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Pay Pal
Do you have to provide your real date of birth when setting up a Pay Pal account? Can they confirm that your date of birth is accurate? I only need to use Pay Pal for a one time transaction. Thank you.

No to both questions.

About xmas and easter
Hi JJ,

I am intrigued to know your reasons for not celebrating either holiday.

Thanks, Lee

This request should have been sent to my email, not to this site, Lee.

Amtrak lies about police use of passenger data
Good reason to use a ghost address and pay in cash.


Anthem Bllue Cross hack
I have Anthem BC/BS through my work and am one of the millions affected by the hack. I have looked at ALLClearId's privacy statement and it is really scary. At this point, I cannot see myself signing up for the monitoring service even though it would be free to me. Do you have any advise for me or anyone effected by such a hack? There are some databases that I cannot prevent being in without changing my life significantly. WARNING: I am providing the link to AllClear id's privacy statement but do not visit it with a vpn and other protection programs. They use pixel tracking per the privacy statement!
URL #1: https://allclearid.com/legal/privacy-policy

risk to air-gapped computers
Israeli security folks have found a way to siphon information from air-gapped computers via the internal thermal sensors.

Other methods are also mentioned in the linked article.

URL #1: http://www.wired.com/2015/03/stealing-data-computers-using-heat/

Use ghost address for tax return
I travel a temp apartment in NYC and travel a lot for work. I'm wondering if i can use my AK ghost address to establish a permanent residency and file tax returns?

There are two separate issues here.

1. I think you can use ANY mailing address on your tax form. I use a CPA's address in a faraway state. Same with passport applications.

2.No, you cannot call AK your resident address because you do not live there.


If I already own my car, can I sell it to my new NM LLC for a buck and still be private? In your book, you mention private party sale in "cash". However, can that private party be the same person and sell it to the NM LLC?

It depends on the state. In many states you can avoid sales tax by explaining that you are merely transferring the car to your own LLC. If you have more questions, check with Rosie.

In December 2013 you sent me "3 reasons not to celebrate Christmas," but I was too afraid not to celebrate it that year because my husband was a strict "born again" Christian. Since then, however, I have divorced him (adultery!)so I skipped that holiday last December. But what about Easter, Mr. Luna?

The email you included does not work. Please contact me at Jack@JJLuna.com for reasons never to celebrate Easter, either.

Student Loan Data
Dear J.J.

More people (J.J. Luna readers) need to go to the N.S.L.D.S. and see what is being said about them on their student loan histories.

I just got a read out from a financial Aid Officer from a college I want to attend this year. The read out came from the N.S.L.D.S (National Student Loan Data System).

What is "spooky" about this "read out" is...that it shows a college going back to the year 1977. And they also show an old college that I transferred from in 1985 but not the college I transferred to in 1985. All the Student Loans were paid off decades back. But I attended a "unscrupulous" college in 2000, that tried to "dig up" old loans 'as if" they were in default. They call this predatory-scavenger loan collectors. (According to Clark Howard)

I prooved to the college in 2000, that I did NOT own on these loans, and hadn't for 2 decades, and that they were both paid off in the eyes of the Federal Government.

I found out later (o.k. figured out) that 2 of this colleges "financial aid officers" were fishing on students Social Security numbers, and then "playing collect agency" to get a finders fee. But, I suspect these 2 "financial aid officers" actually opened a predatory scavenger collection agency together.

I remember on of them, being REALLY upset when she found out, that I had complained to the Feds about it too. I did quit this college within weeks of enrolling and....

Now, this same college has listed way back in 2001...that I attended their college from 10/2000 TO 07/2001 !!! So, I know they defrauded the Federal Student loan department.Claiming I attended for a 1 1/2 year, instead of the 5 or 6 weeks.

All of my old loans from this college were "rolled into" another loan in 2002 at a college I attended. So, the amount and the timeline were never shown to me at the time my old student loans, were rolled over.

It just goes to show how far back....people are being "dug up on" 10 years ago...the loan in 1977 (which was actually taken out in 1976) would have never shown up on any read-outs anywhere. Neither did the loans from 1985...

As you know, I am totally against both loans in general and colleges in particular. Would you go to college again if living your life over? (Okay to just email the answer to Jack@JJLuna.com)

Keep your cell phone number anonymous
Check out the Burner App for smartphones�.it allows you to create alternate numbers to use in order to keep your cellphone number private.
URL #1: http://www.mainstreet.com/article/the-burner-app-when-you-want-to-keep-your-private-cellphone-number-truly-private

Scare at the DMV
Last year I went to the state's department of revenue website to change my car registration address to a local private mailbox rental store. Tennessee requires your residential address on your registration, but they only verify your address for a first-time registration, not for change of address.

The problem is that my private mailbox address is on a Main street where there are no homes and the PMB number is too high to pass as an apartment number. When I took my renewal notice in to the county clerk's office I was hoping everything would go smoothly. When I handed the paperwork to the clerk, she looked at it, furled her brow, then looked at it some more.

"Is this car owned by a business?" she asked me.

"No," I answered while I was trying to think up a good explanation for the obviously business address.

"They're charging you for a business, but I can see it's in a personal name."

She punched something into the computer and told me my total, which was $11 less than what was on the renewal notice. "I don't know why they thought you were a business," the clerk said as she handed me my change.

The moral: Sometimes the clerks can be your friend.

Mysterious spy cameras collecting data at post offices, disappear once noticed by reporters
"None of the agencies could provide a written data retention policy, which would detail how long USPIS could keep the images agents have been collecting from the Golden post office camera and other cameras around the Denver area. Similarly, there does not appear to be a policy regarding in what circumstances other federal agencies may have access to the personal information gathered from the cameras."
URL #1: http://kdvr.com/2015/03/11/mysterious-spy-cameras-collecting-data-at-post-offices/

reply to #10956
Dan, Years ago my brother told me he was going to put his house on the market, so (with his permission) I forwarded all of my mail to his address. I went to both the bank -and- the Division of Motor Vehicles and had them update my address to his address.

One month later I opened a Post Office box and ordered new checks showing the box number. I went to DMV and had them change my address to the Post Office box and they sent me a new drivers license showing the P.O. Box. Then I put in a permanent change of address from my brothers house to the P.O. Box. He sold the house two months later.

Guess what I would have told the cop.

10956 Traffic citation

JJ usually answers similar posts with: "Each reader must make their own decision in such matters."

The definition of lying and the laws against lying to law enforcement could be interpreted as situationally incompatible.

A person might reason:
-The officer requires an address to send the summons.
-If you pay the citation, who's hurt?
-The address on the license (with some mental reservation) is always accurate if it is set up properly in the first place.

10950 Fake Death

1) Faking your death won't work, for a variety of reasons. Data sources are too interconnected to get away with this ruse for very long.

2) JJ has never suggested or encouraged fraud - which is the way the justice system would characterize this plan.

3) These have got to be some AMAZING judgements you've got pending to even entertain the idea. (Now I'm curious for details...)

10953 Utilities
This is covered extensively in HTBI.
The best answer is to use a nominee.

Traffic Citation
Recently pulled over by the police for a simple traffic violation. The officer insisted that I give him my current address and mailing address for the citation. He issued another one for me not updating my DL to my current address.

Use care when buying interactive toys.
If you have any children you may want to be careful how certain "toys" interact with the internet. I don't even have kids and felt a little creeped out.
URL #1: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/hello-barbie-dangerous-precedent,news-20483.html

Smartphone Traking
Another reason to avoid smartphones. I still have and old dumb phone that I can remove the battery.
URL #1: http://www.wired.com/2015/02/powerspy-phone-tracking/

Utilities in Alias/LLC?
I have a psychotic stalker who is in law enforcement. I have moved to a new home, but would like utilities to be turned on in a different name.

I asked about turning on in a Trust- and they told me they need the 1st/last page of the trust to see who's the beneficiary of the trust (would be me). Obviously, that won't work. I was going to get a NM LLC, owned by a trust- but believe the end result will be the utility companies still requiring my personal name for a contact person.

I got to thinking- what's to stop me from just giving a false name instead? I believe all utilities here will accept a security deposit in trade of an SSN associated on the account. I'm fine with that. Just give a different name, ghost address for the mailing address, and a security deposit.

Anyone have any insights as to whether this will work? Or, should I order a NM LLC, and get utils turned on that way (again, I believe they're still going to require a contact person name/#).

Not worried about the phone #- there's plenty of services/apps out there that you can get additional phone #s to your phone ;)

I'd REALLY appreciate any input anyone may have!

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