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Banks and Former Addresses
I've moved. But all bank accounts are still in former address. Mailing/billing address is now just a PO Box.

1. If things are tied to my former street address and I am using that Credit Card tied to former street address.. is it easy for PIs or anyone to track me and find my new address?

2. Will it hurt me in any way to just leave my banking in the former street address and never tell the bank (especially if my statements are sent just via email)?
thank you

1. No.
2. No.

registering a car anonymously in Spain
I live and work in Switzerland but I spend most of my time in Spain. Recently I was told by a police officer that I need to register my tax domicile in Spain or else they would impound my car. I have to be registered in Spain in order to drive. Is there a way to set up an inexpensive entity in Spain so that I can get some license plates that dont draw as much attention? How could I do this cheaply and keep my name off of everything? Best Fran

There are two ways. Neither is cheap.

1. Form a Spanish LLC ("Sociedad Limitada") and have the company own the car. (Check first with a lawyer to make sure this still works.)

2. Sell your car in Switzerland. Have a friend in Spain buy and insure a car in Spain. Then use it yourself. That's what I do. Of course, I pay my nominee well.

Re: #10603 - PO Box renewal

I leave those boxes blank, put my check in the envelope and mail it. Of course my check has the P.O. Box printed on it. I never order checks with my actual address on them.

10604 iPhone Data Security
I've looked for the answer to this since the iPhone was first released. The only serious and reliable solution to protecting personal information stored in this handset requires two things:

1. Sledgehammer
2. Hot furnace

In that order.

Obviously I'm not a disciple of Apple products and find none of this sacrilegious.

Objectively, Steve Jobs may have had nice ideas about making things prettier to look at and easier to use, and he was an absolute dragon about his company's infosec, (a real credit and example to the rest of the industry on that front) but he demonstrably never cared about customer infosec.

Apple might win some of us 'others' over if they'd lean toward personal privacy. (Don't hold your breath, it'd be economic suicide to change their cult-ure now.)

Re: 10604--Jason/iPhone
Hi, Jason. I don't have/use iPhones or the like. Have you checked its browser settings? I did a cursory search and found this link--it mentions iPhone's using Safari.

The rest of it looks handy as well.

URL #1: http://alvinalexander.com/iphone/iphone-safari-browser-privacy-security-history-cookies

Cell phone
I know that to destroy all your content off your computer you have to destroy the hard drive. The only internet I have is my i phone4 . So how do I go about destroying my trail of internet and personal information on my i phone

Readers--can you help?

PO Box renewal
I don't know if this is new or I just never noticed it before. I got my renewal notice for my PO Box and on the envelope, in big letters, it asks "Has your information* changed?" with boxes to check for Yes or No. "*Relevant information is your physical address, telephone number e-mail address, or PO Box use." And then there are areas to update all of those categories.

Since I prefer that the post office not have my current address, maybe I can just leave all of that blank and mail in my payment. Presumably they'll take my payment just the same. Thankfully, there's no place for a signature, but I suppose they'll add that next year. And the year after that, they'll send somebody out to knock on the door and check fingerprints.

I've been leaving those boxes blank for years, and no problem. However, this particular P.O. requires payment with a check that has a name and address. (I have one such account with my AK ghost address, for requests such as this one.)

Use Jenny's Number to Save & Remain Private
I've tried this trick a few times and it often works. Now I can still get the loyalty discount without giving stores any of my actual personal info. Since so many people are also using variants of the same number, it also covers my trail for any shopping patterns. This would be even more private than if I were to open up my own loyalty card specific to me and provide fake info.
URL #1: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upgrade-your-life/upgrade-life-save-big-jenny-number-195353233.html

LLC connected with IRA
I am opening a self directed IRA which will own an LLC. Does it matter what I name the LLC? Does it have to be related to my name (e.g. Jones Family LLC) or can it be something totally different? Thanks.

Name it anything BUT your name,

Cellphone Bugged?
Bugging a cell phone or voice mail is the least likely solution to the question, "How did my stalker locate me?"

There are A LOT of ways to locate people and their contact information... ways that - when discovered - might make you feel more violated than just having an electronic trail followed to you.

In answer to the question, the PI agency recommended on this site told me they regularly direct clients to the book written by Kevin Murray - another spy-buster in New Jersey. The book comes with a SpyWarn Mobile electronic detector.

(Mention JJ Luna in your communications with Murray.)

URL #1: http://www.counterespionage.com/shop/is-my-cell-phone-bugged

California DMV Online Portal Compromised
"The California Department of Motor Vehicles appears to have suffered a wide-ranging credit card data breach involving online payments for DMV-related services, according to banks in California and elsewhere that received alerts this week about compromised cards that all had been previously used online at the California DMV."
URL #1: http://krebsonsecurity.com/2014/03/sources-credit-card-breach-at-california-dmv/

Ordering personal checks
Instead of ordering pre-printed checks, buy blank check stock from your local office supply company (Staples, Office Max, etc.) Then you can print as little or as much of your name as you want.

I would be very careful if I were you. I believe that what you plan to do is called 'structuring' and is a federal offense.
It would be better to just follow the law and give the IRS the info that they want when moving money out of the country.
If you want to buy a yacht or house with it after its offshore, then that is your own business.

Ordering personal checks
I have been trying to order personal checks via checks.com and other similar sites, but they won't allow me to have only initials printed at the top as you have suggested in HTBI. What can I do? Thanks, Jack! (Glad you are well!)

Any suggestions, readers? (The last time I re-ordered, I used a sample with only three initials. Perhaps that's why I had no problem.)

Electronic vs. Paper Privacy
This just reaffirms what you always are saying, Jack.
URL #1: http://goo.gl/lj2U5W

Response to #10575

I live in Auburn and my MA drivers license lists the street address of a UPS Store in a different town. The Registry of Motor Vehicles is not the sharpest when it comes to such things.

I also used that license as a form of address certification when I moved over to a PO Box, and luckily the person who processed my application was on loan from another branch in another city did not know that the address points to the UPS Store.

However, in regards to your question about the LLC for registering vehicles, I have had several vehicles titled to a person who does not have a Massachusetts drivers license. this did not present an issue until one night I was driving home from work in Hudson and a Statie pulled me over for it. He says that the Registry will register anything to anyone and they just don't care. Which is true because I registered a car under another person's name and they never checked my ID. But the Statie said the barracks in that area are cracking down because of the large Brazilian population who register vehicles but have no licenses to operate them.

Hope this helps.

Privacy & The UPS Store
Great read for those of us wondering and worrying about CMRA's.
URL #1: http://privacyst8.wordpress.com/

Ambient Apps
What was scoffed at a few years ago is now so common, it's a business model.

If you have a smartphone, the linked article about certain apps is important.

These are the apps that advertise their purpose, as if it was desirable.

At the risk of being scoffed at (again), think of all the apps that don't reveal their true purpose or capabilities.

URL #1: http://thepu.sh/trends/amazing-inspiring-scary-world-ambient-apps/

LLCs & Insurance
I have been told by insurance agents if my vehicle is registered in an LLC my insurance rate would be considered commercial thus paying a higher rate. How can I avoid this.

This question has been asked and answered more than once.

Please use the "Search Questions" link at the top of this page.

Browser and insurance
D0 you recommend the Ixuick browser in the Netherlands,for privacy?

Do you normally have to pay higher insurance by putting real estate or vehicles in AN LLC?

By the way I have read all three editions of HTBI and purchased most of your e-books,they are very informative.

URL #1: Ixquick.com

1. No.

2. No.

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