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License Plate Tracking
This article is 4 months old. The company, (Vigilant Solutions), is located very near the Lawrence Livermore Lab along with several other government contractors.
URL #1: http://www.wired.com/2014/05/license-plate-tracking/

Please send me the 3 reasons not to celebrate Christmas. Thank you.

This request should have been emailed to me, not sent here as a post.

In the past ten months I've had hundreds of similar requests, and have sent each person the three reasons. However, I must be doing something wrong because no one seems to "get it." Most everyone totally agrees that Christmas has nothing to do with Christianity, but they fail to draw the logical conclusion.

Since you did include your email in the post, I will send you the three reasons, but not for a few days yet. I need to re-read what I wrote last year, to see if I left something out that should have been included.

Please be patient.

(Personal request)
This should have been an e-mail to me. However, you did not give me yours.

Re: 10828 Tire Registration
There has been a tire recall registration program in place in the USA for some time. It used to be that they would give you a postcard to fill in with your mailing info and mail back so that if there were a recall of your tires, you would get a notice. The last 2 times I bought tires, they did not give me the card, so I am assuming they are now simply using the customer info on the order and forwarding it electronically. However, I am not aware that it is mandatory.

Disingenuous Director
FBI Director James Comey made some pretty stupid, hyperbolic, comments regarding the decision by Apple and Google to encrypt smartphone data.

"....marketing something expressly to allow people to hold themselves beyond the law," is an inaccurate and silly way to frame the issue. It's about personal privacy.

Read the article below to see what will still

URL #1: http://seattletimes.com/html/nationworld/2024625424_apxfbidirectorphoneencryption.html

LLC Operating in Canada
I'm curious about using an LLC in Canada. I spoke to the car insuring authority in my province and they told me that I would have to have an address in BC to register my car, that I could not use an out of province address. I can use the out of province address for the location of the company but not as the principal operator, so if I had an Alaska ghost address I would be unable to use it for my driver's license or insurance. It looks as if the only way around this is to have a ghost address in BC. Is there something I'm missing here? I would appreciate your feedback.


IMHO, a NM LLC is of no use in Canada.

Twitter watching your searches
Twitter is now asking if you'd like them to suggest who to follow on new accounts. I clicked yes, eager to finish signing up then realized they were looking at my searches to find my interests. You can get out of this by using "Mask Me", but it's easier if you just check "no".

Compulsory Tire Registration
I recently needed to buy a spare tire for a utility trailer I had acquired. When I got to checkout, the clerk started to ask for my name, address and phone number. I informed him I had no interest in providing this.

He explained that it was mandatory, as part of D.O.T. regulations on tire sales. I have never encountered this before, but rather than argue or create a scene, I readily gave him my often used fake name, an address for a large apartment complex (with no apartment number), and a voice mail only phone number that doesn't tie back to me -- then I paid in cash, as I always do, and was on my way.

Luckily, all of this specific information was top of mind, given I practice the principles of privacy, so I recited it without hesitation.

Jack, I'm curious if you or any of your readers have come across compulsory tire registration, like I did, with D.O.T. regulations being cited as the reason?

I have never heard of it,

Question about the book
I read a passage about a couple who used a LLC to purchase a home for cash, and in the passage there was a note that 'Sandy' had a clause enclosed in the LLC stating that she could use her 'maiden name' for signing for items for the LLC's. I wanted to know, if one can stipulate otherwise such as using a commonly used name. One that isn't legally yours but one that you have been known by? Or is that a better questions for an attorney?

Yes, a better question for an attorney.

thank you and tip
Hi- I loved HOW TO BE INVISIBLE, and I just purchased INVISIBLE MONEY. I can't wait to read it. Here is a tip-- I have removed my credit card info, billing and shipping addresses from amazon, barnes and noble, etc.... It's very easy to do. If I want to buy something, I can re-enter that information, then immediately delete it. There are so many data breaches today-- If someone breaks into one of these sites, perhaps my info will be spared. (Or maybe these retailers have all of my info on file anyway). JJ am I wasting my time here?

apple pay
For those of us that want to stay private but still want to buy things online for convenience and book-keeping purposes, do you recommend only using pre-paid cards (with a Visa or MC logo)? Also, technology changes so quickly. What is your opinion of Apple's proposed new "Apple Pay" ?

No opinion.

Emailed bank statements
More and more banks and utilities are offering to email statements instead of mailing them, yet you don't mention that in your book. Wouldn't that be better than having them sent to a ghost address? (I realize you still need a safe address to open the account)

Only YOU can answer that. I do not know what other exposure you have, nor do I know how worried you are in general.

NM Gross Receipt Tax
Regarding NM LLCs, New Mexico has a gross receipts tax on any revenue any business makes as a percentage of the income of the receipts of the business, not just the profit. Don't you have to report any transactions through the LLC, or does it only apply if it is actually within the state?

Only if in within the state. That is why Rosie lists an address in Spain.

Reloadable US gift cards for non-US person?
I am not from the US but thinking about picking up a card for cash from a store while on a trip to the US and ask my friend to occassionally reload it for cash, too.

I just need a low value no-ID-show but reloadable gift card. I don't know if such a thing exists?

GreenDot, Vanilla: getting confusing. I don't know the market, maybe some readers could help.

Why not do as I do? PAY CASH.

#10813 Chrome -> Chromium
Why not use Chromium, the open-source mother on which Chrome is based on? Bugs are fixed there first as well.

Comment Re: DNA collection and privacy
It's not just our name, address & Social Security number we need to worry about- but our DNA as well: A biologist signed up for the service "23AndMe"- a DYI DNA sequencing company- it ended up causing his parents divorce by alerting him to a previously unheard of half-brother. Another company I cannot stand is "Ancestry.com"- how I wish I could erase that website from the web!

link to site enclosed

URL #1: http://www.vox.com/2014/9/9/5975653/with-genetic-testing-i-gave-my-parents-the-gift-of-divorce-23andme

I agree that Ancestry.com is one of the greatest threats to privacy on the planet!

not selling property
I just read about Paul Bilzerian & his wife Teri Steffen. The article on yahoo news,09-17-2014, stated that this couple were able to avoid selling their mansion in Florida while owing the government $62,000.000.00 The house was valued at approx #10,000,000.00. The article talked about them using LLC's, Trusts, partnerships, & offshore trusts with them as beneficiaries. What I don't understand is how they did this for 20 years, with the house going into foreclosure. & not being forced out.
It did state that Paul Bilzerian went to jail for 14 months, but they keep the home for 20 years. What you say on these dealings. What did Paul & his wife do stop the government for so long ?

Maybe the Florida Homestead law?

#10813 09/16/14 Chrome is spying
I use Firefox, the privacy settings are easy and clear.

Re: 10803--Marjorie/dumb phones
Marjorie, look on Amazon for a Net10 LG320.

Pay with a gift card, and use a "nom de 'net."

Chrome is spying
Just read this article and am wondering if Chrome is still listening to your conversations, or if they got this 'bug' fixed.I have to upgrade my browser because it's too slow but now don't want sign into Chrome (so far I never have). I wonder if I don't ever ok the voice feature if it's safe then.
As well does anyone have a favorite private browser? I'm aware of 'inprivate' browsing, but don't want to hit this bottom every time. Thanks, Kat

URL #1: http://talater.com/chrome-is-listening/

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