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Oaklahoma Authorities Get Devices to Seize Funds Loaded to Prepaid Cards
"The contract signed by the state and ERAD Group, obtained by Oklahoma Watch, states that Department of Public Safety will pay a one-time $5,000 implementation charge and a $1,500 training charge for the devices.

ERAD Group will receive a 7.7 percent cut of all funds seized via the card readers."

URL #1: http://oklahomawatch.org/2016/06/07/new-front-in-civil-forfeiture-okla-authorities-get-devices-to-seize-funds-loaded-onto-prepaid-cards/

Former-Cop Exposes How Police Will Violate Your Rights During Every Stop & How to Beat It
http://thefreethoughtproject.com/deputy-tells-avoid-roadside-rights-violations-transportation-stop-script/#lyFYuwbMFsblFAYK.99�An officer�s first job when he gets you pulled over for a traffic stop is to attempt to escalate that stop to either a DUI or a drug bust. He doesn�t care about the traffic, that�s just his premise for pulling you over. His real goal is to get inside that car and see what else he can find.
They are taught to find ways to keep the person in the car talking and answering questions that will allow them to continue their fishing expedition.�

URL #1: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/deputy-tells-avoid-roadside-rights-violations-transportation-stop-script/#lyFYuwbMFsblFAYK.99

"Real" looking, legal home address , not a PO box near home for digital nomads and perpetual travellers
I understand in HTBI you suggest two addresses: one ghost address far away (you specifically offer a choice of either a US or Spanish address) and one close home (can be a box, it doesn't have to be as fancy or sophisticated as the far away address). That is all for folks actually living somewhere called 'home.'

Now there is another set of people, who can be described as digital nomads or perpetual travellers, always on the move, without a fix base. You can relate to that too, you wrote a book on RVing. For legal and tax purposes, I still have to maintain a home address, which cannot be just a box address, but also can't be in the US or Spain, it has to be a reliable, real street address somewhere, anywhere in my country, Sweden.

I wonder what type of address would be best for this situation? I was thinking of using an address of an attorney. Seems like a more reliable option to me than any mom and pap shop, even the address of an accountant, small hotel, restaurant, anything else. Is the address of the attorney a good option here? How would you proceed? How to come up with the more sophisticated version of the address anywhere, not just at your given Alaska and Canary locations?

I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but you mention the PT travelers. The aim of many PTs is to never pay taxes anywhere. That may not be true in your case, of course, so why not use the address of your attorney?

Police can force you to unlock a phone with fingerprint locks, but not password locks
Your fingerprint is not protected under the 5th amendment. Police can force you to unlock a phone with fingerprint locks, but not password locks.
URL #1: http://time.com/3558936/fingerprint-password-fifth-amendment/

llc for house
how do you transfer a house to a llc?

Marc, T turned over the LLC business to Rosie, several years ago. State laws differ.(Rosie@senoritarosie.com).

Assuming you own your home free and clear, be sure to tell her in which state you live.

The root of this problem is always isolation. Thwart your tormentor by refusing to be isolated anymore.

- Call the local houses of worship.
- See who will visit you in your home.
- They should be happy to visit with you.
- Develop a friendship with them.
- Gather witnesses to your living conditions.
- Attend their gatherings regularly.
- Ask you new friends for assistance.

Why houses of worship?
- That community is made up of a cross-section of the rest of the community.
- At houses of worship you meet representatives of white collar and blue collar industries. Instant network of 50-100 potential calls for help.
- Their (hopefully united) mindset is, or ought to be, one of genuine helpfulness. If the one you visit isn't, go somewhere else.
- The testimony of your spiritual leaders and fellow congregants will often hold more weight than that of many others.

FBI Bugs Bay Area Street Corners
The lawyer is actually wrong in this article. If you're on a public road and talking... I can record and use that information. Whether it's just your side of a phone conversation or a group conversation in a crowd.

If you say it in public, you wanted me to hear it.

The security consultant is right - doing something you want to keep private? Take steps to make it private!
If you don't make any effort, it must not have been that important to you and you *can't* complain later.

URL #1: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2016/05/13/hidden-microphones-exposed-as-part-of-government-surveillance-program-in-the-bay-area/

Identity theft
I spoke with one of our mechanics this morning and he told me of his misery. He is an american citizen born and raised here and has never left the US. He is of mexican heritage and has both a spanish first and last name. He currently has fifteen different people using his name and SSN in four different states. He found this out when he filed taxes and his return was rejected by the IRS. It seems that the immigrants not only buy and use his identity but resell it to other immigrants as well. Like water poured out on the ground that cannot be gathered back up so is one's privacy once it is lost.

"By granting every federal magistrate judge the right to issue a warrant for anyone using Tor, anonymity on the Internet may become a serious offense. Moreover, if the US Congress does not undertake action to fight this ruling, it will go into effect as soon as December 2016."
URL #1: http://themerkle.com/fbi-can-obtain-a-warrant-if-you-run-tor-come-december/

Re: 11277
What a mess! I was in a situation where I got smacked around & kicked. I went to one of those places. They wanted me to come in every week for "counseling" & treated me like I couldn't find my way out of a phone booth. I didn't need counseling--I needed a plan. So I sure hope this doesn't involve assault as well.

I don't mean this to sound harsh, & I (obviously) don't know your whole situation: Instead of describing yourself as a "victim," see yourself as having a problem to solve!

First, the Postmaster General takes a very dim view of fooling around w/ another's mail :) I've given you a link. If you choose go to one of those places, they'll probably let you have your mail sent there. If notarization is the only issue & you have any ID at all, maybe a PO box/CMRA adress?

While it's fresh in your mind, write down dates/times when he destroyed your mail. Not "type:" WRITE. Handwritten notes carry more weight.

Does he control the transportation? Who goes to the store? If you can use the car(s), get a pre-paid phone & activate it at a library or at one of those places. They probably have Inernet. You might need it. A small go-bag w/ the bare essentials would be handy as well.

PS: Smacker/kicker finally got arrested. Too bad I knew his license plate #. He was picked up within 30 min. & got a room courtesy of the County. Judge not only fined him, but awarded me a few bucks as well.

URL #1: https://www.uspsoig.gov/hotline

Re: 11277
There must be some community resources to help you, such as battered women's shelters, or victims' advocacy organizations. They might have an attorney on staff who can help. Or try Legal Aid. Or the police, or the local prosecutor. You need to get out of the abusive situation, pronto. Then deal with the probate/stock sales. There are groups that can help people in your situation.

In a real quandary & in need of help.
I am dealing with the final probate of my father's estate. Of which I've had to sell some stocks. Which requires me to have a document notarized.

The problem? Im a victim of domestic violence. My abuser has twice sent my certified birth certificate & ssa card through a cross shredder. Both times I'd spent over $800 to pay for a ride to take me to the office of vital stats & ssa in the state I'm from. Plus the fees for two certified copies of my birth certificate & ssa card. The second time I also paid $80 to obtain a new DL. No sooner had I return to the house, then he'd gotten his hands on my docs & new DL that I'd spent an entire day to get & was sending them through the cross shredder while yelling "good luck proving who you are now $*@#!".
By the time I was able to save up enough money to replace the shredded docs my ID was long expired & wouldn't be accepted by the office of vital stats/ssa admin office.

My question is how do I get this document notarized w/o valid ID? I have no friends in the state I'm currently shanghaied in nor any living relatives. I really need this money so I can escape the abusive nightmare living situation that I've been trapped in for the last 8yrs. I've checked the national notary website, the society of notaries, along with a host of others. All say that the state I'm in will allow a credible witness to vouch for me. But the notary must personally know the credible witness. I don't have any money to retain an attorney for help.

Any advice & guidance you can offer will be greatly appreciated as I'm at my wits end on how to handle the situation without facing legal repercussions.


passport with alias name
Dear Mr. Luna, It is my understanding that if you have a minor non-violent conviction, that happened many years ago in the united state, that a foreign country may not accept your entry passport over this technicality and send you back home.

my question is: Is it possible and legal to have an alias name on a United States Passport?

May a person with good intent assume an alias name on his passport, so this problem does not happen when your with your family entering a foreign country?

I do not think so.

receiving bills at home address
First off, JJ, I want to say thank you for writing How to be Invisible. It's given me a lot of good ideas for how to protect my privacy.

I also recently finished reading "One Nation Under Surveillance" by Boston T. Party. His threat model is mostly government adversaries as opposed to PIs, and he writes from a more "extreme" perspective than you do, but overall I think it has some good advice and is mostly compatible with your book. There is one point of conflicting advice that I wanted to ask you about though.

In How to be Invisible you recommend never receiving mail at your home address, for anything, and in fact physically removing your mailbox and house numbers (you give an example of a well-meaning relative taking down your address and sending you something in your own name).

One Nation Under Surveillance recommends receiving at your home address any mail that's necessarily associated with that address anyway. Mainly this would be utility bills for that address, but also property tax bills, bills and correspondence for repair work done on the property, etc. The reasoning is that since these companies already have the address anyway, there's no point in giving them another piece of data (ghost address, PO Box, etc.) to link it to.

I find this argument pretty convincing. What do you think?

If you do not worry about mail theft, that is a good second choice.

Prior to reading HTBI, I gave my correct date of birth to doctors, hospital, pharmacy (paying cash), and yes, even the library wanted it. Now, do I go back to these places and try to get them to slightly change it, pleading an "error" has been made, (will this cause suspicion) or just leave it be and begin giving another date, or none at all, in the future?

Given the fact you have already been giving it out, stick to the real one. When you hit Medicare age, you will have to do that anyway.

Financials regarding New Mexico LLC
Dear Mr. Luna,

I read your How to Be Invisible book and feel as if I have gained knowledge that will stay with me my whole life and also very beneficial to my future success. Thank you.

My question is in regards to the issues that arise with running a New Mexico LLC online business that takes payments through credit cards and Paypal. Since this is the source of income for the business, how would I go about obtaining a bank account for this business while keeping anonymity?

Use a nominee. If you have a wife, use her her maiden name.

Newsletter: iContact or MailChimp? No delivery
Hey Jack,

I receive the newsletters from you for quite a while, delivered by newsletter software iContact.

A friend of mine recently signed up on your site, he got an automatic response to confirm his email address, not from iContact, but from MailChimp. He confirmed his email, and did not receive a single email ever since, while I continue to receive emails.

Something you might want to look into.

Wow, what a problem! You are correct! My webmaster admits he goofed, TWO YEARS AGO!

He has now downloaded 1,450 emails from Mail Chimp that were never entered on the iContact list. They are being added to the the list you are on.

I owe you one for this,Senor Jack!

CNN's new "Privacy" policy
I just read the new CNN privacy policy, after many pop-ups. Horrible! A disaster!
Do I dare watch it any more?

No. Switch to BBC.com. Much less advertising as well!

John Tallman Example
In "How to be Invisible", you give an example of a man you refer to as John Martin Tallman, who leased a home while he was having one built in the area. You mention that he showed his passport and offered a photocopy of it for the files. You also mention that he used the name of Martin Tallman for his interactions with the agent and the landlord. The example states that he covered his date of birth from the photocopy of his passport before giving it to them for their file.

My question is this. What precaution did he take to protect his first name from being seen on his passport? Did he show his original passport totally untouched and simply rely on the laziness of the landlord to not double check the photocopy? Did he black out his first name on the photocopy as well or just his date of birth?

Forgive me for being so picky about the details, but as you well know from your line of work, the details matter. I'm just curious as to how the gentleman in this example pulled this off as I could see a number of potential problems he'd run into that he apparently didn't encounter.

Thanks again for your time. Cheers!

He was content to let them have his first and last name becace there are thousands with the ame name.

Ring Video Doorbell for Your Smartphone
I'm curious about what do you Jack and readers, especially younger, think if this. Click on 'Learn More' for a short video overview.
URL #1: https://ring.com/

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