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schools and data protection in general, Europe in particular
dear Jack,

I know you are warning about schools and suggesting home schooling, but in my country it is illegal and you might have followed the plight of the German family who asked for asylum in the US because of this violation of their fundamental rights, but was sent back to Europe where their children had benn taken aways from them by the authorities by the American government.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share this link with your readers to confirm who right you are about schools:


Are you planning a European edition of HTBI? It would be urgently needed, since many of your suggestions unfortunately don't work in Europe, since we don't have anonymous money orders, need to identify on most wifi hotspots via a mobile phone number, cannot buy burner phones without ID, etc, etc.

Regards from good old Europe!

No, no European edition. It is far harder to be private in Europe that in the USA!

Mail Forwarding Services
What are your thoughts on mail forwarding services? I'm looking to leave the USA soon and I heard of the service earthclassmail.com. Since my family is mainly composed of gossips, I don't want to tell them too much about where I'm going since that means at least one hometown will know all of the details. I thought I could use this address for my US based services (banks, etc) and would only need actual mail sent to a PO Box in my new country if it is necessary (like ATM cards). Although I'm not a fan of strangers possibly going through my mail, I'm less of a fan of knowing my family is going through it. I can't completely cut ties with the US and most places require a US address. The problem seems to be that I need to maintain links in the US due to unfinished business like student loans. What's the best way to stay secure and still get mail from a US Based address (when on a budget).

With the service you mention, and all others, you must furnish positive ID and sign a detailed form that goes to the USPS. (Never lie on that form!) With my ghost address, neither is required.

The cheapest ghost address is the new one on El Hierro Island, Spain. For details, email me. Jack (at) JJLuna.com.

casual questions
As a truck driver I relay my load to a partner. I pick the load up in Phoenix and drive halfway to Albuquerque and meet an Albuquerque driver who gives me an empty trailer and takes my loaded one and delivers it to the stores and I take the empty one back to the warehouse for reloading(so both drivers go home each day) Last week my partner asked me my age, this week he is asking "hey have you always lived in Phoenix?" Although it seems a casual question he is filling in all the spaces needed to steal my identity. Thanks to HTBI I answered no and gave the city of one of my ghost addresses.(which shows up on the people search engines) I expected him to ask my birthdate next and I am ready for that one too! Coworkers gather info through casual questions I give them misdirection! And protect my privacy!

Alaska Vehicle Registration
Can you still use mail forwarding for vehicle registration in Alaska? Last time I tried the lender asked for a utility bill outside of the normal Alaska address. I have two vehicles that require registration and would like to use Alaska since I lived their for ten years and plan on returning./

Hundred of Rosie's clients use an LLC with an AK address for registering vehicles in other states. But no utility bills are available because this is not an address where you can claim to live.

LLCs? Yes.
You yourself? No.

CAD Bank
I can confirm the instructions in the book for opening a CAD bank account do work. The representative was actually trying to convince me to open a savings account as well, even though I had no SIN, which I declined. Some observations, I would recommend staying the night locally for the night, that way one has a local address to give them as a temporary address, which seemed to help, they further recommended eStatement as I was in the process of relocating.

One other observation from the border agent going in, was the agent was pretty much done and he asked if I was carrying more then $1,000. I told him I wasn't sure and started for my wallet and he was like, "that is okay". Now what struck me about the question is the low amount.

Having checks printed
See #10597 for my suggestion.

Pay cash
CMRA data breach.
URL #1: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/08/20/ups-investigating-possible-security-breach/

personal checks
What is the best (reliable and chaep) place to order personal checks on-line?

Will my bank honor them if they are printed by someone other than the check company they use (they have their own half-tone emblem on their checks).

I want to have the checks show my Post Office Box number and start at a higher numbered check.

I've not had to order any for the past two years as I ordered before in large quantities. However, most any supplier should work.

OF COURSE banks will honor them! If yours will not, CHANGE BANKS!

Buying A New Home Anonymously
I bought your book at least ten years ago and I've lived off the grid for over 15 years without a hiccup. I'm going to have to buy my own home soon and want as much about it as anonymous as possible. Would like to hire you to make sure the job is done right. Email me.

OK, I will.

phone card and best buy
Re 10731 question about how did they get his name, did they actually address you by name? Mar from WV was right, they know where you got the card, they know it was applied to your number. So they called you. However, I keep my credit cards and DL in a protective case ALWAYS to thwart snooping and RFID fraud. Also, once a year, I get rid of my old prepaid phone, buy a new one from a different carrier with a new number. If you saw on TV today how Google tracks where your phone (and you) have been, you will understand that it isn't paranoia to dead end your old phone and number. My system isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing. I am a lawabiding citizen, I just want my privacy. Metro PCS was the most annoying from the assumed name point of view. They match up the name you give them with the address you give them and won't register it if they don't go together. So I picked a name and address out of the phone book and there is a little old lady in NJ who is probably getting advertisements for a Metro PCS phone she doesn't have.

Way to go, Roger!

Passport Renewal
I also have a question about passport renewal. If I renew my passport by going to one of the passport agency offices, would there be any issues, privacy-wise, if I pay with a credit card that is linked to a post office box and not a home address or is this not advisable? Thanks.

Unless a three-letter agency is after you,I don't see a problem.

Canada bank account
Are the instructions from the book still good for opening a Canadian bank account with BMO? Any changes or problems to note?

As far as I know, all is still well.

real age
As truck drive for a large company out of phoenix I was asked yesterday by a rotten coworker "hey how old are you?" and without thinking I responded with my real age. This bully has my name, and real age now he can go onto a people search engine(data broker) and look for me. There are 25 people with my name in Phoenix but only one my age. How old are you? Always answer 39!

WA Driver's License
Would you mind covering how to currently get a DL in WA using a WA P.O.Box that is attached to a temp WA address? I already have ghost addresses in place where I live, properties sold that were in my name, and the next step I want to take is to turn in my current DL so I can end that trail and also get out of the jury/voter system. I am looking forward to your next ebook about what to say if the police stop me, although I always drive the speed limit to avoid attention. Thank you, Jack!

I do not think you can get it without a valid WA street address. Try some other state.

Passport Renewal
I have the "U.S. Passport Renewal Application For Eligible Individuals", Form DS-82, in front of me and have a question.

Line 8 asks for the Mailing Address ("Street/RFD#, P.O. Box, or URB") so I have no issue using my post office box, however, line 18 asks for the Permanent Address ("If P.O.Box is listed under mailing address or if residence is different from Mailing Address. Street/RFD# or URB. No P.O. Box)

I'm not sure what to do here. Could I get in trouble if I don't put my home address here? I don't have a nominee. Would they know if I have it sent to a UPS store?

Any assistance here would be appreciated. Thanks.

You decide. (A friend of mine is about to renew, also. He will list his ghost address in Spain, as that is more permanent than where he is now.)

Re 10727 People search sites
There are many big problems in getting off people search sites:
1. Many won't let you except in rare cases (such as proof that you're law enforcement or have a restraining order against a stalker.)
2. The removal process is time consuming and requires providing a lot of personal info they don't have.
3. There are many such sites and removing info from some is useless because other sites still have the info.
4. New info can be added to those sites or to new sites in the future.
5. When you buy real estate or update your mailing address with a credit card company that info will likely get provided to people search sites.

Only solution is to move without leaving a forwarding address, without real estate records showing ownership of your new home, without using your name for utilities at the new place, without giving the new address to anyone except your landlord. Luckily landlords generally do not share your info.

Re 10728 Cyber Stalking
None will provide this info.

Best is not to use any such sites, and provide no info.

Second best is to create bogus but plausible misinformation.

Re#10731- How they found your name
I don't know whether they 1)only knew you bought the card or 2)knew your name.

For #1, once you add the value of the card to your phone, they know the card number and that it came from a batch sold to a certain retailer.

For #2, if you have ever associated your phone number and name for any business, that info has a way to find its way to databases. Most common is credit records. If a credit card company has your phone number, that number, and your billing address, and your age, sometimes your DOB can and are sold to people search companies, marketers, etc.

I strongly doubt that there is any surreptitious obtaining of data from your DL or credit card.

P I's being able to check Credit Union bank account
Can a P.I. find out information on a persons checking/saving account at a Credit Union ?


car registration
If you already own the car what is the procedure for transferring ownership to an New Mexico LLC and getting it registered?

Depends in part on the state you live in. Please direct all such questions to Rosie.

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