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Post office and privacy
In the book how the *bleep* did you find me real life lessons for protecting your privacy from one of America's leading skip tracers ($6.51 on Amazon) the author discloses that the U.S. post office is one of the largest resellers of information. Every time you submit a change of address that information is resold to data companies who in turn resell it again and again. A great companion book to HTBI.
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I do not have her book because it has 5-star reviews ONLY. No book is that good.

Also, did she not even tell her readers WHY their info gets sold?

As I say in HTBI, forward mail temporarily only. NEVER permanent! I do this all the time.

Password Generation
I came across a super great way to create strong passwords. You pick a key on your key board either along the bottom Z row or the second row. Pick a letter. This will be basically all you need to remember. Start with one finger either down on the shift key or off. Start with the letter you picked and move up the keyboard diagonally up to the left or right then follow again diagonal up the opposite direction creating a V pattern ending up at the very top row of numbered keys and symbols. Then repeat with the shift key depressed or not depressed.

So if you picked M and started with your finger off the shift key the PW would be

This gives you a 16 character PW with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
You can vary it by changing the way you use the shift button first or last after each V or switching the shift button mid-branch of the V. When you need to change your password just pick a new letter and repeat. I suppose you could also start from the numbers row and come down to start the V.

Easy to remember and fast to enter which is a win win. And works wherever you have a QWERTY keyboard.

I hope this isnt old news here. Ive been using the trick of using the first letters of the words in a song verse or poem.

There is a you tube video a navy seal creates a bomb poof PW if you want to watch it

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That system is not as secure as one with random digits. This is because your system is used by thousands of others.

Mail privacy gone
Jack, you've mentioned before that mail while sorted is scanned with an image of the outside envelope being taken. The USPS has indirectly acknowledged this by offering a service "Informed Delivery" in which scans of the outside envelope are emailed to you. Images are available for the last 6 days, but who knows how long the USPS keeps them. Even if you don't opt into having the images emailed to you, of course the mail still gets scanned. I don't know whether only the front or also the back of envelopes is scanned.
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The mail is STILL private in that the contents are not scanned. Neither is the back.

Re 11561 DL and doctor
Tony is in Canada, where laws are different than in the US. Here in the US the big concern is not getting paid. I simply say I don't have it and am paying cash. I've called ahead to find out the cost of a visit, explaining that I don't have insurance. I am asked to pay before the doctor sees me and I do so.

Re 11568/others credit report address
Credit report header data (name, address, phone, DOB) can be legally sold and are readily available from many people search sites. Anyone can get that info easily and cheaply.

Young readers pay attention. ALWAYS PAY CASH!

Then, like me, you will not have a file to copy and sell.

Re 11565 Prescription privacy
Depends on the type of medication. Narcotics require ID. Ditto for some OTC cold medicine. Other prescriptions, as long as you are not using insurance, I have never been asked for ID, and have picked it up for relatives as well.

Privacy LLCs
Mr. Luna, loved the book. Your attorney says you are retiring, and Ms. Rosie says she retired, but I see you are writing a new book. I am curious in light of Rosie's retirement what you think of I know some folks around here that use their services and they seem to be legit. Thanks in advance -

My attorney was dead wrong. I told him to remove that content. Frankly, I do not believe in retirement. Go visit any retirement home. Observe all those old fogies just sitting around, waiting to die. Ugh!

If any of you olsters read this, and have no idea what to do with your remaining time, please CONTACT ME:

Make sure to put RETIRE? in the subject line. Not in the text.. In the SUBJECT LINE.

USA Liberty Act: New ‘Foreign’ Intelligence Law Will Legalize Spying On Americans
USA Liberty Act: New ‘Foreign’ Intelligence Law Will Legalize Spying On Americans
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It is not yet a "law" and may never be one

US Military Veteran
Mr. Luna, I am a military Veteran receiving payments from the government monthly. How can I get those payments into an LLC checking account if my real name is not on the account? Or should I just have the whole amount transferred to the LLC account after the government deposit? But then that could be traced back to me, couldn't it? I am still scratching my head. I want to move overseas too but I will need that money monthly from Uncle Sam to live off of until I can establish another business to generate an income for me. Not sure where to start. Planning on moving in December to another place stateside to save up my money before expatriating the USA.

Are you asking for an anonymous, no-tax, untraceable bank account? Not legally possible as far as I am aware, certainly an LLC does not do anything to "shelter" money.

Private business
Hi, I liked your book "Invisible Money" and have learned a lot, thank you. Can you make your next book about "How to Start an Invisible Business" or something? I want to start a business but it seems impossible to do that without giving away so much of my privacy. How would you start a private business if you were to start one?

Please help.


It depends entirely on who you are and what the business will entail. What you need is a consultation of at least three hours.

Privacy Tools
Why do you give prepaid credit cards and cell phones so little attention as good privacy tools?

These will be discussed in my next 1919.

Privacy and the patriot act
With the recent data breech at Experian it was revealed that the various government agencies have full access to all credit files. The I.R.S., social security, and department of Homeland security and others all have agreements with the credit reporting agencies due to the patriot act. Whenever you update your address with a financial institution like a bank, credit union, or insurance agency it reports this update to all three credit bureau's which in turn update the header on your credit file which is viewed by the government agencies. I use the street address of my post office as my address and without me updating my address the MVD has started sending me mail at my updated address, the post office.

Nevada residency vs. California
I recently moved from Seattle, WA to Las Vegas, NV but spend lots of time in California where I also have a house and income property. I have considerable assets and income and just want to be sure that I’m covering my basis so CA cannot come after me for state income taxes. Do you have an attorney (preferable because of attorney/client confidentially) that knows about these things?

You may only need a CPA to handle the CA tax issue. However, the residency issue is tricky enough for a lawyer. You might want to contact Mark Kohler, who is one of my fans.

At minimum, you need a CPA who handles multi-state tax filings. I’m not sure how someone with an income property in California would legally not pay “Nonresident income tax form for CA source-income.” Rental income on CA property is pretty clearly CA-source income, and is subject to taxation. Now, as for spending “lots of time” in CA, that could be trouble. See this link on the CA Part-Time Resident Tax Trap:

data breach at credit reporting agency
Hello Mr. Luna,
I recently started reading your book "How to be Invisible" and have already started taking steps to protect my privacy. Then I learned about the recent massive data breach at Equifax credit reporting agency - hackers gained access to the company's database and personal information, including social security numbers, were compromised for over 100 million Americans.

While I, as a rule, have never used credit and have no outstanding debt, in the past I have been unable to avoid the occasional landlord or prospective employer running a credit check on me (or at least, I wasn't then aware that such checks could or should be avoided). This means that the credit reporting agencies likely have a file on me and that I have likely been affected. I've been advised to apply for a credit freeze at all 3 companies, which should theoretically prevent people from using my information to apply for credit in my name, potentially ruining my credit score.

This seems like a good idea, but in order to apply for such a freeze, one is required to submit a lot of personal information to the credit reporting agencies (name, address, birthdate, social security number, email, credit card, etc). My instincts tell me this is a bad idea, and in any case I don't really care about my credit score, since I don't use credit. But on the other hand, if someone steals my identity, I could end up being pursued by collection agencies, forced to appear in court and prove my innocence, or even have my paychecks garnished.

I wish I had read your book 10 years ago and could have avoided ever giving away my social security number, but unfortunately that ship has sailed, and now I have to do damage control. What would you recommend to people who may have been affected by the data breach? Is it better to submit my information (since they supposedly already have it), and get the credit freeze? Or does giving out my information again just compound the risk? Is there anything else I can do to limit my vulnerability? I appreciate any advice you might be able to offer.

This data breach did not affect me. (Since I always pay cash, my name does not appear in any of their files.)

My personal opinion is not to get a credit freeze, but I have no concrete facts to back that up. You will have to make your own choice.

face recognition
While at DMV getting my youngest daughter her licence the DMV agent said all photos have to be no glasses and no makeup. When asked why she responded it is for facial recognition. With digital photography now standard you face is available to any law enforcement agency through your driver licence photo.

There are only 2 remedies:
1. Hire someone to drive you.
2. Drive without a license.


The theme of my HTBI book is to never allow any stranger to find out where you live. If you can avoid having your home address on your DL, that will be a great step forward!

Obstinate insurance agents
I live in Erie, PA and am having an impossible time finding an insurance agency/insurance agent that will allow me to have my vehicle in an LLC even with the actual insurance in my proper name - without charging me "corporate/business" rates for insurance. (astronomically high !)
I am running out of insurance agencies in the phone book to call and my voice is gone from trying to explain to one agent after another that I am just doing this for privacy reasons and I am NOT a business.
I'm ready to reach through the phone and choke some of these idiots.
I see other people have managed to do this is other states and localities.
Can anyone please recommend an agency in the Erie County (PA) area or even in the Tri-State area I could get my insurance through ?
Any suggestions would be so very greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Use a company like State Farm.
Insure in your own name. The license still shows up in an LLC name.

Better information about how we are \\\\\\\'Tracked\\\\\\\'
This is for those who better want to understand how we are tracked here in America. As a result of watching part of the show 'Hunted' I realized I should re-watch it because I would see things or hear the 'analysts' speaking about techniques or ways that the US government and even the U.K. uses to track people or locate 'lost' individuals. These are light information, much more research would need to be done. And it doesn't go deep into other information about electronic monitoring. I once saw a show by Vice or Viceland speaking about how the U.K. and MI6 used a machine that collected the numbers and cell phone transactions of all of phones in a large area, that way the could figure out who was there, and who they contacted and what type of social media they where sending and sharing. It was very shocking to see the extremes that they would go to. and here is the YouTube about the cell phone tracking.

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Re: #11569
If Deanna is planning to get SSI (Supplemental Security Income), then I would be hesitant to use a LLC to own vehicles. I think it would look too much like she is hiding assets from the Social Security Administration. For SSI purposes, one vehicle is not counted as a financial resource. More than one vehicle, they won't count the most expensive one, but will count the others (but that may not be the case if the most expensive one is a high-value luxury car - I'm not sure on that). But you will have to disclose your ownership of all vehicles. If she uses a LLC, and they ask about her mode of transportation, what will she say?

I think she would have to disclose her ownership of the LLC to the SSA. I doubt if they encounter that too often in SSI cases. It would be a complication, far more complicated than simply owning a vehicle in your own name. For SSI, the recipients are supposed to be poor. Using a LLC, which has ongoing expenses, would raise red flags about that.

computer and phone security
What do you think of the privacy-oriented laptops and phones from Purism? Info in this article:

I consider their products too extreme for my readers, and that includes me.

When asked for a drivers license
I have a second home in Mexico. I also have a Mexican drivers license in addition to my license in the States. When asked for a drivers license I just hand them the Mexican one. They don't know how to handle it so they just write down 'Mexico"

Way to go, Roger! I once came back from Spain for a six month's visit. My Spanish DL had just expired.. When stopped for speeding I handed the cop this expired license. (A cheap 3-fold cardboard document, in those days.)

The cop looked it over, then said. "I'll take your word that this is an okay license!"

In fact, he even let me go without a ticket.

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