Soapbox Derby

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You wrote, "Note that I was back on my soap box for the very next post, #2714. How did you like that one? :)" Then in that post, you wrote that there were many gods and lords according to the scriptures. It was very interesting to read that. I attended a Gospel Church for many years and never heard anyone say that. Of course from reading your book I know that you led secret sessions in the woods of the Canary Islands to study the Bible and/or hold religious services. By the way, I was telling another of your stories the other night at dinner. Someone was talking about sales and profit margins, and I related your adventures selling the flashing lights to gas stations and roadside diners, in particular how if the prospect was not willing to buy for full price, you would tell him you had a dented one in the car for cheaper. Then you would go to your trunk and take a hammer to the perfectly good product you had first offered, and let the customer buy that for a cheaper price, still at a profit to you. That's a great story, both funny and instructional.

JJ Luna Responds:

Yes, that story about denting the unit in order to sell it was one that my Hollwood sister likes to tell, again and again. :-) As for "many gods and lords ", you do not hear that in any church in Christendom. In the Bible, the majority is always wrong. About 99.9 percent prefer the wide road, the road where there is no sin to worry about.

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