Bible reason for privacy

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Jack, Reading your posts I see that you use scripture from time to time. What scripture do you think or supports a life of privacy or using alternate names? wouldn't you want to be knowable to your neighbors using your real name who live next to you? Thank you for your time.

JJ Luna Responds:

I devote an entire chapter to that subject, in the third edition of "How to be Invisible." See chapter 3, "When is a 'lie' not a lie?" I have a cousin from my home town in Minnesota who moved to Portland about 60 years ago. He took on a pen name when he became a well-known DJ on a radio station there. When he got a little group going, from Idaho (Paul Revere and the Raiders), he kept that pen name. He uses it still today, even in his congregation. He uses his real name for his passport, credit cards, and all ownership of assets. I am one of just a few persons who know what his real name is.

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