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P 0 Box in another Town
JJ, I was rereading some chapters in Htbi and had 1 question. How important is it too get a po box in another city from where your residence is? Best regards. Bobby.

It is usually overkill. Ignore it.

Nevada LLC
HI JJ Luna,

I would like to open an LLC in Nevada as I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve heard they protect privacy. My question is that during the time of acquiring an EIN, IRS is asking for SSN. One agent promised me he can provide his SSN for that purpose. That will give me complete privacy, my concern is that can he later on claim ownership of the business ?


I would never suggest that! Check with Rosie. She may have a left-over New Mexico LLC she can let you have.

Limited Liability Companies in Spain
Hello and thanks for your book, it was really interesting.
I\\\'m planning to buy a house in Spain but I don\\\'t want to put in on my name. I\\\'m doing some research about LLC\\\'s in Spain. It seems that the equivalent are the so called \\\"Sociedades Limitadas\\\", but it seems easy to find the associates of these type of societies even in some websites that crawl information from the register.
Since it seems that you spend some time in Spain, can you give me some advice on how to buy a house privately, without my name being easy to track?
I respect the law, but I also respect my own privacy.
Thanks in advance and excuse my bad english.

I left Spain 30 years ago. I first used S.L s. My name. showed up. Later, I used an S.A. But that was with a nominee.

Where did you find my 3rd edition?

RE: Question 11550
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are anonymous to a great extent. You have to verify your identity to open an account at Coinbase, Bittrex or any other reputable exchange, but once you do that, your transactions are anonymous. You can convert bitcoins directly to cash using a Shift debit card from Coinbase if you have bitcoins in your account, of course, they don\\\'t allow overdrafts, up to$200/day and spend up to $1,000 per day on merchandise. This upper limit can be increased.
More and more vendor around the world are accepting bitcoin and many that don\\\'t will allow you to use a service like Payza that will accept the bitcoins and then credit the vendor in dollars.
Since there is no record of transactions using crypto, there is more chance of fraud when dealing with private persons, but the cryptocoin blackcoin has an affiliated service called Black Halo that acts more or less like an escrow service.

New credit card - with privacy!
Recently I decided I needed a new credit card. I ordinarily only give out my PO box address (which is not in the town I live in, btw), but on a credit card application you are now required to provide a street address. Just for grins, I gave them the street address of the PO where I have my box and listed the box number as if it were an apartment number, like \\\"201 Main St. #12345\\\". To my great surprise it was accepted! When I called to activate the card, I had to speak to someone who wanted to know, line by line, if everything on the application was correct, and even then there were no issues. Now the company does not have my real address anywhere!

What\\\'s more, the phone number I gave them is my Google Voice number as my home number, which means they don\\\'t have \\\"real\\\" phone number information for me either!

Phone Privacy
Hello Mr. Luna,
I didn\\\'t find the info I was looking for in the search section, so I decided to ask here. I am looking for the telephone privacy information you spoke about in your email where you told us if we were interested to reply to you with \\\"Gary\\\" in the subject line. Yes, I am interested in this, and would like to know what I need to do in order to find out more info from Gary, (or whoever I may need to speak with, or website I can go to), about how to get true privacy on my cellphone.

Thank you so much

I have never offered any program that had to do with cellphone privacy.

I have been looking into communications privacy via a website based on a private server, but it is very expensive. I may just cancel that idea.

business license
In the past, JJ has reccomended not getting a business license for privacy reasons. Of course, some lawyers would say that you have to have it. Does anyone know what happens if it\\\'s discovered that you have a business but no license. Is it \\\"legal\\\" to not have one?

Jack, You now have my curiosity up. If You don\\\'t live in a house, room, apartment or tent, what are you living in, my friend, a t-pee. L.O.L. GOD BLESS, Lee

There are several other options.

New Mexico LLC
I purchased an anonymous LLC about 3 years ago. I was just getting ready to gift three cars and an RV to it. Then I heard the news about Rosie\\\'s upcoming retirement and noises about possible retroactive changes to New Mexico LLCs and also that removing an asset from an LLC was extremely troublesome requiring lawyers and a lot of money. Now I\\\'m reluctant to gift anything to my LLC.

Any advice?

Greg C.

I suggest you go ahead as planned, If you wish, check with Rosie herself. She has a long detailed answer for such questions .

Could you recommend an idea for joining an underground/alternative economy (e.g., bartering and/or volunteering) and alternative money/currency in the USA or elsewhere? I used to volunteer full-time for a rescue mission, and was rewarded with free room and board as well as internet access, though the politics involved were deplorable. I used to be a nurse, viz. an LPN. When I settle with the IRS (instead of being a protester), I plan to close my credit union accounts. Not much to do here without a social security number which I don\\\'t want to claim any longer. Making the best paradigm shift does wonders for my attitude; no further need for talking to a shrink! Best Regards, and thanks!

Sorry, but I have no one to refer you to.

Rental Properties
Hi JJ,

I have my landline telephone and electricity contracts in a company name, but I was wondering, can I be found if the rental contract for my apartment is in my name? Isn\\\'t a rental contract internal within the leasing agency and not made public?

Thank you for your time.



The answer is dependent on three things: 1) who is looking for you and 2) what they already know about you, and 3) how they are searching. If nobody is looking for you, you\'ve melted into the community safely and can be invisible.

\"The internal records from the owners of an apartment complex are not public record. Apartments are a good place to melt into the background of a community. If you don\'t attract attention.…

Another reason to HTBI
Not a question, but all the more reason to use JJ Luna\\\\\\\'s privacy advice:

Family traumatized, children drug tested. All the man did was buy plant lights for his tomato plants so he could grow them indoors. He is ex-CIA, so is is wife, and they do not use any drugs. The police did a SWAT style raid on their home, found no drugs, and demanded a drug test from their son. Their entire home, garbage, everything was searched and the family was surveilled by this police department.

\\\\\\\"Wingo would note their license plate information and enter names into a database.\\\\\\\"

had they used JJ Luna\\\\\\\'s HTBI, their license plate would not have lead back to their home address!

PS- Mr Luna, don\\\\\\\'t you think it\\\\\\\'s a little inconsiderate to ask a woman\\\\\\\'s age in the box? I am a woman, and over 40. Isn\\\\\\\'t that all you need? Plus, I thought we were supposed to be invisible! :)

cheers. Enjoying your website. I lent your HTBI book out to a friend and never got it back. I do have two of your other books though, but I miss my original HTBI still.

URL #1:

When a reader fails to give me a first name, city, state and age, I usually delete the question. (I did post your comment, this time, since you asked about why I do this.)

This will not hurt anyone\'s privacy! How could it?

Cashiers Check
Mr. Luna,

I just wanted to thank you for the personal stories you included in your book about not being afraid to make a scene and demand to speak to a persons superior. Without which I would not have had the bravery today to do the same.

I had to obtain a cashiers check today, from a bank of which I am not a customer. Very long frustrating experience, Teller getting her superior, but I stood my ground on only letting them see my passport for ID. Then after she hands me the check and my passport back, she has the nerve to demand my SSN.

\\\"So you\\\'re telling me that If I don\\\'t tell you that, you are going go void this check?\\\"

\\\"No, but since you paid cash, we would prefer to have it.\\\"

\\\"Well I would prefer you NOT TO.\\\"

Then I get the fakest \\\"Ok, you\\\'re all set. Have a nice day sir.\\\" I\\\'ve ever received.

How to be invisable
After the Bible, How to Be Invisable is the absolute best book i have ever read. I\\\'ve bought 12 copies and given them to the people I love. You are bound to have a few new suggestions you could share with us till you update this fantastic book..

Thanks, but my own opinion is a bit different:

\'After the Bible, Dale Carnegie\'s book HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING.\'

Better NOT to use maildrop?
I am planning to buy a house (which will be my primary residence) and title it in the name of an LLC. Is it better to have property tax bills sent to the property address? If I use a mail drop, it will become public (part of property records.)
Same question for utilities (I should be able to put them in an LLC name in the state I\\\'m looking in; this depends on the individual utility company.) Even though that mailing address is not public, does it also make sense to have those bills sent to the property address *IF* the bill is in an LLC name?

Make your own decision.

I no longer own--nor rent--nor live in--a house, a room, an apartment, or a tent. . When I did, I used a US PO Box.

Thus, no one could peek at mail in the box out front and see my name or the LLC name. (In fact, there WAS no box.)

Dept. Homeland Security - Face scan
The State Department already has your face scanned. That image is available to Federal agencies and law enforcement.

Countries with modern security equipment scan you in the entry ports.

URL #1:

Re 11533 Private tag/title service
Many but not all states have companies that will take care of the titling/registration paperwork for you. Try doing a google search for :
tag title service (your state name)
Apparently half the states have such companies, and the cost ranges from $50 up to a couple hundred dollars (plus state fees.) It\\\'s important to explain to them that the car is being titled in a company name and thus the owner will not have a driver\\\'s license or other paperwork. One company asked for DL# (NOT required in my state ) then relented when I explained the law, another wanted a copy of one of the company\\\'s \\\"people\\\" (officers, employees?) DL (again NOT required by law.) So you may have to call around.
Adding the word \\\"fleet\\\" to you Google search may help. Many of these companies do a lot of business titling/registering cars for company car fleets.

URL #1:

Getting around a requirement to print a name when trying to use an illegible signature for vehicle title
In your book example where you went to a private titling company wirh a client and as \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Sales Mgs\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" you signed with an illegible signature, what do you do if the title form requires a printed name as well? That is what the form requires in Texas.

I appreciate all you have done over the years.

Print your real name. As far as I know, it will not show up on the registration.

Privacy laws in Germany, Europe vs. the USA
Jack, I may respectfully disagree with you that there is no privacy whatsoever left in Continental Europe and the US may be the last bastion of privacy. Consider Germany. Because of their turbulent history (WWII), they enacted some pretty tough privacy laws to assure the citizens the bad things in the past could not happen ever again.

Yes, your identities may be known for a few federal entities - just like your identity is known for them in the US. But you say, hey, my info is fairly safe with the IRS, I don\\\'t have to worry about it. You can think the same of Germany.

But in daily life, you can be pretty private from frivolous lawsuits, stalkers and the like. The usual stuff you give guidance to your American readers.

You follow the news. Just think about how tough the Europeans, and especially the Germans are on American online businesses like Facebook encroaching on the lives of just about everyone on the planet these days.

I have to add, Germany with its strong privacy laws is unique in Europe. Maybe Switzerland is another country that has something to offer for the privacy conscious, obviously they have a different experience with history, and I know less about their system.

Best laptop
I need a new laptop but all the options and makes confuse me. I do not play games and seldom watch videos. I hope to become a writer and a good keyboard is a must.

MacBoook Air 13

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