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Pistol Permit
Due to the invasive and time consuming process of ascertaining a pistol permit on NYS, I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m curious to know your stance and if you be so kind to provide advice. Thank you

Three choices, you choose.

1. Go through the process.
2. Take a chance and carry sans permit.
3. Do not carry a handgun. This one is my choice. takes DNA ownership rights from customers and their relatives
\\\"Basically, gets to use or distribute your DNA for any research or commercial purpose it decides and doesn’t have to pay you, or your heirs, a dime. Furthermore, takes this royalty-free license in perpetuity (for all time) and can distribute the results of your DNA tests anywhere in the world and with any technology that exists, or will ever be invented.
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Re: #11488 Easy VPN setup for internet security
Re: #11488 04/11/17VPN for internet security
I use the Opera browser and its built-in VPN option. It’s very easy to set up and use.
First, get the Opera installer at:
Once installed, I go to Settings and check the ad-blocker (not necessary, but helpful).
Then I go to Privacy & Security and check VPN (and uncheck Offer to Save Passwords).
Last, I go to
and add EFF’s “HTTPS-everywhere” extension for Opera which will use HTTPS encryption for every website it can.
This has worked very well for me so far.
The source article for all of this information and instructions is at:
How to set up a VPN in 10 minutes for free (and why you urgently need one)

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ISIS Kill List
In early April Newsweek printed the story linked below.

Yesterday a close family member got a call from local law enforcement. The detective on the line said he didn\\\'t want to scare my family member. He repeated that. Then he asked if they still lived at the address he had on record. They said no. Then he told them about the ISIS Kill List, and gave them a telephone number for their states\\\' Intelligence Fusion Center telling them to call and talk to a particular individual.

This family member called me and told me the story. I used the name the Detective gave, and the numbers he provided and confirmed the Detective worked at that police station. I also confirmed the number provided would be answered by the Intelligence Fusion Center and the recommended employee worked there.

When they called the IFC number they were given a different number to call. I was given this number too. It also terminated at the IFC. My family member spoke to the employee she was supposed to contact. She explained what the Kill List is (for Lone Wolves - encouraging nuts who agree with stated-ISIS goals to target random individuals in the US. Torturing/Raping/Harassing/Killing them, cutting off their heads, etc.).

My family member called me back. We laughed and laughed. They\\\'ve been using JJ Luna\\\'s suggestions for over a decade and the losers in ISIS have been using databases. Databases are notoriously out of date and/or inaccurate. The crazies in ISIS don\\\'t even have the right state! My family member sort of won the lottery being on a list of so few Americans - but they have more chance of being hit by lightning than meeting an ISIS-controlled lone wolf attacker. Nevertheless...

What do we learn? PUT INTO PRACTICE TODAY WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED FROM LUNA. It MAY save your live someday - not only from random street crime, but from an internationally despised extremist group of terrorists.

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Safe Deposit Boxes
I recently read HTBI-2 ed. and found no mention of safe deposit boxes. What is your thought on them, pros and cons?

Pro: They are safe.

Con: When you die, they are blocked. When the executor has the box opened, the source of any cash, gold or silver must be explained. Yipe!

Re 11485 buying car for cash
Car dealers are required by law to report to FINCEN large amounts of cash. \\\"Large\\\" used to be $10K or more, but in many areas it is now $3K, and businesses can report even smaller amounts which they consider \\\"suspicious.\\\" The report requires your SSN. Paying by check, although not anonymous is pretty good privacy since it attracts no special attention.

LLC for house
I\\\'m thinking of buying a house and getting it deeded to an LLC. I called a few title companies and the typical response is \\\"no problem, we do it all the time.\\\" Good news!

EIN for LLC?
I have looked at the requirements for titling/registering a car in Virginia and an EIN is requested for an entity (such as an LLC.) How much privacy is lost by getting and providing an EIN?
The alternative would be to register the car elsewhere but because Virginia charges property tax on cars (around 4% per year or $400 on a $10K car) I don\\\'t want to evade taxes for privacy.

Also, though the form asks for the EIN, the law really says that it\\\'s required for an employer doing business (my LLC would neither be an employer nor do business) but I don\\\'t know how succesasful I would be arguing the law with a clerk; I might need to go to court which does not enhance privacy!

Get the EIN. Not a big problem.

Hiring a PI
I\\\'m Tim. (See the link below).

When you contact a private investigator you are contacting a business. Identify yourself. Have your information ready and be willing to share it. If you don\\\'t trust anyone with your information, don\\\'t call the PI in the first place. Be specific, be clear, answer all questions asked by the experienced professional you are HIRING.

The professional you are talking to is an unbiased 3rd party, seeing a larger picture and comparing what you are saying to vast experience. You are very close to your own problems. Your issue is personal (to you), but it is not unique. There is a solution, it may not be what you want to hear.

Every PI agency has its own culture and policies, for a variety of very good reasons. Some have big corporate offices and meet clients in a lobby. Others meet you only at your lawyers\\\' office. I often meet people in public places where they are comfortable. Often the differences are dictated by our clientele.

Solutions know no boundaries. It doesn\\\'t matter where you are in the world, if you need a consultation and are serious enough to hire a professional, gather and organize your case information before you call, write, meet.

JJ Luna trusts me. You trust Jack. Don\\\'t call if you can\\\'t trust anyone.

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Best state for privacy?
What do you think are the best states in the U.S. for privacy?

Any state with no state income tax.

Registration Of Vehicle!!!
Can a person get a car registered through the LLC with and IDP (International Driving Permit) and not a license? I am not sure if this question has ever been asked before? Thanks in advance for your response.

No! The IDP must be tied into a state license..

Re: #11488/Monty
Hi, Monty. I\\\'ve used a VPN/proxy for at least seven years. I\\\'m very happy with the one I\\\'ve had for the past while. It\\\'s off-shore, reasonably priced, quite easy to get up and running.

There\\\'s a site that posts VPN/proxy/privacy news, & reviews various providers. Might be a place to start: bestvpn.

Good luck!

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Privacy in AU
Hello Mr Luna, i have a question i must ask, i live in Australia, and as such only about 70% of the information in your book applies to me, that said, can you suggest any sources or people i can look at?
we dont have LLCs here in Australia and im wondering if you know of a way or anyone who can point me in another direction?

Sorry but no, Benjamin

Advocacy of a state
Is there a particular US state you recommend above all others for those who wish to operate Internet businesses while living in Level 3 privacy?

Who do you consult when looking for information on digital security?

At Level 3? No.

I consult with my webmaster $100 an hour.

Address on DL
I am considering moving to Nevada, but it sounds like they require your home address in your DL. Is there a legal way around this? I\\\'m ok with them having my actual address, but I don\\\'t want this printed on my license. I have an LLC I use for privacy -- could this be utilized for this purpose? Is this a small concern that I shouldn\\\'t get worked up over? Could a person just use their passport for any ID needs except in the case of a police pulling someone over?

Keep your WA license, continue to bank in WA, and claim temporary residence only, in Nevada.

Finding an unknown mail drop
I signed up with a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA) in the Tennessee town I have just moved to. I have had no problem updating my mailing address on most of my credit-card and other accounts. But one bank--a large and well-known one with many branches in various states--refused to accept the full address when I attempted to enter the information online. I was unable specify a box number, only the street address WITHOUT the box number, apparently because the bank recognizes the CMRA as a CMRA. In any case, to prevent any possibility of mis-mailing, I think I will need a new address to receive mail from this bank. How can I find mail drop agent in town that would not be on any list of recognized CMRAs? It is possible that the bank may even be rejecting simple business addresses as non-residential. I\\\'ve thought of switching banks, but for various reasons closing down the old accounts would be difficult and in any case could not be done immediately. Any advice? Thanks!

The postal service allows you to receive packages at their street address. Give the bank that address but tell them you get mail only at your CMRA.

Bank Annuity Info
Am opening up a bank annuity for my elderly parent with myself listed as the beneficiary. Beyond divulging my full name, home address, date of birth and social security number. Is it mandatory for me to provide them with my salary and net worth?? What could this possibly have to do with a parent\\\'s annuity other than for them to sell my financial info...

Many Thanks

You are on your own on this one, Tommy!

Following my previous post: Is How To Be Invisible still relevant today?
Hey Jack!

You said in a podcast with Michael and Justin earlier this year that your book is still up to date. However, I want to ask again just to make sure.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Close enough. No new edition needed yet.

Filipino resident expat. in Qatar thinking of getting your How To Be Invisible book; questions.
Hello Jack!

I guess I got hooked when I saw that your book includes a dedicated part for non-Americans/International. Most of the privacy resources (digital and non-digital) I come across are especially made for Americans. So, seeing that International part on your book is definitely attractive. And the first I\\\\\\\'ve seen that has a dedicated part for non-Americans. Though, part of me still feels I should ask you to make sure if I\\\\\\\'ll benefit from it. If my nationality is included in the International section or if there\\\\\\\'s something for a Filipino citizen that\\\\\\\'s especially beneficial in the book.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Since I know nothing about you and your circumstances, that is an impossible question. If in doubt, do without.

Revocable Trust Data
Am doing the paperwork for a family revocable trust with Citibank. As a trustee, do I have to divulge my net worth and annual income?? This is a family trust for my elderly father.

Many Thanks

That is a question ask the bank, not me.

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