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If your goal is to remain invisible, then New Mexico is the best state in which to form a limited liability company.  The only information required for the Articles of Organization is the name of the company, the address of the principal office, and the duration of the LLC.

A New Mexico LLC need not include the names of the members. The mailing address of the principal office can be anywhere in the world. And—unlike most other states—New Mexico does not require any annual reports. Thus, changes in membership and in location take place in total darkness. Neither are there any annual fees. Compare this with California's annual $800 minimum franchise tax!

Why is a resident agent required?
The laws in all states require that both corporations and limited liability companies have a resident agent in that state who can receive official communications and send them on promptly to the owner or manager of the company. (Example:  If a lawsuit is filed against a New Mexico LLC, the documents will be sent to the NM resident agent.)

How are New Mexico LLCs used for privacy?
The most common uses are to hold title to vehicles and real estate that are owned outright. Occasionally they are also used to own contracts or rent mail boxes or safe deposit boxes. (My contract with Saint Martins Press, for the book How to Be Invisible, is in the name of a New Mexico LLC.) 

Which agent do you recommend?
Rosie Enriquez from Los Angeles, California. (I’ve tried others but they did not work out.) Rosie keeps a good supply of pre-formed or “shelf” New Mexico LLCs on hand, and can ship the same day (M to F) if you contact her by noon.

She also forms custom LLCs, the kind where you choose the name and the New Mexico LLC is then ordered. (Allow up to six weeks for delivery.)  
How much does each New Mexico LLC cost?

The prices listed below are current as far as I know, but contact Rosie to make sure they’ve not been increased.

            Pre-formed (shelf) New Mexico LLC  - $420

            Custom-named New Mexico LLCs - $397 

Both kinds include three years paid ahead for the NM registered agentBeyond that time, the annual fee is $99 per year.

For additional information about NM LLCs, contact Rosie at

rosie@ senoritarosie.com



From Duncan Long’s book Protect Your Privacy:

“According to the FBI, a Washington, D.C police officer was attempting to extort $10,000 from a married man who had visited a gay bar. The officer had apparently employed a law-enforcement computer system to identify automobile license plates of cars that had been recorded as being outside the bar, and then linked the plates to the names and addresses of the vehicles. He then cross-referenced to see if the men were married, and if they were, he attempted to extort money from them. According to the FBI, the officer threatened to send photos showing the men at the bar to wives and employers if the victims didn’t cough up silence money.”

You may never visit a gay bar but think of the many other dangers of allowing your name (and sometimes even your home address!) to appear on your vehicle’s registration. Just one example: You innocently park in front of a home known to harbor a meth lab. You may get a visit from the police. Or perhaps the home is a so-called safe house for a Muslim terrorist cell. You may get a visit from the FBI. Or suppose the home is that of women who’s being stalked by her insanely jealous ex-husband—you might even get beaten up!

Each of our four vehicles is titled in a separate New Mexico LLC. The address for each New Mexico LLC is overseas. We often lend our vehicles to friends. What if one of these friends would happen to park in front of the wrong home or the wrong bar? As Alfred E. Neuman would say, “What? Me worry?”

What, step by step, do I have to do to buy a car and title it in an LLC?

First, this must be a cash purchase, and normally from a private party. (Craigslist is the best way to track down the vehicle of your choice.)  Let’s assume the name of your company is Ready to Go LLC

1. There will be a box on the title for the name of the buyer to be filled in. Print Ready to Go LLC and then sign your first initial and last name underneath that, or just after it.

2. List the LLC’s ghost address.  This is where the new title will be mailed to you.

3.  When the time comes to sell it, use the same information in the box for Seller.

In most states, that’s all there is to it.  It’s no different than buying or selling a vehicle in your own name.  One state, however, presents a problem. California—desperate for cash!—passed a draconian law in 2011 that apparently requires all LLC owners to pay an annual $800 franchise fee. My attorney has worked out an alternate privacy solution for California residents and property using a "Privacy Trust."  Privacy trusts are more involved than LLCs,  but for special situation in which an LLC won't do the trick, they can be used in every state except Louisiana.

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