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I do not answer when someone does not have the courtesy to follow instructions. Nothing I've asked for will affect your privacy.

Your Book
Hi Jack,

Is your book 'how to be invisible' available in German?

English only. (I do have the 2000 edition in Japanese.)

question for Jack from Austin #10731
re:question #10731
When you received the survey call, did they actually use your name? Or are you assuming they knew your name? I am asking because your cell phone--even a dumb phone could have been hacked by a femtocell. Femtocells are sold by best buy and have legitimate uses in rural areas and houses with poor cell reception. In such cases, they repeat the cell signal and improve cell reception. However, a cell phone (even a dumb phone) will mistake a femtocell with a cell tower and connect to one automatically; there is nothing you can do to stop this, except turn the phone off or wrap it it aluminum foil. Hackers can use a femtocell connected to computers to collect cell phone numbers. Once they have the number they can call the number for a variety of phishing scams including the ever popular customer survey. Careful people won't give info out but many people aren't careful and the scammers can talk a lot of important info out of those customers.

There is no such thing as a private cell phone and a cell phone can be anonymous only if you never use it to call someone you know!

URL #1: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/femtocell-verizon-hack/#!9qgDg

new anonymous online payment method
I was just on the website of Private Internet Access (a vpn) and saw that they now accept payment via www.paygarden.com. I hadn't heard of this company before but they accept store gift cards like Walmart, Target and Starbucks for payment for online services. It is fairly new, so not many companies now, but it's a good idea so it will probably grow. The service appears to be anonymous for the buyer (my PIA isn't due for renewal yet so I haven't gone past the check your balance page).

Do you plan to start accepting paygarden for purchases on your website?

URL #1: www.paygarden.com

No, we are set up only for major credit cards or Paypal, sorry.

How did they figure out my name?
I went into a Best Buy to get a phone card, Net10, with just my wallet, which had a TX driver license and a Visa debit card from an American credit union. I also took my phone with me, the phone being a Net10, thus under a pseudonym.

I got annoyed Net10 cards I used to buy were no longer available, and I mentioned this to a worker, in a slightly agitated or upset tone (my day had not been going well).

I ended up buying one of the new silver Net10 cards, for cash, as I buy everything and left.

the next day, I got a call from some program or service wanting me to sign up to win if I answer a few questions about my Best Buy visit the prior day. I asked who they were that were calling me, and they said they work for retailers, Home Depot, Best Buy etc.

This is only the second time in 25 years I received such a call, and in an identical fashion, one day after I get upset at a business -- the prior time at a bank that refused to take American coins. COINS!

So, fine, I get that there might be a service retailers and businesses use to gauge customer response to being disappointed, but how did they know who I was?

1. As I said, my phone was not under my name, I had chosen Net10 specifically for this function. Now, I do call people I know, and maybe the db systems determine who each actual phone user is in that way.

2. More likely, detectors inside the business track each person in that store by reading the driver's license or Visa card info remotely. I had heard there were hacker devices that could read content of cards in people's wallets, from up to 10 feet away, but I'd thought that was limited to cards with chips in them.

Ultimately though, they DID manage to trace my name back to my anon phone number.

I am extremely consistent about paying cash and I usually never bring my phone in. I am guessing I need to not bring my license and Visa card in anymore too.

Or are they tracking people by facial recog? Maybe the cameras in the parking lot traced me back by the license plate on the car? But still, the phone part is what bugs me.

Anyone have insight or info on what might have happened?

#10726 Always-busy phone number
Now on the 4th place in Google. See link
URL #1: https://www.google.com/search?q=800-456-0005

Cyber Stalking Notifications
Cyber Stalking Notifications??? Which social media sites, if any, will notify me of name searches of me and what info will they provide such as the searcher's zip code, geographic area, etc???

Thanks Much

people search site
I just retired & attempted to remove my name from people search sites. I have great trouble with Radaris. They insist you open an acct. Foolishly, I did. My name on their site is a DBA & not my legal name. My legal name is not on their site. I thought I could remove my name then close the acct. Their onsite directions did not work. I e-mailed & they told me, they don't close accts! Now I worry they will start signing me up for services & harass me for payment. They have no financial info on me. My atty is writing a letter, but I don't know if that will help. What to do?

Always-busy phone number
Re: # 10725. Several years ago on a list of "always-busy" phone numbers, I ran across this one: 800-456-0005. Since then, it has always been busy every time I've tried to call it.

Thanks for the info, James! I will mention your post to all on my mail list.

Your information in your book
I read your book "How to be Invisible" - very interesting. In there on page 145 it give you a number that you say is always busy. I called it: 1-800-720-9109. It gives you a message telling you to call 1-800-712-3000 which starts out as an ad and then asks you for a name, city, and state to help you find the person, business, or government agency you are looking for.

These numbers change from year to year, sorry.

This also explains a little better
why net neutrality is important, as far as your freedom on the internet is concerned:


Interesting Information on Net Neutrality
The laws to help protect freedom on the internet has been struck down in court.


IVPN Privacy Guides
Very helpful and practical guides. Readers might find them useful.
URL #1: https://www.ivpn.net/privacy-guides

Bank account without SSN
Mr. Luna,

This site states they are offering U.S. bank accounts for foreigners without requiring an SSN.


Of course they will ask for ID, but the bank they use might be useful for people, abroad and in the U.S, who don't have a SSN.

This post is just for your and your readers' knowledge. I don't have one of their accounts and don't plan buying one by now. If you have any comment I'll be glad to see it in this forum.

LLC vehicle write off
Does Licensing a vehicle under an LLC in NM change how self employed people can deduct it and it´s expenses from state and federal taxes?

Not that I know of, no. I've done that for 20 years.

Mail monitoring usps by law enforcement
Law enforcement mail monitoring. This is interesting.
URL #1: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2013/07/04/us/monitoring-of-snail-mail.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1

It you've not been targeted, not to worry. But if you have...

Re 10666 Foreign bank account
Is the account "compromised?" Well, the DOD knows about it so it's not secret from them but it's not information they will share.

Keep in mind ...
If the account earns income you must report it on your tax return.
If the total of all your foreign accounts exceeds $10,000 at any time you must file a report with the US Treasury.

Still, the account can be useful for travel expenses if you travel to Germany frequently.

Finding an unused rural mailbox
How might I find a rural mailbox to use? I don't care to place an ad. Do I have to drive around in a kind of mailbox hunt, or, is there another way?

Julia, I no longer recommend rural mailboxes, because the USPS has gotten stricter in the last few years.

Resturant Hacked
Eat out much?
How do you pay?

Stop it. Pay cash.

You'll avoid these heartaches.

URL #1: http://www.theverge.com/2014/6/13/5807972/pf-changs-confirms-credit-card-hack

I hope all who have read my HTBI book have already stopped using a credit card at restaurants, gas stations, and when shopping!

If not....

Wyoming LLC's
When the recent changes in Wyoming law regarding LLC's would that not be a better State to use or at least as good as a New Mexico LLC?


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