you see a privacy issue with leasing a car? (long term-- not talking about Hertz here)

PO Box
Can I start using the PO Box of my recently deceased father in law as a ghost address? We share the same last name. Plus we still have the key. I just wanted to ensure that the post office would never find out that he died. Or could they ever find out in the future?

I do not see any problem.

Home address
Should Pam Geller's home address be publicly inaccessible? The question is rhetorical. Recent news story: "Breaking: ISIS Tweets Pam Geller�s Home Address � Tells Supporters to 'Go Forth' and Kill Her"

Police Surveillance Flights
Police in Modesto, CA apparently routinely make surveillance flights over the city, taking air photos, and examining them. A senior citizen recently got a letter from the police department saying that they have "evidence" that there is pot growing on his property,that he could be thrown in jail, and he should hire a lawyer. They mistook tomato plants covered in plastic for pot plants! I wonder how many other cities are doing the same thing????!!!!!!
URL #1: http://modesto.news10.net/news/news/473621-police-letter-accuses-modesto-pd-senior-volunteer-growing-pot

Many cities now do this. Best remedy is to live in a small town.

Certain companies and agencies are required to get your residency address. Using a CMRA as your residency address will not always work as I am sure you have noticed there is software that will detect these addresses. Apparently there is a national database of all CMRAs. The Bank Secrecy act and Patriot Act require you provide your residential address with proof of residency for certain processes and functions of life like investment accounts. These laws are designed to prevent you from using privacy techniques. They are designed to specifically collect as much information on you as possible under "know your customer" rules. Furthemore anyone with some google knowledge can easily google up a CMRA as they will be easily identifiable in any search engine as readily advertising their services. Thus it is easy to figure out someone is actively trying to use a CMRA. The difficulty in maintaing your privacy is that in some cases it is simply impossible to not provide your home address. This is something that these books on privacy do not address. In some cases there is NO SOLUTION as the LAW requires it.

I do provide a solution in my writings.
Obey the law, give your home address, and then MOVE.

New Mass. lottery machines
I thought I'd buy a lottery ticket today at the local grocery store's vending machine. Imagine my surprise when I found out that to use these machines, you must now scan your driver's license first! I understand they want to verify age, but there is no indication whether or not anything else is checked or retained. No thanks!

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