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Response to Question #10870
Actually, VISA prepaid credit cards work fine on Amazon. I just used one to place an order last week and everything arrived on time and it went through without a problem. For maximum privacy, I only recommend the vanilla VISA prepaid credit cards because you don't have to register those other than with a zip code which could be any one you want.

Here is a page on PayPal's website about using prepaid credit cards: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/template-management/prepaid-gift-cards

Just for your information they introduced this about 6 months ago or so.

PayPal may have changed, recently. In the past, several of my readers tried to pay me via a gift card and all were declined.

Re: 10870 prepaid cards
Jack said, "Prepaid cards do not work with Amazon, Paypal, or other major suppliers."

I can vouch for the fact that PayPal *does* accept gift cards from Visa, MC, and AmEx. The only downside is that there does not seem to be a way to "split tender", which means you have to apply the full amount to a single card.

Canadian LLC
Hi JJ Luna, what would be the Canadian equivalent of a New Mexico LLC?

I want to have my vehicles and home registered in that way BUT as far as I know, We don't have the equivalent of a New Mexico LLC.

Any advice would be appreciated.

No equivalent, sorry!

Surveillance Law online class
Stanford U is offering an online course in surveillance law including a section on the NSA. While the class itself is not private all the materials are hosted on a site that promises not to log visitor info and is configured to accept Tor and as a Tor hidden service. If any of your readers want to understand more about the law and the constitutional protections, this class will help. It just started the second week and I've already understand more about searches and warrants than I did before.
URL #1: https://surveillancelaw.org

Authorized LLC agent - registering a car in Pennsylvania
Upon reviewing the requirements in Pennsylvania to register a vehicle in an LLC's name (in this case it would be a New Mexico LLC) - the state of Pennsylvania requires proof of the buyers "... authority to act on behalf of the business organization."

What would you recommend as a course of action to accomplish this task?

An example: Golden Bridge LLC is a New Mexico LLC (registered via Rosie). When going to a private licensing bureau in Pennsylvania - their agent is asking for proof that the person wishing to gain title ( for example John Smith) is authorized by Golden Bridge LLC to sign on its behalf.

Barring that proof - they will not proceed with the title transfer process.

Thank you

Check with my attorney John Clark. You will need an operating agreement.

Bank Account and Prepaid Cards
I have a question from HTBI (3rd Edition) on pg 83. It states if you must have a bank account open it in a business name or in the name of another person. What do you mean by open in a business name? do mean an LLC? I asked my bank if I could open an account using my LLC and as long as it is a single member I dont need an EIN-is this what you mean.

why dont you recommend prepaid cards?

1. Yes, use an LLC.

2. Prepaid cards do not work with Amazon, Paypal, or other major suppliers.

UPDATE, October 29th:
Some readers claim I am wrong. They may be correct. In the past, I've tested Simon cards and others by trying to purchase single items from various websites. I was asked the security code, as well as the name on the card plus a valid mailing address. At that point I tossed the cards away.

Do you need the LLC info when making offer to purchase a home?
My husband and I found the place we wish for our forever home. It was quite unexpected to find it so soon. We'd like to put an offer in as soon as possible. But we had not yet purchased the LLC we intended to utilize for the beginning of our better pricacy journey.

As the subject line says: Do we need the LLC for the offer, or just for title info?

Thank you everyone!

Use your name followed by "or assigns".

Interesting thoughts on lying
We've had discussions here about lying and when it's OK to lie to protect your personal information. The link goes to a brief article about lying vs. "acting". As always, you decide what circumstances, if any justify lying.
URL #1: http://parade.condenast.com/349122/marilynvossavant/lying-vs-acting/

Excellent info!

Re: #10860 - Ghost Addresses 101 - Question #2

You wrote: "The book is just for general principles."

I understand that. So far in your marketing mix you have:

A) A book for, say $10
C) In person personalized consultation for $$$

From a marketing perspective it would make sense to offer something in between like

B) online self-study course or online coaching for, say in the range of $1-200, how about that? What do you readers say?

Many Internet teachers have this "in between" level of offerings as well; I for one feel I want something more than in the book but I can't justify the price for the personal consultation nor I honestly think I need that level of service.

Adobe spies on readers: EVERY page you turn leaked to base over SSL
You might want to look into changing your PDF viewer to something like FoxIt or IrfanView Adobe took a turn for the dark side....

""The software collects detailed records about the books the user has been reading, such as which pages were read and when, and sends this intelligence back to the adelogs.adobe.com server. There is no way to opt out of this short of deleting the application."

URL #1: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/10/23/adobe_updates_digital_editions_encryption/

Seems like a good percentage of your readers are victims of stalkers. I have been glad to read the good advice you've given them in your books/e-books/and this Q&C page.

Stalkers are sick people, imbalanced humans, they are not super-humans and there is always a way to deflect, deter, and completely stop them.

To those readers who have been victims, a competent PI who documents the case/their efforts, and works within the law can help. (The police can only help after a crime...)

can pi's find these
Mr. Luna, you state a pi is likely to find a bank checking account with your name and ssn. Would a pi also be likely to find a bank checking account you sign on if it is a business checking account, in a business name (perhaps on taken from a New Mexico LLC), with an IRS employer identification number, and you sign on it, and the bank has your ssn on file?
Thank you.

If you are the signer, then I do not think the business name is any protection.

banks and home addresses
OK, so most banking institutions require a home address now. If I change my mailing address to a PO Box, and I go "paperless" (which means I won't be getting physical mail anyway), then I MOVE without changing my home address at my banks, will anyone know if I just leave my former home address on the accounts? Are there risks in doing so, especially when there are institutions (like Vanguard, say, for retirement accounts) that you want to definitely continue doing business with for years to come? Is it against the law NOT to update your addresses with these institutions?

I know nothing about Vanguard. Other than that, I think you worry too much. I have a number of bank accounts and NO ONE has a clue as to where I live.

Have you read my "Invisible Money" eBook?

Ghost Addresses 101 - Question #2
I re-read the relevant chapters of the book, consulted your website and something is not clear for me.

The basic principle is to have one ghost address closer to home and another one far away. So far correct?

From another viewpoint have a PO box style address and a real street address. Correct, too?

What is not clear from the book is which is supposed to to be the close to home address and the far away address? The PO box or the street address?

Or how it is all put together? I still don't get the big picture.

Yes to the first two questions.

For the rest, make your own decisions. The book is just for general principles. Each person has different levels of comfort when it comes to privacy. I have no "one-size-fits-all" remedies.

Another possible threat to privacy.
Services like ApplePay,Paypal, and other tech companies seeking to replace cash payments with P2P (peer to peer) payment platforms.
URL #1: http://pando.com/2014/10/13/killing-cash-its-not-just-credit-cards-that-are-under-assault-by-mobile-payments-platforms/

google analytics
In regard to Sebastian 5409 Google Analytics blocking. I have a business and want to link with Google Analytics to get a higher rating on Google page. But don't know how much more info they will have on me if I do. I have no Google mail or any Google account now. I wonder if I could sign up and only use Firefox from then on, and block their spying. Thanks.

Banks and privacy
JJ- in your book about invisible money and out-of-state accounts, you advise not using ATMs and not writing checks on the accounts. It's also clear that you are not a fan of online banking either. I understand the benefits of having a non-interest bearing account in another state, but how does one take money in and out under your "rules"?

Make up your own rules, when needed. I'd say OK to use ATM, and okay to write SOME checks but not others.

Passport renewal
I need to renew my passport (form DS-82). Do I have to provide my phone numbers, occupation, employer or emergency contact. Do they verify these things against some outside database. The instructions say a SS number is not necessary but the IRS will assess a $500 penalty if it's not provided. And I think I've given it out earlier. I don't want my application to stand out by leaving many fields blank. What if I just made up my phone number or occupation?

I just renewed my passport. I filled out everything truthfully including the SSN.

I see no need to give a true home address.

South Dakota residency?
Hi JJ. An old friend of mine and his wife sold their home last year and are traveling around the country in a motorhome. When I asked him about his South Dakota license plates, he told me it was ridiculously easy to set up residency in South Dakota, using nothing more than a commercial mail receiving agency address for your driver's license and vehicle registration. He said it's all perfectly legal and the private mailbox service will even register your vehicles for you, for a small fee. He only has to drive to SD once every five years to take a vision test to renew his driver's license.

Are you familiar with South Dakota's requirements, and do you recommend the state for people who want to live a private lifestyle?

I have heard similar accounts, and nothing bad about the state. Perhaps some readers in SD will comment.

It can be hard to find a future partner or husband when you are living the private life. A lot of men might think that you are a nutjob when you suggest pulling the kids out of public school ,not having our cars registered to us and renting all of the time to avoid the privacy hassles of owning a home in the traditional way. How do you find a mate while living this private life?
URL #1: http://nosnark.forumotion.com/

I suspect that only 1 in 2500 is even interested in privacy. There, you have two options:

1. Stay single, or
2. give up on privacy.

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