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being sued
I am being sued and want to protect my house and 4 cars...i was already given the court papers. is there anything i can do to protect my house and 4 cars? John
I own the house and cars outright and in my own name.

Too late!

NOTE TO READERS: The time to order an umbrella is when the sun is still shining.

Personal signature and its use
Just to confirm Jack's advice, found in How to Be Invisible, on how to sign documents, check out the signature the attorney for the bank uses in the linked court document (scroll all the way down to the last page, totally illegible!):


That's a terrific example--many thanks for sending it on! I recommend everyone that reads this, look up that signature.

Are you REALLY only 18, Dominique? If so, you are quite mature because normally no 18-year old shows any interest in privacy--not even my granddaughters!

land trust and llc
I am looking to buy some land.Want to put in a new Mexico llc..Also read about putting in a large do trust and having the beneficiary a new Mexico of llc or added pRiva you any thoughts on this?

Please direct LLC questions to Rosie.

10930 - Enumbered
Answered by post #9776.

anonymous debit card
have you any information on a canadian company caled www.enumbered,com?
they offer anonymous mastercard debit cards for $250US. do you know if its honest or a scam? thanks.

URL #1: www.enumbered.com

Re: Question 10921 from Juan
It is very easy to buy purchase items on Amazon without giving out your personal information. Set up Amazon account using name and email address of choice. Use a PO Box for address. Purchase Amazon gift cards for cash, available at a wide variety of discount and drugstores. Upload Amazon gift card to Amazon account (you input the number off the back of the gift card, visible after you scratch the coating off), and you are now able to purchase Kindle eBooks, as well as any other Amazon items (you'll have to make a choice about delivery address). I've found this is a very good way of establishing an account for anyone wary of putting their personal and credit card information out there online.

Robert (entry #10910) mentioned PAYSAFECARD. I looked into it and they tout 4000 online retailers who accept it, but I couldn't find a list, so if I bought one at a nearby vendor, it may be "non-useful". If I tried to use it and it is rejected, I'm stuck. It seems primarily useful for Germany, Austria and Poland (once I dug into their website). It doesn't seem to be usable at POS "point of sale" either.

If you dig into their website to see how a merchant becomes qualified to accept, the merchant has to "jump through" more than a few hoops. I don't see a stampede of merchants heading to their door (and there is competition) unless its worth their while (cept online gaming and gambling). USA customers are excluded from gambling using PAYSAFECARD (THAT'S A GOOD THING!).

I'm still waiting for "anonymous", secure, and universally accepted virtual currency, with low (or no) overhead. We are not quite there yet.

URL #1: www.paysafecard.com

Facebook: People You May Know.
How many times can somebody look at my Facebook page before they will appear in my "People You May Know" list??

Thanks Much

Hopefully, none of the readers here are on Facebook!

cell phone privacy is long gone
not a question -- but a really interesting and easy exploit if someone gets your cellphone number.

the highlight:

"For example, RemoteCellSpy.com offers a tracking system that lets users monitor all calls, texts and GPS locations on a target's cellphone for a one-time payment of US$27."

this installs the app on YOUR phone -- all they need is a phone number.

the article: http://www.technewsworld.com/story/Flaws-in-Ancient-Standard-Enable-Wireless-Eavesdropping-Spying-81520.html

Real ID
Does anyone know a way around the 'two proofs of residential address' requirement for a license in Nevada? Is this all part of the 'Real ID' program that may be eventually implemented in every state? I thought being a resident of another state could avoid this, but you're still required to give this information for a part-time resident ID.

No question, just discoverd you and your books.....AWESOME IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY!!! LOVE YOUR BOOKS AND WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE!!! Thank You for sharing. Reviewed a few books on Amazon.

Thanks for the kind words and the reviews--much appreciated!

Re: 10921--Juan
Juan, you don't have to use your own credit card. You may use a generic gift card (VISA, MC, AMex) on Amazon. You may also use a "nom de 'net" if you like.

privacy when buying your books
If we buy one of your books on amazon, it appears we have to use a credit card. If true, there goes our privacy (especially if we use a kindle - they will get our internet address). Any suggestions on how to buy your books on amazon with total privacy?

Real name and hotels abroad
Jack, you said do not try the pseudonym hotel booking thing you wrote about in your book outside the US.

I assume you book under your real name when traveling abroad - correct? Any other privacy options you have similarly back at home?

Yes, correct.

Cellphone Network Security
The article linked below describes how broken the aged cell phone networks are, how hackers can access your cell phone activities, and how certain companies locate any and all cell phones for large, well paying clients.

The last sentence is either evidence of naivete or denial.

URL #1: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2014/12/18/german-researchers-discover-a-flaw-that-could-let-anyone-listen-to-your-cell-calls-and-read-your-texts/

Re: Off the record marriage
Tod, there are a couple of options. You could go to another country. Your marriage would still be on the record over there, but the data brokers in the U.S. are less likely to pick up on it.

You could also try a very rural county (in any state). The marriage would still be on the books, but it might never be published outside of the courthouse. First check to make sure no newspapers in that county publish marriage licenses online or in print (but especially online).

Good luck to you, Tod, and let me be among the first to congratulate you!

Reasons to not celebrate...
A year ago, Mr. Luna, you sent me three reasons not to celebrate this coming holiday. I can not find that email on my computer and I wish to print it out and show my new girlfriend. Can you send it to me once more? �¿Por favor?

You forgot to include your email address, Juan. Contact me at Jack (at) JJLuna.com and I'll send the three reasons again.

Keys able to be copies using just a photo from smartphone
Be careful who you literally let see your keys. All it takes now is a mere digital picture snapped of a key for someone to copy it. They don't even have to physically handle it.
URL #1: https://keysduplicated.com/

marriage "off the record"
Are there locations in the US or US territories, for example, which are less accessible in terms of recording marriages as public information ? In our brave new world maybe this is no longer possible in the US or its possessions.

Appreciate any help

Not that I know of, no.

What is your opinion about PaySafe Pre-Paid card?
URL #1: https://www.paysafecard.com/en-us/

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