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Medical info
Hello,what do you do about health privacy other then never going to the dr?

If you do not use health insurance or medicare, then I see no problem.

But if you do, the privacy is lost.

National Debt
Jack, You and My Dad were both born in 1926, He turns 92 This Year, By the grace of God and there\\\\\\\'s one thing He never Forgets and He honestly believes it will happen again. Another Great Depression. His Bank keeps telling Him He has nothing to worry about, His money is safe. This is exactly what they told My Grand Dad in 1929 but He didn\\\\\\\'t believe them either. As an ex Banker Myself I know what I think and it\\\\\\\'s not good. I was just wondering a man with Your experience, what do You think. God Bless, Lee

(I am not 92.) I keep U.S. dollars in multiple banks.

Money Overseas
I got a report, from Eden Press, that descibes buying stamps and carrying them in an envelope, in your jacket pocket.
There is no limit on the value you can carry and you dont need to hide them, at all. You sell them at a stamp show, in the place you travel to. just as you buy them in the location you are leaving from.

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There is no guarantee you can re-sell them at the same price. Might be far lower.

So, i am planning to move over seas and I know there is a limit of 10,000 cash that u can carry. if you have more than that or just not wish to carry 10,000 on u, what would u suggest to be able to get your money out with you and still not lose it?

Do you have a trusted friend overseas? If so, mail him the cash in multiple envelopes at different times.

ID Systems: A Reading List
Copied from the article at the link below:

\\\"Start Here

If you read one thing on identity systems in the modern age, this should be it. In 2013, Kevin P. Donovan at the University of Cape Town and Carly Nyst, legal director of Privacy International in London, wrote an article in Slate entitled “Privacy for the Other 5 Billion.” In it, they argue that the Western world needs to pay more attention to privacy implications when they back programs like Aadhaar, India’s all-encompassing digital ID system, which is being used as a model around the globe.\\\"
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Follow up question
Jack, I just have to ask this about a question I submitted a little while ago about starting a Mail Forwarding Business using basically just Paper, Pencil and Filing Cabinets. As a Ex Book keeper who worked in a Bank after Retiring from another Job I was taught to always put secure information on paper and then in a secure filing cabinet. Wouldn\\\'t this be 100% secure. I know by Your answer I\\\'m missing something and its been driving Me crazy trying to figure it out. Could You please help Me understand with the answer. I\\\'m sorry to be a bother, but I just can\\\'t help it. Thank You, Curious Lee

Where will your customers come from?

Will you require picture ID?

How can you compete with others?

Re: 11611 Adverse posession
The standard way to protect yourself when buying real estate is to get owner\\\'s title insurance. It would protect you from past problems such as encroachements from neighbors, adverse possession based on past actions etc. Protecting yourself after you buy th property requires being there as much as possible (living there or at least visiting often) so you can nip any problems (such as squatters, someone putting up or moving a fence etc. ) in the bud before they become a problem.

Starting a business
Jack, Could a Person, Nowadays start a Mail Forwarding Business if You did everything basically the So Called Old School Way. Paper and Pencil and Filing Cabinets. Thanks, Lee

In my ever-so-humble-opinion, no.

Dear Mr. Luna. Would you mind sharing your opinion of cryptocurrencies? Thank you.

Although i understand blockchain, I fear both thefts and government intervention. For that reason, I stay on the sidelines, just watching.

Re: Lawyers/Legalshield
I have not used this specific service, but I did have a pre-paid legal plan through an employer, and I was not very impressed. It really depends what kind of legal services you need. These services work best for routine, non-complex legal issues. Legal matters that require extensive work, research or creativity are the types of things they either won\\\\\\\'t handle at all or won\\\\\\\'t handle very well.

1st edition vs 3rd edition
I bought and read your book many years ago. It is a first edition. I\\\'m thinking about buying the 3rd edition. What does the 3rd edition cover that the 1st edition did not? Specifically, I\\\'m looking to learn about confidential electronic communication. I gave out my e-mail address, and nothing else, and the next thing I know, they traced it back to my web page which then gave them my name and phone number. Do I need to get a new e-mail address, or can I take care of this on the web page side of things?

The third edition is much improved! Why not get it?

As for the email problem, it depends on who you think you need protection from. If you have a serious enemy, get a better email address such as protonmail.

I judge all such questions in the light of my constant theme for the past 20 years:

\"Never allow your true name to be connected to your true home address.\"

The 5G lie and all privacy will be effected
A very important topic that the media is not telling the public about our safety and privacy. I was just watching this and by what was said in the video. 5 G is not really needed it is a lie and is a way for the unsuspecting public to be tracked no matter where one is. Americans will not only be effected framers and rual areas will also be linked to 5 G. We the public need to learn more about 5 G and not allow this to happen especially if you value your pravicy.
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Jack - I have read much of your Third Edition of HTBI. I value your advice. Short of a marathon consulting session, can you give any advice to someone in middle age looking to begin melting into obscurity towards a peaceful and private retirement. For purposes of this hypothetical, please assume that the person in question has major credit cards, a mortgage and has been fingerprinted by a number of government organizations for employment and licensing purposes. In the event you deem consulting necessary can you provide any estimate of how much?

You may need a consultation. See for pricing.

However, I will not consult with you unless you agree to move and NOT tell anyone your new address. The credit cards and fingerprinting are not a problem but the mortgage is. This may be a deal-breaker, unless you are willing to either get private financing or sell.

NM LLC\\\\\\\'s
Greetings Jack. I\\\\\\\'ve been out of the loop for a minute however I somehow remember you stating rosie is retiring and something about changes to the LLC\\\\\\\'s. So are you doing LLC\\\\\\\'s and if not who ? Thank you

Rosie still has some shelf LLCs left. Contact her.

Rosie fears that someday NM will require ID for LLCs. I doubt that and am still using NM LLCs, same as before.

I just recently got my walmart MasterCard trying to activate my card asking me to verify with my phone number I accident miss type one number and now they put a block on it wanting me to send a photo,billing statements is there anyway around it to unblockit

Not that I know of.

online business
Been a following of your since edition one of your book. Love the books and the info.
I have been trying to figure out how to set up a paypal or another way to accept money from a blog I plan to start without having to reveal my ssn or any identifying information. In this day and age, how is it possible to start a small business, just for extra income (say 500 to 1000 mnth) and not tied to ssn. It\\\\\\\'s not about paying taxes, i just plan to move to another country soon and start over but want to make money from online work. Thanks in advance

Would you consider a trusted nominee?

What\\\\\\\'s your opinion of this legal service? Would it be good insurance to have?
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No opinion, since I have never used them.

LLCs - cost
Jack, I know you have been (despite current changes on the horizon) a fan of the New Mexico LLC because of privacy but also because there is no yearly cost. I live in NY and would rather not deal with a state so far away. Which states offer the equivalent privacy protection? I\\\'m willing to pay a little each year. I have not researched this yet, but I have read that Delaware has the same privacy protection as NM but it will cost $300/year. Is this true? And can you tell us (to your knowledge) which states offer the same protections as NM?

I cannot speak for every state. I personally continue to use New Mexico. However, New York is a tough state. It does not work well with NM. I do not know if Delaware is better in that respect.

Buying or renting a cheap property as a local ghost address
A lot of institutions (banks, DMV, etc) now can detect CMRAs (via a database) and PO boxes and will reject those addresses and ask you for your physical/primary address.

Has anyone bought or rented a cheap, run-down house to use as a local ghost address to give to these institutions? Where I am, you could buy a cheap house for maybe 40-50k. What are your thoughts on this strategy?

That seems way too expensive an idea, Jared! Better to rent a motel room for a week or so and use that. Or an apartment for just one month.

Net neutrality
The FCC is expected to end net neutrality which can potentially make privacy harder. ISPs could decide to block vpns for example (because they could be used to circumvent paywalls). Do you have any advice if the worst fears of losing net neutrality are realized?

Not yet, Paula

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