Privacy in Death

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Hi Jack, Recently, the private cemetery that is home to most of my family members (and, in the future, me), recently added a feature on their website that allows the world's 7.5+ billion people to look up anyone buried in the cemetery. The information includes full name, birth, death and burial records. I think this is awful. My family members and myself are private individuals who could have never imagined that such personal information would be broadcast by the marketing department of the cemetery in question. The relevant loved ones know where deceased family members are buried, so there's no need to publish this info. (And, yes, I have fought and won against sites like "Find a Grave"... to keep my family members' grave sites off their websites.) What's the point in fighting for privacy during one's life only to have it taken away in death? Does this mean that the only way to ensure privacy in death is to not be buried in a cemetery? Thanks.

JJ Luna Responds:

Once I am dead, I will no longer have any worries about privacy. In any event, privacy disappears when the death notice is filed.

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