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receiving bills at home address
First off, JJ, I want to say thank you for writing How to be Invisible. It's given me a lot of good ideas for how to protect my privacy.

I also recently finished reading "One Nation Under Surveillance" by Boston T. Party. His threat model is mostly government adversaries as opposed to PIs, and he writes from a more "extreme" perspective than you do, but overall I think it has some good advice and is mostly compatible with your book. There is one point of conflicting advice that I wanted to ask you about though.

In How to be Invisible you recommend never receiving mail at your home address, for anything, and in fact physically removing your mailbox and house numbers (you give an example of a well-meaning relative taking down your address and sending you something in your own name).

One Nation Under Surveillance recommends receiving at your home address any mail that's necessarily associated with that address anyway. Mainly this would be utility bills for that address, but also property tax bills, bills and correspondence for repair work done on the property, etc. The reasoning is that since these companies already have the address anyway, there's no point in giving them another piece of data (ghost address, PO Box, etc.) to link it to.

I find this argument pretty convincing. What do you think?

If you do not worry about mail theft, that is a good second choice.

Prior to reading HTBI, I gave my correct date of birth to doctors, hospital, pharmacy (paying cash), and yes, even the library wanted it. Now, do I go back to these places and try to get them to slightly change it, pleading an "error" has been made, (will this cause suspicion) or just leave it be and begin giving another date, or none at all, in the future?

Given the fact you have already been giving it out, stick to the real one. When you hit Medicare age, you will have to do that anyway.

Financials regarding New Mexico LLC
Dear Mr. Luna,

I read your How to Be Invisible book and feel as if I have gained knowledge that will stay with me my whole life and also very beneficial to my future success. Thank you.

My question is in regards to the issues that arise with running a New Mexico LLC online business that takes payments through credit cards and Paypal. Since this is the source of income for the business, how would I go about obtaining a bank account for this business while keeping anonymity?

Use a nominee. If you have a wife, use her her maiden name.

Newsletter: iContact or MailChimp? No delivery
Hey Jack,

I receive the newsletters from you for quite a while, delivered by newsletter software iContact.

A friend of mine recently signed up on your site, he got an automatic response to confirm his email address, not from iContact, but from MailChimp. He confirmed his email, and did not receive a single email ever since, while I continue to receive emails.

Something you might want to look into.

Wow, what a problem! You are correct! My webmaster admits he goofed, TWO YEARS AGO!

He has now downloaded 1,450 emails from Mail Chimp that were never entered on the iContact list. They are being added to the the list you are on.

I owe you one for this,Senor Jack!

CNN's new "Privacy" policy
I just read the new CNN privacy policy, after many pop-ups. Horrible! A disaster!
Do I dare watch it any more?

No. Switch to BBC.com. Much less advertising as well!

John Tallman Example
In "How to be Invisible", you give an example of a man you refer to as John Martin Tallman, who leased a home while he was having one built in the area. You mention that he showed his passport and offered a photocopy of it for the files. You also mention that he used the name of Martin Tallman for his interactions with the agent and the landlord. The example states that he covered his date of birth from the photocopy of his passport before giving it to them for their file.

My question is this. What precaution did he take to protect his first name from being seen on his passport? Did he show his original passport totally untouched and simply rely on the laziness of the landlord to not double check the photocopy? Did he black out his first name on the photocopy as well or just his date of birth?

Forgive me for being so picky about the details, but as you well know from your line of work, the details matter. I'm just curious as to how the gentleman in this example pulled this off as I could see a number of potential problems he'd run into that he apparently didn't encounter.

Thanks again for your time. Cheers!

He was content to let them have his first and last name becace there are thousands with the ame name.

Ring Video Doorbell for Your Smartphone
I'm curious about what do you Jack and readers, especially younger, think if this. Click on 'Learn More' for a short video overview.
URL #1: https://ring.com/

#PanamaPapers - Privacy - Encryption
The law firm in Panama that was creating businesses for celebrities, politicians, corporations, and others was following the law. What those folks did with the companies was up to them.

*Someone* either infiltrated the law firm specifically for the purpose of exposing those clients or was moved some time after being hired to expose them for one reason or another. They dumped those clients' files on the Munich newspaper S�¼ddeutsche Zeitung, only because they had access.

This can happen to ANY business and is one good argument for ENCRYPTING CLIENT DATA.

Had Mossack Fonseca encrypted their files, the hack/leak would have either been avoided completely, or so time intensive the take would have been considerably reduced.

ALL doctors, lawyers, PI's should encrypt ALL files, and communications.

Voter Registration - Privacy
See the link. It happened there, it can happen here.
URL #1: http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/every-voter-in-philippines-exposed/

Times article
Hi Jack-- See the Times article. With all the Panama Papers publicity (and other investigations into shell companies, especially with regard to NYC real estate), people are talking about tax havens and LLCs. Unfortunately, some of these new laws might affect us law abiding citizens who are not hiding money from the IRS and who merely want to be private. In this article, Delaware, Wyoming, and Nevada are mentioned. Why does no one talk about New Mexico?
URL #1: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/08/business/need-to-hide-some-income-you-dont-have-to-go-to-panama.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=second-column-region®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

I'm glad they do not! The other three states have been well-known states for for generations. Rosie started in 1998, low key, and is still the leading one forming NM LLCs. So far, few serious competitors.

Some institutions including some medical providers ask to photocopy your ID. Should this be avoided?


buying Gold
What's the best and least expensive way to buy gold coins?

Re: #1124 K7/Simplevoicebox
I signed up for one month ($4.95, I think). I chose the option to get your own number.

The number will be your own...and it you can't choose your area code. Also, AFAIK, you can't get texts/SMS (for verification.

I have a list of options & will advise as I can. Stay safe!

Privacy in the EU
Jack, If I were to spend time in Europe (London, Paris, Berlin) for work (legally) for an extended period of time, how hard is it to stay private in those countries? (legally, of course)

Easier in the EU.

1. You will have to furnish your true address and true name most places, but

2. Europe has much stricter laws in harvesting info. Nothing like Spokeo! Sleep well.

Re: #11241: Another alternative / K7

I'm going to try it out.

I'd used K7 for years. It got wonky a while back. People could leave messages, & I never got them; nor could I log in. I suspected it was gasping its last :)

Let us all know how it turns out, Maria!

Re: #11246 "Burner" phones
Chuck Schumer (D-NY) proposed this some years back. Didn't go anywhere. I got a few just in case, though. Check on "The River" just to see ;)

#11241 Alternative to K7
Kall8 dot com
URL #1: https://kall8.com/

iPhone hacked by FBI
The FBI admitted it had a way to hack the iPhone today.

With this admission, they dropped the show-trial they were going to have with the corporation.

Now the back-door is unnecessary but the phone is still as insecure as if it had one.

No big surprises, and the counter-move to their hack is the goal of every right minded tech company worth their salt.

URL #1: https://www.yahoo.com/news/justice-department-cracks-iphone-withdraws-220719890.html

Re 11237 $100 bill
The largest bill currently issued by the UK is GBP50. There has been talk of the ECB no longer issuing EUR 500 bills for the usual reasons given.

I agree with Jack that doing away with the USD 100 bill is unlikely. Though there are the usual reasons for doing away with it, USD cash is widely used internationally (most large US bills circulate abroad) and the US doesn't want to discourage that.

Re 11184 extended stay privacy
I stayed at one such place years ago. They do a credit check and photocopy ID, but credit checks are normally seen only by you (not potential creditors or snoops posing as such) and usually stay for only 3 months. (Gov't agencies may have access to this info however.)

Since I did not use the extended stay address for anything (ie credit applications) it never showed up on my credit report. Phone landline was provided by the extended stay place (nowadays you could use a cell.) Water was prorated among all apartments so I never dealt with the water co.; the apt. billed me for my share. Electricity however required dealing directly with the utility. Some utilities report to credit bureaus, maybe some still don't (as was the case) but that is becoming uncommon.)

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