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Priceline Using Sister Site to Book Hotel
I recently booked a hotel through Priceline.Com this way when I check into my hotel there is no need for the hotel to ask for my credit card and my room is paid in full. This was not the case. I checked into my room only to learn Priceline.Com is now using Booking.Com to book hotels. Which sent the hotel I was staying at my full credit number, name, phone number, and street address. I was able to see the page the hotel clerk printed out while the clerk was checking me in. It confused me when the clerk asked for my credit card and the type of card company I used but not my I'd,told the clerk I did not bring my card with me since I booked through priceline and didn't think I needed to bring it. I offered my ID, which the clerk said I could try and get it (credit card) through my I.D. Which the clerk did get access to good thing my I.D has my UPS address listed and a phone number to a local library as my home phone. The clerk types in my credit card number and the card declines (When I travel I use a reload able credit card which I always use to book my trips). It was so strange watching the clerk typing in my credit card machine over and over and being denied every time. The clerk showed me to my room any way. Only to learn latter in the day my payment was not made by priceline when I booked my hotel. Priceline teamed up with booking.com and sent them all my info not Emailing me and letting me know when I arrive at the hotel I will have to pay in person. Had I known this I would've gladly paid the hotel in cash. I only learned this after having to call priceline and booking.com and speak to someone in customer service. I did not have access to the internet while using the hotel's phone I looked up my credit card history and asked my booking date Oct 8th, only my text message credit card history is only stored for one month 10/16-11/16, the hotel did not have a public internet computer so I could see my payment history on Oct 8th. I had no choice but to leave the hotel and stay at a nearby relative's home, the people at the hotel were very sorry to see me go and were fearing I'd be homeless while in town, I told them I had family living close by and this calmed there fears. I know I could've avoided this hotel business from the start and stayed at my relative's home. I never stay at their home because they have a cockroach infested home, fighting them off me as I write this, like like a swarm of bees thank goodness cockroches do not bite.

1106 - Mary - Blackphone
Mary, I've got the Blackphone 1 and love it.

Blackphone 2 is now available and looks good too.

11082 - Tina - Real Estate
If you follow the advice in HTBI it won't matter what databases your ex has access to.

I know, I have access - and right now, JJ's advice still works as advertised.

Re 11073. I also used Michael Bazzell's book "Hiding from the Internet" and removed my name from every site I could find. I don't know how IDTrue got my name & info. My father is also on this site, & he died almost 20 years ago. And needless to say, I don't do social media.

Insurance Cards
re: 11085

Thank you Matt for your thoughts. Good idea. They use the address where the car is garaged to determine the premium for the policy. The problem is - once they have the address where it is garaged, they assume my address has changed and then they start to send mail to the street address. This has happened more than once. (Similar to the problem another reader had with banks which insist on "home address" and then banks start to send mail there). Cannot get it thru their thick skulls that all mail goes to the Mailing Address! Any ideas (besides changing insurance companies)?

Weird phone calls
I have a TracFone through which I use Google Voice so I have a permanent number. It's not a smartphone, so I can't tell if the caller is using GV or the phone's assigned number unless they're one of my contacts.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen: I keep getting calls, all in Spanish (those I've answered), and mostly directed to the phone's number rather than the GV number. All of the numbers calling me have the exact same prefix as I do for my area code, and each time it's a new number. What's going on here?

Thedailyskip.com is a website hosted by a skip tracer out of Houston TX and give great info on how she finds people.
URL #1: http://thedailyskip.com

I rent a usps p.o. box and the post office allows me to use the street address of the post office itself with the pound sign (#) and my box number. my bank accept it as my residential address and send my mail their. You can also sign up for email notification of when mail is in your box, and sign up to have USPS sign for packages from FEDEX and UPS all three services are free to p.o. box holders.

Business Bank Acct Requires Home Address
Recently I opened a bank account for my non-profit corporation. As the signer for the account I was required to give my home address. They would not accept my mailbox address (not a p.o. box but a private mailbox) nor the address of my business, saying that (somehow) they knew that it was a commercial address and not a residential address. They said the home address was a requirement of the patriot act and they would close the account if I did not comply. Because I needed the account I complied. Of course, soon after, the bank began sending credit card offers to my home. Any way around this?

Too late now, but you should have said your home address was NOT a mailing address! Give a PO Box for that. You should never get ANYTHING at your home address--and especially not in your own name.

Re 11069 - Insurance card
So the insurance company wants the address "where car is garaged"?
What if you park in a commercial garage as some of us do where on street parking is at a premium? Will they take the garage address but keep the mailing address the POB? Just a thought.

Citibank recording voiceprints
From a new Citibank credit card agreemtn I just received:
"We may use voice recognition technology to verify your identity when you call. We may capture and store your voiceprint for this purpose."
Goodbye Citibank.

Canadian Bank Account
Anyone with RECENT experience opening a Canadian bank account if you're a non-resident?
I have a passport but most banks in their list of ID want 2 pieces, and require pretty much Canadian documents which I don't have.

Ex is a Realtor, is that an extra concern?
I am trying to avoid my Ex boyfriend showing up at my house again and am planning a move using a lot of your advice.

However my ex is a realtor with a certain large real estate company. I already am planning not to rent from any realtors who work for that firm, or rent any homes that are for sale through the same said firm. I plan to google any addresses and make sure they aren't for sale through his company.

But is there any chance he has access to any large databases of all rental agencies or any way to search my name in any databases of renters etc?

The internet has seemingly created a gold mine for stalkers a privacy nightmare. One can't even be sure what sort of databases exist or don't exist in order to combat them!

Credit Card
I'm thinking of getting a credit card for emergencies ( JJ says he has for emergencies). Can I list a CMRA or POST OFFICE street address as the address on the application?

After I stop using a credit card how many years of inactivity on my credit does it take for me to have a credit score of Zero?

Home address
Does your car mechanic know your home address? In the book "the mexican mafia" by tony rafael on page 155 the author describes how a MM member used a body shop that did modifications on Porsche cars to get the owners home address. The the criminal would stalk the Porsche owner, and steal their car at gunpoint, the return the car to the body shop that did the customizing and strip the car and sell it for its parts. Jack is right never give out your home address.

Thoughts on a recent traffic stop
I recently renewed my Mass. driver's license in person because I needed to update my picture. When you do this, they give you back your old license and a new paper, temporary license. The temp license shows the front of your regular license, but does not include any of the barcode information usually found on the back or a regular license.

Shortly after renewing my license, I was stopped in CT for a minor traffic offense. The cop had no issue with my temporary license. When he came back with my ticket, the address on the ticket was my PO box mailing address, which is not the physical address on my actual license, nor does it appear anywhere on the temp license.

I mention this in case anyone here has any doubt that all states have access to every state's driver's info. The only way this CT cop could have had that address is by accessing a database that includes Mass. driver's license info.

Just food for thought and future reference.

US bank privacy database
Here is a site run by a university in the US that has "collected 6,326 banks' privacy notices" (US banks) and put them into a searchable database. See how your bank stacks up against the rest!

The only two banks in the whole db that do not share any information by default are:

Peoples State Bank of Madison Lake of Madison Lake, MN
First National Bank and Trust Company of Shawnee, OK

URL #1: https://cups.cs.cmu.edu/bankprivacy/

Black phone
Considering a black phone smart phone. They're expensive but seem worth it for privacy. Would like to know if anyone here has experience with one. Thanks

Green Dot
I am looking for a reloadable visa or mastercard. The well known one that I know of is Green Dot which is available at Walmart. But it appears that they now require your SSN in order to activate the card, they cite a federal law on their website as the reason why they are doing so. Are the days of anonymous prepaid visa cards over? Or is there another one available from another vendor that doesn't ask for your SSN?

re 11071
I hadn't heard of IDTrue until this post. However, following the advice of Michael Bazzell's "Hiding From the Internet," I had already removed myself from most sites. I can't find a removal/privacy page for IDTrue, but I do know that Lexis/Nexis won't remove you unless you provide copies of things like restraining orders or proof your identity's been stolen.

In checking IDTrue, I found I don't appear there. They obviously use other sites from which I'd already had myself removed as source material.

The hardest overall removal was Spokeo, which would in some searches prove they had removed me, and in others would list me twice at two different ages. Persistence paid off, as I no longer appear there, either.

Hope this helps.

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