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I didn't see it in the FAQ but I'm sure you know by now that there is a MITM to your site via TOR. Can you comment?

JJ Luna Responds:

Not all you readers will understand that MITM refers the "Man In The Middle," i.e., the Feds or the cops. (When the Feds or cops use the Stingray, the signal from their device fools your cell phone into believing it has contacted a legitimate cell tower when in reality the 'man in the middle' is someone compromising your privacy. Using TOR, a person logs onto their browser and their browser then connects to one of many thousands of nodes across the globe. ) This reader is saying that between your computer and the TOR network a government agency has placed their own devices to trick you into surfing the web with a false sense of security.) I have never once ever recommended TOR, nor would I ever dream of using it. This is from two years ago: The TOR project updates their browser frequently. Their blog is the place to go to keep up-to-date on their fight against MITM attacks.

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