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Home ownersip & a Sale
You may remember me as the Stockbroker for over forty years with a major firm.
I'm in the planning stage of buying a house, which means I'm again looking for one. I'm going to pay cash & put it in the name of a LLC.,following your advise. My question is, let's say 40 years down the road, I'm not here anymore & my beneficiaries want to sell the house. Don't they have a problem, unless I can explain the LLC ownership to them. Then, the escrow people may have another problem with the LLC ownership. Am I right or wrong & how would you handle it. Buying and selling cars in an LLC is easy, as I have done this over a dozen times. But a house could be a different situation. Right ?
Also, as long as they keep the house, live in it,, rent it out, and pay the property taxes & insurance, with a money order, there shouldn't be any problems, I hope.
Thanks for your great books & website,

For real estate, you MUST have an operating agreement. My attorney John Clark does these all the time. Contact him at:

jclark(at)privacylawoffice.com. Mention that I sent you.

A PI anwsers #10611
Your #1 is a very nebulous question and #2 is very sensitive. I decided on short, truthful, sentences.

#1 It depends on what you consider "anything of substance". What you consider substantive and what a PI considers substantive are likely very different. Every piece of information is imbued with value and since your name and former address are very valuable to someone searching for you, the fact your credit is frozen means little.

#2 A record is created when you open a bank account. The record contains fields. EVERY field in EVERY record is important to someone. The account becomes an entity - with a life - it interacts with other systems with activity and time, and that generates further records. There are many ways to search for records and many methods to reveal their existence.

K7 service not providing numbers
I've been attempting to get a number with the K7.net site. I get a message after signing up "Sorry, there are no phone numbers currently available" Does anyone know of other similar but reliable services? The link provided gives some options but I have no experience with any of them.
URL #1: http://www.freemailguide.com/free_voice_mail.html

P.O. Box Verification
Hello, I recently signed up for a new P.O. Box with an old address.

Here is what I did: I went at a very busy time and brought with me my Oregon Vehicle Title which had on it my old address and an old name. I checked the box "Vehicle Registration" on the PO Box application (Technically Vehicle Title can't be used as "Vehicle Registration" but they didn't ask any questions. I also used my old Driver License, which had a hole punched in it because of a name change (So was technically invalid), but had my old mailing address on it. I also brought my passport with my current name on it because I want the box in my current name, as that's how I'm receiving mail.

My question is:
1) Will they verify my mailing address that I stated on the application? (At the time I applied, I paid for it, and have already received my keys).

2) How do I ensure that my mailbox is never updated with my true address, at least until I obtain a ghost address?

1. It depends upon the local postmaster.

2. You cannot never be certain it will not happen.

Re #10620, CA found cell phone number
Was the collection agency calling for you, or for someone else?

If for someone else, it's possible a debtor had that cell phone number before you got it.

If they are calling for you, I don't know how they got the number. I have a Tracfone and have not had that problem.

Re: #1062004 How did a collection aggency find out my cell-phone number?
They asked a friend or relative.

More on this topic:
URL #1: www.dailycaller.com/2014/04/16/the-usps-wants-to-mine-and-sell-data-gathered-from-your-mail/

Vindictive Ex
Vindictive Ex's

What's that suppose to mean, Betty Jo?

How did a collection aggency find out my cell-phone number?
I have a trac phone that is not registered with the company.

USPS looking to invade privacy in future

Personal question
Not for this forum.

The answer to your question is YES, OF COURSE!

However, you failed to include an email address, much less the name of your account. Not knowing who you are, I cannot yet check.

Please email me today. Jack {at} jjluna.com.

DL and legal domicile
Mr. luna, you've stated before that you have a DL from another state that you do not reside in....and that you keep that DL and claim the 'other state' is your legal domicile.

if you were ever pushed (by cop or someone of authority)to explain why the 'other state' is your legal domicile...what would you say? Your reasons for having 'other state' as your legal domicile?

I normally don't answer questions that are either personal or hypothetical--especially on a public forum. In many cases, I cannot make a decision for you anyway, not knowing anything about you or any details.

SSN - banking - PIs
In same line with prior poster questions. Can a PI or anyone find anything of substance out if my credit is frozen especially if all info on credit is based on prior addresses?

Plus, how can a PI with my SSN find out my current banks if I do not take out loans from these banks or do not activate any ATM cards?

thank you...still going through your main book :-)

Banks and Former Addresses
I've moved. But all bank accounts are still in former address. Mailing/billing address is now just a PO Box.

1. If things are tied to my former street address and I am using that Credit Card tied to former street address.. is it easy for PIs or anyone to track me and find my new address?

2. Will it hurt me in any way to just leave my banking in the former street address and never tell the bank (especially if my statements are sent just via email)?
thank you

1. No.
2. No.

registering a car anonymously in Spain
I live and work in Switzerland but I spend most of my time in Spain. Recently I was told by a police officer that I need to register my tax domicile in Spain or else they would impound my car. I have to be registered in Spain in order to drive. Is there a way to set up an inexpensive entity in Spain so that I can get some license plates that dont draw as much attention? How could I do this cheaply and keep my name off of everything? Best Fran

There are two ways. Neither is cheap.

1. Form a Spanish LLC ("Sociedad Limitada") and have the company own the car. (Check first with a lawyer to make sure this still works.)

2. Sell your car in Switzerland. Have a friend in Spain buy and insure a car in Spain. Then use it yourself. That's what I do. Of course, I pay my nominee well.

Re: #10603 - PO Box renewal

I leave those boxes blank, put my check in the envelope and mail it. Of course my check has the P.O. Box printed on it. I never order checks with my actual address on them.

10604 iPhone Data Security
I've looked for the answer to this since the iPhone was first released. The only serious and reliable solution to protecting personal information stored in this handset requires two things:

1. Sledgehammer
2. Hot furnace

In that order.

Obviously I'm not a disciple of Apple products and find none of this sacrilegious.

Objectively, Steve Jobs may have had nice ideas about making things prettier to look at and easier to use, and he was an absolute dragon about his company's infosec, (a real credit and example to the rest of the industry on that front) but he demonstrably never cared about customer infosec.

Apple might win some of us 'others' over if they'd lean toward personal privacy. (Don't hold your breath, it'd be economic suicide to change their cult-ure now.)

Re: 10604--Jason/iPhone
Hi, Jason. I don't have/use iPhones or the like. Have you checked its browser settings? I did a cursory search and found this link--it mentions iPhone's using Safari.

The rest of it looks handy as well.

URL #1: http://alvinalexander.com/iphone/iphone-safari-browser-privacy-security-history-cookies

Cell phone
I know that to destroy all your content off your computer you have to destroy the hard drive. The only internet I have is my i phone4 . So how do I go about destroying my trail of internet and personal information on my i phone

Readers--can you help?

PO Box renewal
I don't know if this is new or I just never noticed it before. I got my renewal notice for my PO Box and on the envelope, in big letters, it asks "Has your information* changed?" with boxes to check for Yes or No. "*Relevant information is your physical address, telephone number e-mail address, or PO Box use." And then there are areas to update all of those categories.

Since I prefer that the post office not have my current address, maybe I can just leave all of that blank and mail in my payment. Presumably they'll take my payment just the same. Thankfully, there's no place for a signature, but I suppose they'll add that next year. And the year after that, they'll send somebody out to knock on the door and check fingerprints.

I've been leaving those boxes blank for years, and no problem. However, this particular P.O. requires payment with a check that has a name and address. (I have one such account with my AK ghost address, for requests such as this one.)

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