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Use care when buying interactive toys.
If you have any children you may want to be careful how certain "toys" interact with the internet. I don't even have kids and felt a little creeped out.
URL #1: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/hello-barbie-dangerous-precedent,news-20483.html

Separate Ghost Addresses?
I am beginning the process of setting up a ghost address, LLCs, etc. My concern is that if I have multiple LLCs/Names all getting mailed to a single ghost address, it would be easy for someone to cross-reference that address and find out all the different LLCs/names being used.

For example- if I have a single ghost address, and using it to receive mail for my home LLC, 2 different llc's for cars, and a couple of names... IF someone was to discover the LLC I am using for my home, couldn't they then reverse search and find out that there's 2 other llcs, and multiple names of individuals all linked to the same mailbox?

If so, do you recommend a separate ghost address for EACH entity you're using? ie- separate ghost address for home, separate one for car 1, separate one for car 2, etc? Or is that complete overkill?

I just turned all four ghost address businesses over to Rosie, who already does the LLCs.

You failed to include an email address so I am unable to forward this to her. Contact her directly.

Re: #10947--Disposable e-mail

I've used yopmail on occasion. So far so good. The only drawback is that you can only send to other yop users. I've also run across s-mail.

There's also S-mail and ShazzleMail. I believe that Shazzle sends the recipient a link for your message vs. the message itself.

Anyway, hope that helps a little.

Disposable email service
I've been using an anonymous email service called notsharingmy.info for a while, but it has become extremely unreliable as I haven't had mail forwarded in a month. Any good alternatives?

Other than our services in Alaska and Spain, no. If you have a bookkeeper, perhaps he or she can help.

Faxing more secure
Here's an article about how in the wake of lots of hacking many businesses are using old school faxing over email as it is considered more secure.
URL #1: http://www.fastcompany.com/3042157/why-fax-wont-die

Retirement to Canary Islands
Is it possible to retire to the Canary Islands on Social Security? In my case $1580 or so per month?

I have bought your books and subscribe to some of your services. This is a new email address.

Europe, no. Ecuador, yes.

Re 10924 Proof of residency
I looked at the Nevada requirements here:

Without spelling things out, seems all you need is some cheap place for a month or so and that will allow you to generate all the proof you need.

Re 10921 Amazon Privacy
A third layer of privacy ordering from Amazon is Amazon locker, available in many parts of the country.
Your package is sent to an Amazon locker near you. When the package is delivered you are emailed a six-character alphanumeric code that you use to open the locker. There is a videocamera on the lockers though. Search for Amazon locker in the help menu on Amazon to find a nearby location.

For one-off purchases instead of a giftcard you can go to Coinstar machines available at many supermarkets, insert cash, and get a voucher in a round amount of dollars (can't mix paper money and coins.) Be sure your voucher covers total cost including shipping and salestax.

Mobile hotspots
You mentioned before that you use a clear hotspot for internet. Clear uses the Sprint WiMax technology which is ending Nov 6, 2015 (possibly sooner in some areas). I have spent several months looking for an affordable alternate and have come up empty handed. Karma seems the best money-wise but the worst privacy and security-wise.

License plate scanners
If anyone plans on attending a gun show in an area that uses license plate scanners, be aware--you are on candid camera.

The scanners not only records your lincense plate, but also photograpghs the occupants. I can't think if anyway around this, except look innocuous.

URL #1: https://www.aclu.org/blog/technology-and-liberty-national-security/license-plate-scanners-also-taking-photos-drivers-and

The Truth about Teens and Privacy
Yeah, it's a nice myth youngsters don't care about privacy. The truth may be different, though.
URL #1: https://medium.com/backchannel/the-truth-about-teens-and-privacy-988aee14a203

Tommy Thompson: Fugitive treasure hunter arrested by U.S. Marshals in West Boca Raton
"They were reading books on how to use tradecraft, elude law enforcement, pay only in cash," Golden said.

- I sincerely hope Jack's methods work better. Don't be a criminal; nonetheless.

URL #1: http://www.wptv.com/news/region-s-palm-beach-county/tommy-thompson-fugitive-treasure-hunter-arrested-by-us-marshals-in-west-boca-raton-florida

Pulled Over Book
When will this book be available for download?

It's been available on Amazon for several months.

RE: 10933
Jack, you'd be surprised how many young people are actually interested in privacy. Maybe you don't hear about them because they're busy being private, instead of spilling their guts on twitter.

When I was 18 I had a copy of the book "Privacy: How to Get It, How to Enjoy It" from Eden Press and other titles from them (all obviously VERY obsolete now). Plus I had the luxury of making dumb mistakes before there was an internet. :-)

being sued
I am being sued and want to protect my house and 4 cars...i was already given the court papers. is there anything i can do to protect my house and 4 cars? John
I own the house and cars outright and in my own name.

Too late!

NOTE TO READERS: The time to order an umbrella is when the sun is still shining.

Personal signature and its use
Just to confirm Jack's advice, found in How to Be Invisible, on how to sign documents, check out the signature the attorney for the bank uses in the linked court document (scroll all the way down to the last page, totally illegible!):


That's a terrific example--many thanks for sending it on! I recommend everyone that reads this, look up that signature.

Are you REALLY only 18, Dominique? If so, you are quite mature because normally no 18-year old shows any interest in privacy--not even my granddaughters!

land trust and llc
I am looking to buy some land.Want to put in a new Mexico llc..Also read about putting in a large do trust and having the beneficiary a new Mexico of llc or added pRiva you any thoughts on this?

Please direct LLC questions to Rosie.

10930 - Enumbered
Answered by post #9776.

anonymous debit card
have you any information on a canadian company caled www.enumbered,com?
they offer anonymous mastercard debit cards for $250US. do you know if its honest or a scam? thanks.

URL #1: www.enumbered.com

Re: Question 10921 from Juan
It is very easy to buy purchase items on Amazon without giving out your personal information. Set up Amazon account using name and email address of choice. Use a PO Box for address. Purchase Amazon gift cards for cash, available at a wide variety of discount and drugstores. Upload Amazon gift card to Amazon account (you input the number off the back of the gift card, visible after you scratch the coating off), and you are now able to purchase Kindle eBooks, as well as any other Amazon items (you'll have to make a choice about delivery address). I've found this is a very good way of establishing an account for anyone wary of putting their personal and credit card information out there online.

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