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RE: #10889 Which address should I give to apply for health insurance?
Tommy... many full-time RVers find themselves in the same predictament that you are. Having a South Dakota domicile and mailing address but they're never in South Dakota.

Kyle Henson is an insurance agent that specializes in health insurance for full-time RVers. His website does a good job explaining how the ACA can be problematic for someone in your situation. His bottom-line advice is... move your domicile to Texas or Florida.

Follow the link and scroll down to "Kyle�s South Dakota Health Insurance Assessment for 2015" for more detail.

URL #1: http://rverhealthinsurance.com/

If not JJ Luna, then who?
I understand JJ Luna is no longer answering questions and many questions go unanswered. Are there any other online privacy resources that will pick up where JJ Luna left off? Thanks.

Let me correct you, Ozzie. I said I was no longer going to answer personal privacy-related questions for FREE, after doing so for the past 14 years. (See http://jjluna.com/Consulting)

There are other authors out there who never answer anyone!

(I still freely answer questions about how to find a true purpose in life, but that is another field, not related to privacy.)

Changing Your Name
Most Common Last Names in the U.S.

Rank Name Occurrences
1. Smith 2,376,206
2. Johnson 1,857,160
3. Williams 1,534,042
4. Brown 1,380,145
5. Jones 1,362,755
6. Miller 1,127,803
7. Davis 1,072,335
8. Garcia 858,289
9. Rodriguez 804,240
10. Wilson 783,051

Get lost in the crowd by doing legal name change.

Which address should I give to apply for health insurance?
I need to apply for health insurance or else face a fine due to the Affordable Care Act. My drivers license shows a ghost address many states away and medical insurance premiums are based on where you live. How can I receive medical care in OHIO when my drivers license says I live in SOUTH DAKOTA?

Potential employer running a credit check
A potential Illinois employer wants to do a credit check on me, for a temporary call center position, through an outfit called InfoMart.

The online InfoMart form requires SSN, DOB, gender, name, address, telephone number and email address. I would prefer not to make an issue of this with the potential employer as they may wonder why I would object.

I am concerned because I am presently out of work and ashamed, humiliated and embarrassed to say that I have been using credit cards lately (but I�ve never missed a payment.)

Since the employer has my name, address, telephone number and email address, accuracy on this online form is important, right?

Although the Illinois Employee Credit Privacy Act, with a few exceptions, prohibits Illinois� employers from using a person�s credit history to determine employment, recruiting, discharge or compensation, this company is not in one of the exempted industries.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Changing address
I'm a homeowner and I can't afford to move like you recommend in your book. So I wish to move on paper. My goal is to have my name associated with a different address, particularly for things that get into public databases such as my credit report and driver's records.

I'm considering two options:

One, sublease an apartment for a month and use that as a physical address and get a PO Box as a mailing address for banking, new driver's license, etc.

Or two, use a mom and pop private mailbox rental place as my new address.

Which is a better option? Can you improve on either of these?

I already have a separate, private ghost address for more sensitive deliveries. I also plan to transfer title to my house to a trust.

Drivers license address
I once got a replacement drivers license by giving the licensing office the address to a townhouse complex where tenants were placing mail addressed to tenants who no longer lived there on a bulletin board above the outdoor mailboxes to be picked up by the mailman. I drove by and checked the board late at night every night on my way home from work and sure enough, seven days later there was my letter with my license enclosed pinned up on the board. I made sure to choose a townhouse number where the occupants were regularly putting mail on the board because some tenants might throw it in the garbage or dispose of it somewhere else. I admit it was risky but temporarily renting somewhere else was too expensive for me at the time.

Encryption of hard drive
I didn't see where a book has been published on this that you recommend or an article with a link. Thanks.

I have nothing to recommend, sorry. Even TrueCrypt is not totally secure.

Interesting info on Tor, FBI targetting Tor users even abroad

mobil phonecontacts
Dear Jack,
would you allow me to submit this question again, because I am sure some if your skilked readers might have insights on this subject?
Thanks in advance and please DO think about a European edition, it is GREATLY needed!
Date: 09-30-2014
Hi, i wonder if telecommunication companies can access the contact info on a sim card inside the phone, ,but I guess they can;) would it be safer to save one's contacts the phone itself? I prefered doing it on the sim, because in case of 'danger', one would should destroy the sim instead of getting rid of a bigger device. Maybe you are any of your readers have information on that subject? Thanks in advance.

Renting a hotel room
Does anyone know if it is possible to rent a hotel room WITHOUT using your own name?

#10879 11/01/14 PO Box application
You can also take the name for your own use (that you receive in your PO Box).

PO Box application
Regarding PO boxes, although you're supposed to believe that only the people named on the application can receive mail at that box, it's been my experience that they will put any letter in the box regardless of who's name is on it. I continue to get junk mail intended for the previous box owner, a year and a half later (she is on several charities' sucker lists and they are relentless} and I received some stranger's vehicle registration (his name, my box #). So the next time you apply for a PO box, try putting just one name on the application even if you intend for several people to receive mail at that box.

RE: 10861 Banks and home addresses
My bank doesn't care where I live. After reading HTBI, I obtained a PO box (in another town, county, and zip code!) about a year and a half ago. I gave that box # to my bank as my mailing address. I was not asked if I had moved. Just a few days ago I had a phone conversation with my banker. I confirmed that they had my PO box as my mailing address. I explained that my apartment building mail boxes are not very secure and sometimes mail gets put in the wrong box; that's why I got the PO box. (I also removed my name from the apartment mail box, and I don't tell my apartment neighbors anything about myself, including my name, so they can't google me.) Once again I was not asked if I had moved. So the impression I get is that the bank doesn't care where I live. I should point out that the only account I have with them is a non-interest-bearing checking account. Maybe if I had a more involved relationship with them (a loan, say) they might be more interested in confirming my true home address.

On the other hand, when I obtained new health insurance a year ago, I gave the company my PO box as a mailing address, but they insist on sending some correspondence to my home address. That's their way of checking that my home address is correct, since premiums and PPO networks are based on location. (Sadly, my PO box is the only ghost address I currently have.) P.S. Don't lie on an insurance application and claim residency in an area that would give you a lower premium. If they find out about it, the consequences could be severe.

I agree than most banks don't care what address you give them.

Silent Cricle
I came across a site called Silent Circle which protects for a fee of course, your privacy when using your smart phone. Anyone heard of this?
URL #1: SilentCircle

RE: registering a car in Pennsylvania
Ask your DMV if it would make a difference if the LLC name ended in 'Leasing', such as Big Truck Leasing LLC. MT gave me problems until they saw the word leasing in the name, then they said "o, that's different, we can do that."

Response to Question #10870
Actually, VISA prepaid credit cards work fine on Amazon. I just used one to place an order last week and everything arrived on time and it went through without a problem. For maximum privacy, I only recommend the vanilla VISA prepaid credit cards because you don't have to register those other than with a zip code which could be any one you want.

Here is a page on PayPal's website about using prepaid credit cards: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/template-management/prepaid-gift-cards

Just for your information they introduced this about 6 months ago or so.

PayPal may have changed, recently. In the past, several of my readers tried to pay me via a gift card and all were declined.

Re: 10870 prepaid cards
Jack said, "Prepaid cards do not work with Amazon, Paypal, or other major suppliers."

I can vouch for the fact that PayPal *does* accept gift cards from Visa, MC, and AmEx. The only downside is that there does not seem to be a way to "split tender", which means you have to apply the full amount to a single card.

Canadian LLC
Hi JJ Luna, what would be the Canadian equivalent of a New Mexico LLC?

I want to have my vehicles and home registered in that way BUT as far as I know, We don't have the equivalent of a New Mexico LLC.

Any advice would be appreciated.

No equivalent, sorry!

Surveillance Law online class
Stanford U is offering an online course in surveillance law including a section on the NSA. While the class itself is not private all the materials are hosted on a site that promises not to log visitor info and is configured to accept Tor and as a Tor hidden service. If any of your readers want to understand more about the law and the constitutional protections, this class will help. It just started the second week and I've already understand more about searches and warrants than I did before.
URL #1: https://surveillancelaw.org

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