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people search sites
There has been some discussion here of people search sites. There are a few well-known sites (Zabasearch, Intelius, maybe Spokeo & Pipl) but others are not well-known. It would probably be a waste of time & effort to get your name & info removed from such sites. I know there are many, 55 or more. There is one, Checkmate, that advertises online but it's easy to remove your info. Now I hear there is one, IDTrue.com, that will not remove your info unless there is a court order. So removing your info from dozens of sites is fighting a losing battle.

Words of wisdom, Gina. I consider such an effort to be useless.

Security Deposit / SSN
RE: 10995

Hi Rob,
Depends on your state law. (You should check first!) Here in NJ, it depends. Some landlords are required to put security deposits into a segregated account at the bank where they are REQUIRED to notify the bank of the name & SSN of each tenant. Back in the day, those accounts paid interest & the tenant got a 1099 form. Most small landlords do not have to do this. They can set up a global security deposit account where all tenant deposits are mixed together. If the acct pays no interest, then landlord does not need an SSN. Even better, what happens if you prepay lots of months? Many landlords will forget about the deposit.

Car Insurance
NJ is a tough place trying to use your privacy techniques. One problem I have: everyone with car insurance has to have an insurance card. Have in past always used PO Box address. Now insurance agent insists address on insurance card must be where car is garaged. That is not true, but agent will not change things. All my other paperwork shows a PO Box. If I get stopped (and I have only been stopped once in over 20 yrs!) by a cop, they will ask lots more questions if documents don't match and they will know my real street address. Yikes! Any solutions to this problem?

Initiating Nicor Gas Company service
Has anyone here initiated Nicor Gas Company gas service without providing a DOB and SSN? May I ask how you did it?Did you have to leave a deposit? Thanks.

Drivers Licenses
If a friend lets you use his/her home address on your drivers license, what do say to the cop who pulls you over and asks if that address is your present address?

I was once asked that, as my DL is from a faraway state. I said "I go back and forth." He did not pursue that, but if he had, I would have told the truth.

Never lie to a cop.

Re 11005 Jury duty when moved
Sometimes forwarding to a PO box will not work; banks for example sometimes (often when mailing credit cards) send out mail that says DO NOT FORWARD and usually the PO complies and returns the letter to sender.

For such mail it's better to have a friend/relative receive your mail. If you get a jury summons to your mailing address but are physically in a far away state (for example, away at college, on temporary assignment, etc.) that should be a good reason to get exempted from jury duty. Needless to say, you should be in a far away state. Saying you're in Kansas City MO and asking to be let out of Kansas City KS probably won't work!

Re 11003 ID theft and SSN
If I were in your shoes I would get a couple of copies of police reports etc. about the problem and would provide these to potential employers upon filling out an application (or if sending a resume, at the first interview) and would briefly explain that your inof has been mixed with someone else's and you are working to correct the problem.

Long term, starting with a new SSN may be a possibility, but you must not link the new SSN to any address used with the old SSN; even there it may get linked because your name and DOB will stay the same. Getting a new SSN is difficult but not impossible; you must convince the SS Administration that the problem is ongoing (someone else is using your SSN) and why YOU should change your SSN instead of the thief changing his/hers. Very difficult but there are procedures for doing this.

Re 11062 SSN for foreign account
Most banks in the world now require an SSN from US citizens, residents, etc., in order to open an accoount. That is because of agreements to report income, deposits, withdrawals, balance to the IRS. (Far more info than is reported to the IRS on accounts located in the US.) Because of the hassle and potential penalties, many banks will not deal with US clients; consider yourself lucky that you found a bank that would open an account. This is all due to FATCA (get it? Like Fat Cat. Government employees came up with the name on the government payroll.)

Also, remember that if the total of your non-US accounts is over $10,000 anytime during the year you must file a report with the US Treasury (form 114.)

Moving 20 miles to another city
I will soon be moving about 20 miles away to a different city and will get a new drivers license. For as long as I will have my current drivers license, and until I get a new one, any suggestions as to what I can/should do considering that the address on the drivers license will soon be different? Thank you.

Canadian Bank account
I (American) recently opened an non-interest bearing checking account at a Canadian bank while there on business. They only asked for a mailing address (not a home address) and did not ask for a SSN. I just got a mailing from the bank, asking for a SSN due to a new Canadian regulation that shares info with the U.S. I called them and told them that since it is a NON-interest bearing account, there are no tax ramifications and that they do not need my SSN.
The lady on the phone said she would contact the bank where I set up the account and that they would get back to me.
I'll keep you posted.

Yes, please do keep me posted, as this is the first I've heard of such a request.

Illinois drivers license - updating address- updating adress
In Illinois, one can update their address on the Secretary of State website and I'm considering entering my post office box number just to see what happens.

Also, after updating the address, one is not required to get a new drivers license reflecting the change until their license is up for renewal. Is there any benefit to waiting two years before getting the new drivers license? If a cop pulls me over, I guess they can check that the address was updated as required by law, but if he doesn't know that a new license is not required until renewal, can that cause trouble for me with the cop? Do you thinks it's worth it?

Not knowing anything about you, I will not even venture an opinion. Please make your own decision.

Spousal support
Hi JJ,
Bought and love your "HTBI"book!. My question...how can I hide income from my business account that will be used to determine support. I'm not going to play games with the IRS - just trying to reduce the bite from the ex. Thank you

You MUST check with a CA elder-care attorney. This is not a DIY project!

Online Hoax, not worth it
This is good news, in that people with stalkers can realize this method of harassment can be traced and the perpetrator caught.

Also, it's a good warning: Don't try to exact revenge this way. This method of harassment can be traced back and you will get caught.

I wonder what he thought he did right when he posted these messages, and if he used any specific programs he believed would hide his identity.

URL #1: http://www.newser.com/story/211230/guy-used-craigslist-sex-ad-to-harass-fbi-agent-feds.html

Transferring NM LLC
Since the name of the members of an NM LLC is private from the public, how would I go about transferring a NM LLC to another party privately? What documentation would have to be provided?

You will need an operating agreement. Check with attorney John Clark.

Homestead & selling real estate in an LLC
We just paid off our home loan, thanks be to God. If we put a homestead exemption on it, will it affect our putting it in a NM LLC and then putting that LLC in a living trust? Also, you mentioned being able to sell a vehicle that was in an LLC by just selling the LLC. Can you do the same with real estate? Thank you and God bless you.

The homestead protection may vary, state by state. Check with a local CPA.

Yes, real estate can be transferred by selling the LLC. Check with a real estate attorney. Some states tax the LLC sale.

Here is a link to a scary CNN article about internet-connected cars and the hackers that can control them.
Can one even buy a new "dumber" these days? What about standard rental cars? Should we at least expect any car we rent to have GPS whether we want it to or not?

URL #1: http://money.cnn.com/2014/06/01/technology/security/car-hack/index.html

#11047--Fingerprints, CCW, etc.
Idaho: No permit required to buy. Without a CWP: Inside city limits & in a vehicle, the gun, loaded or not, is to be "in plain view." Otherwise, it's to be it's to be dis-assembled or unloaded. (Gun fun: The "chicken littles" who call 911 if they see a pistol on the dash, or spot someone leaving a shop with a gun they just bought.) Outside city limits, you may have a gun concealed on your person.

Montana: No permit required to buy. The culture is generally "open carry."
Without a CWP: A gun may be concealed on your person outside city limits or a logging camp (if you're hunting or hiking, for example). You may have a gun anywhere in a vehicle, as long as it's not concealed on your person.

Apple is more secure - right?
People have been repeating the Apple marketing departments' line for too long.

Macs DO get infected. They are just a piece of technology, and the ARE vulnerable.

Are they any better in the response-to-threat department than any other corporation?

"According to Wired, most of the bugs remain unfixed."

URL #1: http://fortune.com/2015/08/03/apple-mac-firmware-worm/

GPS Satellite Network - Hackable
"This type of situation has never been an issue to date," said company representative Allison Hoffman.

Wrong answer Allison.

URL #1: http://money.cnn.com/2015/08/04/technology/hack-space-satellites/

re 11047
Get a Utah CCW. It's honored in New Mexico and 30 other states, with Nevada acceptance pending. I don't know if state CCW data are provided to the Feds, though.

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