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Here is the question asked: In the first draft of your book, you mentioned that some folks had success going out in the country , finding a clump of rural mailboxes, and adding their own mailbox to the clump. They were able to receive mail at that box and use it as a ghost address, even though they owned no property near there. I loved that creativity. Is there any chance that would work today with the way that USPS registers all addresses? If you OWN a piece of land (even in your real name) out in the country with a clump of rural mailboxes, and you want to use that as a ghost address, why would it not work if in fact you don't necessarily physically live there? I ask because I do own such a piece of property that I purchased with the idea of using it for the purpose of having a permanent residential address, regardless of where I lay my head at night. Thanks!

JJ Luna Responds:

This advice does not appear in the latest edition, with good reason. It may not work. If you wish, give it a try.

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