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banks and home addresses
OK, so most banking institutions require a home address now. If I change my mailing address to a PO Box, and I go "paperless" (which means I won't be getting physical mail anyway), then I MOVE without changing my home address at my banks, will anyone know if I just leave my former home address on the accounts? Are there risks in doing so, especially when there are institutions (like Vanguard, say, for retirement accounts) that you want to definitely continue doing business with for years to come? Is it against the law NOT to update your addresses with these institutions?

I know nothing about Vanguard. Other than that, I think you worry too much. I have a number of bank accounts and NO ONE has a clue as to where I live.

Have you read my "Invisible Money" eBook?

Ghost Addresses 101 - Question #2
I re-read the relevant chapters of the book, consulted your website and something is not clear for me.

The basic principle is to have one ghost address closer to home and another one far away. So far correct?

From another viewpoint have a PO box style address and a real street address. Correct, too?

What is not clear from the book is which is supposed to to be the close to home address and the far away address? The PO box or the street address?

Or how it is all put together? I still don't get the big picture.

Yes to the first two questions.

For the rest, make your own decisions. The book is just for general principles. Each person has different levels of comfort when it comes to privacy. I have no "one-size-fits-all" remedies.

Another possible threat to privacy.
Services like ApplePay,Paypal, and other tech companies seeking to replace cash payments with P2P (peer to peer) payment platforms.
URL #1: http://pando.com/2014/10/13/killing-cash-its-not-just-credit-cards-that-are-under-assault-by-mobile-payments-platforms/

google analytics
In regard to Sebastian 5409 Google Analytics blocking. I have a business and want to link with Google Analytics to get a higher rating on Google page. But don't know how much more info they will have on me if I do. I have no Google mail or any Google account now. I wonder if I could sign up and only use Firefox from then on, and block their spying. Thanks.

Banks and privacy
JJ- in your book about invisible money and out-of-state accounts, you advise not using ATMs and not writing checks on the accounts. It's also clear that you are not a fan of online banking either. I understand the benefits of having a non-interest bearing account in another state, but how does one take money in and out under your "rules"?

Make up your own rules, when needed. I'd say OK to use ATM, and okay to write SOME checks but not others.

Passport renewal
I need to renew my passport (form DS-82). Do I have to provide my phone numbers, occupation, employer or emergency contact. Do they verify these things against some outside database. The instructions say a SS number is not necessary but the IRS will assess a $500 penalty if it's not provided. And I think I've given it out earlier. I don't want my application to stand out by leaving many fields blank. What if I just made up my phone number or occupation?

I just renewed my passport. I filled out everything truthfully including the SSN.

I see no need to give a true home address.

South Dakota residency?
Hi JJ. An old friend of mine and his wife sold their home last year and are traveling around the country in a motorhome. When I asked him about his South Dakota license plates, he told me it was ridiculously easy to set up residency in South Dakota, using nothing more than a commercial mail receiving agency address for your driver's license and vehicle registration. He said it's all perfectly legal and the private mailbox service will even register your vehicles for you, for a small fee. He only has to drive to SD once every five years to take a vision test to renew his driver's license.

Are you familiar with South Dakota's requirements, and do you recommend the state for people who want to live a private lifestyle?

I have heard similar accounts, and nothing bad about the state. Perhaps some readers in SD will comment.

It can be hard to find a future partner or husband when you are living the private life. A lot of men might think that you are a nutjob when you suggest pulling the kids out of public school ,not having our cars registered to us and renting all of the time to avoid the privacy hassles of owning a home in the traditional way. How do you find a mate while living this private life?
URL #1: http://nosnark.forumotion.com/

I suspect that only 1 in 2500 is even interested in privacy. There, you have two options:

1. Stay single, or
2. give up on privacy.

Re 10819 US gift card
Many of the gift cards sold in the US have tiny print saying the card is not for use (or not valid) outside the US. You may be able to use it for online purchases from a US company which ships overseas but they might not otherwise work abroad.

Re 10803 prepaid dumb phone
These are available for cash for $20 or sometimes less at retailers such as Target, drugstores etc. Personally I like Virgin Mobile.

Re 10789 Disinformation
The most effective way to provide disinformation is to get a temporary address (mail drop or temporary rental on extended vacation or business trips) and provide your "new" address to your credit card companies. This will eventually get that address into the people search databases. (The old address will stay in the database after you change your address to a different one.)

I have tried the cheap way ($1 contribution to charities, cheap magazine subscriptions, warranty cards, etc. and those addresses did not end up on people search databases.)

Re: 10842 Oregon driver's license address
Homeless people are still eligible for a driver's license in Oregon (unlike some other states such as Pennsylvania). From Oregon's official website (link below):

If you are homeless, you may use a descriptive address such as "under the west end of the Burnside Bridge." If you use a descriptive address must also provide a mailing address and proof that you are a resident of or domiciled in Oregon.

You must complete a Certification of Oregon Residency or Domicile (Form 735-7182) and present acceptable proof. Acceptable proof of residency and/or domicile is noted on the back of the form.

There are numerous options for proof of residency or domicile:

If you reside in Oregon, and need to provide proof that you are a resident of or domiciled in Oregon, a true copy of your Oregon permanent or part-year income tax return filed with the Oregon Department of Revenue for the previous tax year is acceptable proof with this form. If you filed as a part-year resident the income tax return must show that you resided in Oregon at the end of that tax year. If you do not have a copy of your income tax return, you may provide two or more of the following documents with this form:
� A property tax record, utility bills, rent receipts, a lease or rental agreement or other document that shows you reside in Oregon;
� Enrollment records or other documentation that you are attending an educational institution maintained by public funds and pay resident tuition fees;
� Motel, hotel, campground or recreational vehicle park receipts showing that you currently reside in Oregon and have remained in Oregon for six consecutive months or more;
� A statement dated within the last 60 days from a relief agency or shelter that you have no actual residence, but currently receive assistance in Oregon;
� Fuel receipts, motel receipts, or other documents showing you have lived in Oregon for at least six of the last twelve months.
� Documents showing you have a current account at a bank or credit union in Oregon and the account has been open for 60 days or more;
� A document showing receipt of public assistance from an agency of the State of Oregon dated within the last twelve months; or
� An Oregon voter registration card.

Also noteworthy: Oregon has a similar program for permanent travelers, such as RVers who don't have a house or apartment.

URL #1: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/pages/driverid/idproof.aspx#homeless

Utilities- Con Ed
COMMENT-- A small victory for privacy: I just called Con Edison in NYC, and they agreed to remove my SSN from my account permanently, and are not requiring a deposit to be made, since I have been a good (paying on time) customer for several years. They did not require a DL or passport number either. Therefore, any unscrupulous person trying to access information would not be able to use ID numbers to access account information. I also changed my billing address to a PO Box for more protection.

Books on Parenting?
I just found out recently that I'm going to be having a child. I've read most of your books, and I've always been intrigued by and respected your thoughts on parenting.

I myself was raised in a pretty broken household. My father was in prison most of my life and then overdosed on heroin. My mother was an alcoholic and druggie who worked her tail off to keep us clothed and fed but in a lot of ways wasn't really there emotionally - true rules and structure didn't really exist in our home.

I ended up going down some wild paths myself and partied a lot over the years, but I quit drinking and changed my life. I've been putting a lot of focus into mental, spiritual, and business development that has been left unattended over the years.

I will continue this journey I'm on and am thinking about getting involved with the church here where I live in Asia as well.

I'm confident that I'm in a place in my life where I can be the father I want to be, even though I'm still catching up on lost years. Even so, I guess you could say I never witnessed the true role of a parent or watched those roles manifest in everyday life.

Do you have any recommendations on books about parenting that give worthwhile advice in line with some of your own thoughts? Have you considered writing such a book yourself to offer your perspective (it's obviously an area you feel strongly about)? Thanks.

Boy, do I have some great answers! However, this is probably not of general interest, so use my email in the future, please.

I am overwhelmed with work this week but here's a suggestion for right now:

Do NOT associate with the church you mention, until I email you. All the churches of Christendom put together will not help your child avoid drugs and loose conduct. But I know how it can be done.

In haste,


address for driver's license
JJ. I am now homeless. Because I do not have a legal address the Oregon DMV took my license away. What can I do?

Any Oregon readers who can help?

Ghost Addresses 101 - Question #1
I re-read the relevant chapters (4&5) in HTBI, the 3rd Edition; I still do not have the big picture on ghost addresses.

In chapter 4 you wrote: "For advanced security, however, I strongly suggest you avoid CMRAs. Instead, if at all possible, obtain a PO box that does not connect you with your present home address." But no explanation. What is the reasoning behind that statement?

If I understand correctly, both for the PO box and both for the CMRA, you have to fill out USPS form 1583; so what's the difference?

Since you say you are in London, this does not apply to you.

mobile phone directory
Hi, i wonder if telecommunication companies can access the contact info on a sim card inside the phone, ,but I guess they can;) would it be safer to save one's contacts the phone itself? I prefered doing it on the sim, because in case of 'danger', one would should destroy the sim instead of getting rid of a bigger device. Maybe you are any of your readers have information on that subject? Thanks in advance.

License Plate Tracking
This article is 4 months old. The company, (Vigilant Solutions), is located very near the Lawrence Livermore Lab along with several other government contractors.
URL #1: http://www.wired.com/2014/05/license-plate-tracking/

Please send me the 3 reasons not to celebrate Christmas. Thank you.

This request should have been emailed to me, not sent here as a post.

In the past ten months I've had hundreds of similar requests, and have sent each person the three reasons. However, I must be doing something wrong because no one seems to "get it." Most everyone totally agrees that Christmas has nothing to do with Christianity, but they fail to draw the logical conclusion.

Since you did include your email in the post, I will send you the three reasons, but not for a few days yet. I need to re-read what I wrote last year, to see if I left something out that should have been included.

Please be patient.

(Personal request)
This should have been an e-mail to me. However, you did not give me yours.

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