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re: #11005 Ghost address and Jury Duty
To Mark from New York who wants to get a jury summons, I think I have a solution. File a mail forwarding form with at the post office having them forward all mail which is addressed to your name @ your "old HOME address" to your PO Box. This way anything mailed to your old home address will be rerouted by the post office and will never go to your old home. It will be delivered to the your PO box even if addressed to your old house.

#11003 Identity Theft Recovery
Hi Chase,

Clark Howard is a consumer advocate (he broadcasts from Atlanta) and he has a guide to Identity Theft. I have included the link below.

Start here.


Also as a victim of ID Theft you are now able to freeze your credit reports for free. Here is Clark Howard's guide on how to do that.


As Clark says on his show, this will be a part-time job for the next few months, while you send all the letters and documents to the different agencies.

Good luck.


You're in the minority. This problem is not something most of us will ever experience, or, you're the canary in the mine and we should all be paying a lot more attention to your experience.

We have to live with the consequences of our actions. Had you known then what you know now you may have engineered your database presence long before taking political action.

Taking privacy protection action now is probably the opposite of what you should be doing. Tell your story to the ACLU, make a public fuss, get on the radio and television. Make a timeline and detail the dates and agencies, and individual officers involved and describe in detail how they participated in your harassment. If it all makes sense, it could help a lot of people.

Reply to # 11006
Kevin, are you talking about this?

FBI � National Crime Information Center
Federal Bureau of Investigation
The National Crime Information Center, or NCIC, was launched on January 27, 1967 with five files and 356,784 records. By the end of Fiscal Year (FY) 2011, ...

Law Enforcement Harassment
I have recently discovered through consultation with an attorney that it is likely I am the victim of law enforcement harassment through police databases. Law enforcement keeps charging me with crimes that I am not guilty of and innocent of. Apparently there is information in the police database that all police officers across 50 states have access to that encourages them to legally harass me with false charges. Despite using privacy techniques from your book the law enforcement harassment cannot stop because privacy techniques can not prevent law enforcement harassment. I have discovered that using privacy techniques can create a layer of privacy to obfuscate casual search from average people but it will not stop law enforcement harassment. Law enforcement agencies have access to internal centralized databases that have a lot of information on a person. Once your in the LE databases and there is negative information about you there - there is no way out of it. There is no way to correct it. Furthermore it turns out red light cameras are not just looking for red light tickets but can alert local patrol officers to someone's presence using automatic plate recognition systems if you are on their watch and "notification" database. Its my belief that this law enforcement harassment started a long time ago due to racial profiling and controversial political opinions I had expressed in public regarding certain political events. I have no proof but I believe that someone had registered negative information about me into the law enforcement system at this time. Ever since then I have been the victim of what I believe to be on-off surveillance and two false charges for crimes which I was innocent of.

Ghost address and Jury Duty
Dear JJ- The purpose of all of this privacy is making myself hard to find, but I DO want a jury summons to reach me. Courts find names and addresses from DMVs, tax records, unemployment records, and voter rolls.

My tax returns have my PO Box, and I am off voter rolls. Let's say the court tries to find me via the DMV: If I move without changing the home address with the DMV, what if the court decides to send me a jury summons to the old HOME address instead of the PO Box on the DL? (I talked to the court and I cannot choose which method they use to find me or what address they use.) How do I make sure I don't miss a summons? This seems to be the only problem with not having your true home address on file with the DMV. I could use an out-of-state relative or an Alaska ghost address, but won't those raise a flag if I tell the DMV that my "home address" is a different state from the issuing state of the DL?

DMV and home address
Dear J.J.: In your book, you wrote: "My one caveat is to do all that is legally possible to avoid having your true home address on your license, just in case some PI has a spy inside the DMV." Even if I have a PO Box on my DL, wouldn't anyone with access to the DMV system see my home address as well, if it's in there? If I want to change my "home address" with the DMV to an Alaska address, will they just take it or will I have to show proof that I live there? If I get an Alaska ghost address, does that include some kind of paperwork that I can use to give to the DMV? -- Rob, NYC

My DL is from a faraway state where a friend let me use his address. I was once summoned to jury duty. My friend sent me the letter. I wrote back to the court to say I longer lived in that state. End of problem.

Identity theft recovery
I am a victim of severe identity theft where my SSN was sold and the thief's information has been merged with MY information in my criminal background. This has left me unemployed for over four years and I have NO IDEA how my information was stolen. Here are my question:

-- How do I regain my information?

Border computer searches
There was a recent interesting ruling on a computer search by border guards which you and your readers may appreciate...

"In spring 2013, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the government should have reasonable suspicion before conducting a comprehensive search of an electronic device. But that ruling only applies to the nine Western states and Guam that fall under that court's jurisdiction, and it left questions about what constitutes a comprehensive search. Later that same year, a judge at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York ruled in favor of laptop searches at the border, saying they were so rare that citizens weren't at risk of being violated. In the latest ruling, Jackson said the search of Kim's laptop clearly went beyond a routine border inspection because it involved transporting the computer 150 miles from the airport and holding it indefinitely so officials could copy and review its content."

URL #1: http://customwire.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_BORDER_SEARCHES?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2015-05-08-16-42-37

re: Internet Providers & #10986
e: Internet Providers & #10986
To Felix, Chicago, IL (re: #10986),
I would recommend Qwest/USWest/CenturyLink (they are all the same company, I think).

I have recently opened up a cable internet account at Comcast/Xfinity (which was not a good experience and required ID to pick up the cable modem). After that account was canceled, I tried CenturyLink (who provides a VDSL modem that's just as fast as cable internet; faster actually!).

At no point did I need ID. I called and set up the account with a forwarded phone number (not my regular phone #) using an app on my smartphone called IDMask, used a name that is not mine, then I went to the local mall where CenturyLink has a payment kiosk and modems with 2 workers sitting there all day and night till the mall closes. I bought a Simon VISA Gift Card with cash at the mall's gift services center (as the CenturyLink employee instructed me to do if I had only cash to pay with), and I used that to pay my security deposit for the account ($25) in order to not give my social security number. I took the modem home, and got a bill in the mail a week later saying I could pay further bills via money order mailed in with the self addressed envelope they sent with the bill. They never asked me for ID, and indeed did not have a process to accept ID from me even if I did have one I was willing to give them. They seem like they are not interested in recording info like that, which is smart because their customer's vital info cannot be hacked or leaked in a breach if they don't collect it in the first place.

They don't have my real name, they have an expired phone # for me, and they don't have any link to me outside my actual address. Just pay the bill on time, and your internet should stay on.

URL #1: http://www.yellowpages.com/chicago-il/centurylink

RE: #10980
To Liu in Baltimore, MD (question #10980), I would rent a motel room (cheapest rate I could find for 1 week) in the Baltimore area, and send a letter addressed to myself care of the motel or directly to my motel room @ #123 or whatever number my room is (I'd do whichever of those two things the motel manager thinks would make it more likely to get delivered properly and on time). Wait to get the letter, and then take it to the DMV with me when I go to the DMV to change the address on my ID/DL, and tell the DMV I'm currently living at said motel for an undefined amount of time into the future (you could always rent it for longer if you have more money), that the motel room is my current address so I'd like to change my address as state law requires. I would present them with the mail in my name if they require proof of address just for that (the Denver DMV did not require proof when I did something like that here), and give them a CMRA address as my mailing address on file at the DMV (where I've rented a mail box to receive mail). Here in Colorado this basically worked like a charm. I didn't even actually need to rent the motel room. I just asserted that I lived there, and three weeks later they sent a state ID with my motel room address printed on the card to my CMRA mailbox (the mailing address I gave them, also without proof of address). If you don't want to wait for the letter to arrive to your motel room, go buy some car insurance at a local car insurance office for 1 month and say that the motel room address is where you are living currently. The car insurance place will print you out a policy paper with the motel room address on it, and you can present that to the DMV as proof of your address.

If the DMV insists on sending the ID card to your official address (the motel room), which they probably will not do if you provide a different mailing address, tell them you can no longer get mail there at the motel (or that you never could if you just use a car insurance policy paper as your proof of address), and that is why you have the mailing address at the mailbox store that you just rented and that is the only place you can reliably get mail now. I'd be stunned if they don't let you have a different mailing address.

Regarding the insurance company, should you go that route, find a small one with a local office. There are dumpy little offices everywhere from a ton of tiny insurance companies, and they usually don't care about proof of address. Go to the next city over and tell them you just moved to town if you need to. In my experience, they don't care about proof of address, and they do want an updated address even if it is not the one on your DL. They get new people moving to the state every day who need an insurance policy right away.

Then when a week is up, the DMV will have the motel's address for you (where you did, plausibly, live at the time of your address change), and you will soon get a DL/ID saying so at your CMRA mailbox. If you neglect to change your address after that week... "oops." I have not had my real address on my DL/ID for 10+ years, and nobody has ever said a word to me about it. I've even moved to another state, had multiple encounters with cops checking my DL, been arrested (for traffic stop the escalated weirdly) with the wrong and clearly old address on my license, posted a bail bond with the wrong address, got out on the bond, been through probation with a false address on my ID cards, etc, etc, and I've never been charged for having my address out of date on my state DL/ID (though it is an offense) because I've always said "yes" when someone asks me if the physical address they have is current. They don't have the resources to check if I actually live there. Just food for thought...

Database Privacy
Is there any way to escape being put into national information databases with your address? I noticed that all my lifetime addresses are put into a database at familytreenow.com and other address databases. I have noticed that credit card and bank companies leak this information out. Even my rented CMRA addresss show up with my residency address using my existing name. I wish to legally change my name and start over without any information such as residency information being traced back to my old name. What is the best possible way of going about a legal name change and not having information correlated back to your old name?

Check with an attorney in your state, to see if that is possible. It may not be.

Rob--Security deposit/SSN & Air Tickets
Hi, Rob.

1. Check the law in your state. AFAIK, a deposit is made to a landlord's account. He doesn't need your SSN to make a deposit to his own account.

2. You asked about using prepaid gift cards for buying an air ticket. I have no idea. I've refused to fly for a very long time. If you must fly, then I don't see what you have to lose by giving it a go. Some places process them as CCs; some don't.

buy from dealer with privacy
I will be buying a brand new 2015 car soon for my mother. She will be using it also for her resale shop to move stuff. I am a little unclear on the process with dealers and nm llc corps. Clarify? How do I buy from them with out my name being on anything. I live in ms. Any problems getting tags also? Any special insurance needed?

Stay away from dealers. Buy a slightly-used car from a PRIVATE PARTY and pay cash.

security deposit/SSN
If a landlord agrees to rent me an apartment without my giving my SSN, how do I respond when he says that he would need the SSN to open up a bank account for my security deposit? Does an account of this kind require the SSN of the tenant?

ordering by postal mail
I do not have a computer and I use the computer at the library. When I try to access the page to acquire the order form it asks me for the server. I am not real computer savvy and the librarian tells me I must use my own email address. I am not sure what to do. Can you please explain.

Are you referring to my website? If so, just email me directly and I'll take care of it.

Gift cards/airliens
Can one buy airline tickets with a pre-paid "credit card" or a gift card? Paying for an airline ticket in cash will surely result in inconvenient extra scrutiny.

I read the part in your book about mail forwarding, and I'm kind of confused. When I have my mail forwarded you say to do it temporarily so it doesn't go in a database. If I'm changing my address form a residential to a PO box why does it matter whether it goes in a database as long as it's not my home address they have isn't it still cool? Won't they just see that now my address is a PO box which doesn't seem dangerous?

My book is only to give general guidelines. Do not follow my advice blindly. Make your own decisions.

Recommended/not recommended US online CMRAs by readers?
What are some of the recommended (and also, the not recommended; good to know) US CMRAs (possible to open online) by readers, and by JJ Luna?

As far as I am concerned, none.

Property ownership
I am buying a piece of property in Idaho. I want to take ownership in a way that creates a legacy in which all of my family have a lifelong sanctuary to retreat to. Privacy is also a priority. I'd like to remain below the radar. Do you have someone I can call for asset protection advise? In Idaho if possible. Thank you in advance for your help.

My attorney John Clark just helped close a sale in Idaho for another client. I will ask him to contact you.

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