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Invisible Money by JJ Luna


Invisible Money, Hidden Assets, Secret Accounts

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Invisible Money, Hidden Assets, Secret Accounts

is based upon JJ Luna’s personal experiences over a long lifetime. These date back to the early 1950s when he traveled constantly with a $500 or a $1,000 bill on his person. (Later, when the author moved to Spain’s Canary Islands in 1959, he sometimes handled real estate transactions via shopping bags and briefcases stuffed with cash.)

Included are step-by-step instructions

for hiding substantial amounts of money and other assets in your own home. You will learn how to safely hide your money when you travel, and where to stash your cash in a hotel room. You’ll even learn how to transfer money across any border. Here are a few of the tips in the first chapter:

Four Advantages of Making Routine Purchases with Cash

Temptation Avoidance. You’ll not make impulse purchases that you cannot afford. (It is much more difficult to make an “impulse” buy if you have to take cash out of your pocket to pay for it.)

No monthly payments
on loans, no credit card interest, and no overdraft fees from your bank.

Lower prices. You’d be surprised at how much you can save by asking for a discount in return for paying with cash. For example, the next time a self-employed mechanic, plumber or electrician quotes you a price of, say, $1,200 plus sales tax, make a counter offer of $1,000 cash. More often than not, you’ll get that discount.

Protection against identity theft. Obviously, if you don’t use a credit or debit card, you won’t be asked for a driver’s license that may (horror of horrors!) display your home address.

Five Reasons to Keep Major Amounts of Cash on Hand

If the banks shut down due to a power outage, terrorist attack, catastrophic computer malfunction or any other reason, you’ll be like the one-eyed man or woman in the kingdom of the blind.

Cash is king. If you spot the used car of your dreams at night or on a weekend, you’ll be able to beat out any other prospective buyers by offering cash on the spot.

Should you be caught far from home when all airports shut down (as they did on 9/11), rent-a-car agencies will run out of vehicles in a flash. But with cash you can pay a taxi driver whatever it takes to get to your destination, or even buy a used car and get there on your own.

If your ex- or current live-in lover turns against you (yes, Virginia, this has been known to happen), he or she won’t be able to go after your cash when there is no clue that it exists.

Suppose you get a heads-up call from a friend at two o’clock in the morning, telling you that someone is out to get you. Time to get outta Dodge! You grab your passport, all the cash you’ll need, laptop, cell phone, and hit the road! (Remove the cell phone’s battery, or else wrap it in aluminum foil that so it cannot be pinged.)

Within the pages of “Invisible Money” you will learn how to brace yourself against robberies, burglaries, scheming family members, frivolous lawsuits, unscrupulous creditors, crooked PIs, overzealous cops, or a sneak-and-peek by the F.B.I.

If you carefully follow Luna’s detailed instructions, you’ll not longer worry about a levy or a freeze on your bank account. You’ll be able to set up secret hiding places to hide your assets, carry cash with confidence when you travel, and even open a foreign bank account.

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