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Canada bank account
Are the instructions from the book still good for opening a Canadian bank account with BMO? Any changes or problems to note?

As far as I know, all is still well.

real age
As truck drive for a large company out of phoenix I was asked yesterday by a rotten coworker "hey how old are you?" and without thinking I responded with my real age. This bully has my name, and real age now he can go onto a people search engine(data broker) and look for me. There are 25 people with my name in Phoenix but only one my age. How old are you? Always answer 39!

WA Driver's License
Would you mind covering how to currently get a DL in WA using a WA P.O.Box that is attached to a temp WA address? I already have ghost addresses in place where I live, properties sold that were in my name, and the next step I want to take is to turn in my current DL so I can end that trail and also get out of the jury/voter system. I am looking forward to your next ebook about what to say if the police stop me, although I always drive the speed limit to avoid attention. Thank you, Jack!

I do not think you can get it without a valid WA street address. Try some other state.

Passport Renewal
I have the "U.S. Passport Renewal Application For Eligible Individuals", Form DS-82, in front of me and have a question.

Line 8 asks for the Mailing Address ("Street/RFD#, P.O. Box, or URB") so I have no issue using my post office box, however, line 18 asks for the Permanent Address ("If P.O.Box is listed under mailing address or if residence is different from Mailing Address. Street/RFD# or URB. No P.O. Box)

I'm not sure what to do here. Could I get in trouble if I don't put my home address here? I don't have a nominee. Would they know if I have it sent to a UPS store?

Any assistance here would be appreciated. Thanks.

You decide. (A friend of mine is about to renew, also. He will list his ghost address in Spain, as that is more permanent than where he is now.)

Re 10727 People search sites
There are many big problems in getting off people search sites:
1. Many won't let you except in rare cases (such as proof that you're law enforcement or have a restraining order against a stalker.)
2. The removal process is time consuming and requires providing a lot of personal info they don't have.
3. There are many such sites and removing info from some is useless because other sites still have the info.
4. New info can be added to those sites or to new sites in the future.
5. When you buy real estate or update your mailing address with a credit card company that info will likely get provided to people search sites.

Only solution is to move without leaving a forwarding address, without real estate records showing ownership of your new home, without using your name for utilities at the new place, without giving the new address to anyone except your landlord. Luckily landlords generally do not share your info.

Re 10728 Cyber Stalking
None will provide this info.

Best is not to use any such sites, and provide no info.

Second best is to create bogus but plausible misinformation.

Re#10731- How they found your name
I don't know whether they 1)only knew you bought the card or 2)knew your name.

For #1, once you add the value of the card to your phone, they know the card number and that it came from a batch sold to a certain retailer.

For #2, if you have ever associated your phone number and name for any business, that info has a way to find its way to databases. Most common is credit records. If a credit card company has your phone number, that number, and your billing address, and your age, sometimes your DOB can and are sold to people search companies, marketers, etc.

I strongly doubt that there is any surreptitious obtaining of data from your DL or credit card.

P I's being able to check Credit Union bank account
Can a P.I. find out information on a persons checking/saving account at a Credit Union ?


car registration
If you already own the car what is the procedure for transferring ownership to an New Mexico LLC and getting it registered?

Depends in part on the state you live in. Please direct all such questions to Rosie.

Calls from panda
I have bought "How to be Invisible" from amazon.cn. After reading this book I find there has huge difference between China and USA.
The treat to privacy is more severe in my country. For example, when I apply for a job, I must provide my ID card, household registration paper and banking information to employer and Labor Bureau. So my boss and government know almost EVERYTHING about me. Follow your teachings I use a ghost address for mail and bill, drive a car registered in the name of a LLC, purchase online with gift card, etc. But I still consider myself vulnerable to violation. Cops often knock the door and ask for resident information by routine (a method of social governance) that make me sick. Shall I risk to get a totally fake identity or other means to solve my problem?
Given have yo ever lived in Franco's Spain, similar with China's totalitarian society, can you share some valuable suggestion?

I consider invisibility in China and Japan to be almost impossible. A sad situation...

General Privacy
Jack, I first heard about you when I pulled up "How to be Invisible" on Amazon and bought the Kindle edition. I think it is full of some great advice, most of which I plan to implement the next time I move. Currently I work for part-time minimum wage but I am making progress on building my emergency savings.

I wanted to ask, what are some things I can start doing NOW to protect my privacy, that cost little or nothing to implement? My plan when I eventually move is to use my current address as a ghost address. It is on property owned by my relatives. What are your thoughts on this?

Never again give out your home address. Never again allow mail or anything else to come to your home.

How long does it take to get a e-book? I sent my order in about two weeks ago.

1. Why did you not email me within a week?

2. Why did you not include an email with this post, so I could have checked my records? {I have no order in from Denver.)

3. Send me an email, not a post. Give me the email you used. I will then take care of this to your complete satisfaction. That's a promise.


When an order comes in, I send it out the SAME DAY. Therefore, contact me in a week or less if you do not receive the books.

Google analyzing your emails for crimes
This story is disturbing for two reasons. Not just the sex offender getting busted for child pornography. No, the way he got busted is what's also disturbing. Apparently, Google admits to analyzing your emails for potential crimes and will rat you out to authorities.
URL #1: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/google-tip-leads-arrest-sex-offender-worked-denny-article-1.1890971

US Government Refuses to Release TrueCrypt Audit Documents
Someone did a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and the response was rather interesting. Needless to say, don't trust TrueCrypt for any sort of insurance against the government whatsoever.
URL #1: http://www.scribd.com/doc/235397974/US-Government-Refuses-to-Release-TrueCrypt-Audit-Documents

(deleted by JJL)
[Question deleted]

I do not answer when someone does not have the courtesy to follow instructions. Nothing I've asked for will affect your privacy.

Your Book
Hi Jack,

Is your book 'how to be invisible' available in German?

English only. (I do have the 2000 edition in Japanese.)

question for Jack from Austin #10731
re:question #10731
When you received the survey call, did they actually use your name? Or are you assuming they knew your name? I am asking because your cell phone--even a dumb phone could have been hacked by a femtocell. Femtocells are sold by best buy and have legitimate uses in rural areas and houses with poor cell reception. In such cases, they repeat the cell signal and improve cell reception. However, a cell phone (even a dumb phone) will mistake a femtocell with a cell tower and connect to one automatically; there is nothing you can do to stop this, except turn the phone off or wrap it it aluminum foil. Hackers can use a femtocell connected to computers to collect cell phone numbers. Once they have the number they can call the number for a variety of phishing scams including the ever popular customer survey. Careful people won't give info out but many people aren't careful and the scammers can talk a lot of important info out of those customers.

There is no such thing as a private cell phone and a cell phone can be anonymous only if you never use it to call someone you know!

URL #1: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/femtocell-verizon-hack/#!9qgDg

new anonymous online payment method
I was just on the website of Private Internet Access (a vpn) and saw that they now accept payment via www.paygarden.com. I hadn't heard of this company before but they accept store gift cards like Walmart, Target and Starbucks for payment for online services. It is fairly new, so not many companies now, but it's a good idea so it will probably grow. The service appears to be anonymous for the buyer (my PIA isn't due for renewal yet so I haven't gone past the check your balance page).

Do you plan to start accepting paygarden for purchases on your website?

URL #1: www.paygarden.com

No, we are set up only for major credit cards or Paypal, sorry.

How did they figure out my name?
I went into a Best Buy to get a phone card, Net10, with just my wallet, which had a TX driver license and a Visa debit card from an American credit union. I also took my phone with me, the phone being a Net10, thus under a pseudonym.

I got annoyed Net10 cards I used to buy were no longer available, and I mentioned this to a worker, in a slightly agitated or upset tone (my day had not been going well).

I ended up buying one of the new silver Net10 cards, for cash, as I buy everything and left.

the next day, I got a call from some program or service wanting me to sign up to win if I answer a few questions about my Best Buy visit the prior day. I asked who they were that were calling me, and they said they work for retailers, Home Depot, Best Buy etc.

This is only the second time in 25 years I received such a call, and in an identical fashion, one day after I get upset at a business -- the prior time at a bank that refused to take American coins. COINS!

So, fine, I get that there might be a service retailers and businesses use to gauge customer response to being disappointed, but how did they know who I was?

1. As I said, my phone was not under my name, I had chosen Net10 specifically for this function. Now, I do call people I know, and maybe the db systems determine who each actual phone user is in that way.

2. More likely, detectors inside the business track each person in that store by reading the driver's license or Visa card info remotely. I had heard there were hacker devices that could read content of cards in people's wallets, from up to 10 feet away, but I'd thought that was limited to cards with chips in them.

Ultimately though, they DID manage to trace my name back to my anon phone number.

I am extremely consistent about paying cash and I usually never bring my phone in. I am guessing I need to not bring my license and Visa card in anymore too.

Or are they tracking people by facial recog? Maybe the cameras in the parking lot traced me back by the license plate on the car? But still, the phone part is what bugs me.

Anyone have insight or info on what might have happened?

#10726 Always-busy phone number
Now on the 4th place in Google. See link
URL #1: https://www.google.com/search?q=800-456-0005

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