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Re: 10803--Marjorie/dumb phones
Marjorie, look on Amazon for a Net10 LG320.

Pay with a gift card, and use a "nom de 'net."

Chrome is spying
Just read this article and am wondering if Chrome is still listening to your conversations, or if they got this 'bug' fixed.I have to upgrade my browser because it's too slow but now don't want sign into Chrome (so far I never have). I wonder if I don't ever ok the voice feature if it's safe then.
As well does anyone have a favorite private browser? I'm aware of 'inprivate' browsing, but don't want to hit this bottom every time. Thanks, Kat

URL #1: http://talater.com/chrome-is-listening/

LLCs - Delaware
You often mention New Mexico because you can have an anonymous LLC. What about Delaware? Many individuals and corporations are registered there because of the privacy rules. What are your feelings about Delaware?

This has been asked and answered before. Delaware requires an annual report. NM does not. NM is therefore much better!

Re #10807
I assume you mean a debit card. with most banks you can have a joint card holder for your account; a card for a friend or family member.

Feds chase treasure hunter turned fugitive
I just saw this interesting story from the Associated Press about the feds chasing a successful treasure hunter 'turned fugitive' who disappeared with millions worth of gold bars and left a certain book behind for the FBI to find. I thought it worth sharing.
URL #1: https://news.yahoo.com/feds-chase-treasure-hunter-turned-fugitive-153456530.html

prepaid debit cards & hotels
Will hotels accept a prepaid debit cards, and if so what form of ID will they also want (if any)?

Debt Card
Can you get a debt card in another name?

Only if you have a bank account in another name.

#10796 Black Phone
Here is a link for an extensive review of the "BLACK PHONE". It is well worth reading, especially for those that give privacy high value.


What to do about a sister posting my pics and birthday info. on FACEBOOK?
What should I do about an older sister posting recent and childhood pics of me, along with my name, birthday and other personal info.? She's the type of sheeple who proudly wears her corporate ID badge around her neck after work.

I assume you have already told her in the strongest possible terms that all that info MUST be removed, and she refused.

If she will not listen to you, her brother, then there is nothing I or any reader can suggest, other than throwing her under a bus, and that would be illegal. :-)

dumb phone
What is the best pre paid dumb phone and where can I get one asap, thanks

10796 - Blackphone and VoIP's
Marianne -

The Blackphone is under serious scrutiny by thousands of parties who would like to find an issue. That's a positive thing.

Issues have been discovered, reported, and fixed in a timely manner. Those who have them, have reported positively on the handset, software, and customer service.

"Red Phone"... I don't know.

Both Magic Jack and Vonage ARE VoIP services.

Clear, simple instructions for routing either via TOR and/or VPN's - where possible - have not been found. Maybe another reader can help?

1. Depends on the organizer.
Can you use initials?

2. Yes - though sometimes information about those who participate (in any way) leaks out, and the organizers receive no compensation.

Few, if any, take positive steps to secure the information gathered.

#10791 Blackphone/Red Phone
Marianne -

1) Yes, both Blackphone and Merkel's phone contact the closest tower and can be tracked in the manner described in the article. So can Obama's.

When you can't defend, you should confuse the opposition. There are (relatively expensive and inconvenient) creative ways to use the global cellular communications system without being tracked.

2) The program mentioned in the article requires only the telephone's number.

Business Checking
How do I open a business checking account with an LLC from Rosie without providing EIN etc? How do have a PRIVATE account?

Without using a nominee? Can't be done in the USA.

Running a marathon
I wish to run a marathon but I'm worried about my privacy. I assume all runners have to present photo ID to prevent cheating.

1. Does anybody know how closely the name on your application must match your ID?

2. Do the race organizers sell your info?

3.Is there a way to opt out of your name and race results from being displayed on the race website?

Thank you!

Purchasing A Car Through An LLC!
I am interested in purchasing a car but not under my name. How will I be able to purchase a car and register it without using my name? Hopefully this question has not been answered yet.

1. Buy and read HOW TO BE INVISIBLE.

2. Then contact Rosie@senoritarosie.com

phone security again
The black phone's marketing is to claim that it is actually the best, but they claim the same about the red phone that a German company developped for Mrs. Merkel after the NSA scandal.

But the question is, if what Drake mentioned would allow to locate a blackphone/redphone too?

Also, if the receiver's calls are monitored by a PI, could the phones from a black phone be traced back to the location of the caller, even if the phone is on nobody's name?

I also wonder if someone here knows of a provider in Europe that allows call forwarding on prepaidphones?

#10788 cell phone surveillance
Re: #10788 cell phone surveillance

From reading what's available on the Internet (and reviews) it sounds like the "Black Phone" is the best you can get in terms of security.

Post office and packafes
I am considering getting a PO Box. My post office, for an extra fee, will accept packages (UPS, Fed Ex, etc), which seems to eliminate the need for a "ghost address" for packages. Do you see any problem with this?

Other than giving them your email address, no.

response to #10789
The surveys are found at the bottom of store receipts from stores like Walmart, Kroger, staples, etc. The surveys are run for three months at a time then shifted to another chain of stores. The information is updated on the online data brokers/people search engine (ODB/PSE) once every 90 to 180 days so it takes a little time for it to begin to appear. Any warranty card does the same thing.

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