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As a privacy and private investing expert, JJ Luna has met with hundreds of clients in locations worldwide.  If you have a series of questions or a difficult situation, a private consultation with JJ Luna may be your best option to getting answers

Ghost Addresses

The number one rule in personal privacy is to NEVER give out your home address.  Learn how you can still receive postal mail to a Ghost Address and maintain your privacy.

New Mexico LLCs

There are many reasons to create an LLC for your personal privacy.  New Mexico LLCs have many benefits for those looking to keep their assets private along with their personal information.  JJ Luna has been helping people setup LLCs for years and has an establishd team of legal and privacy professionals ready to help.

Questions & Comments

For the last 12 years JJ Luna has answered thousands of reader questions through his web site and publishes these answers online.  Submit a new question, read existing questions, or search questions to find more information.

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