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How to be invisable
After the Bible, How to Be Invisable is the absolute best book i have ever read. I've bought 12 copies and given them to the people I love. You are bound to have a few new suggestions you could share with us till you update this fantastic book..

Thanks, but my own opinion is a bit different:

'After the Bible, Dale Carnegie's book HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING.'

Better NOT to use maildrop?
I am planning to buy a house (which will be my primary residence) and title it in the name of an LLC. Is it better to have property tax bills sent to the property address? If I use a mail drop, it will become public (part of property records.)
Same question for utilities (I should be able to put them in an LLC name in the state I'm looking in; this depends on the individual utility company.) Even though that mailing address is not public, does it also make sense to have those bills sent to the property address *IF* the bill is in an LLC name?

Make your own decision.

I no longer own--nor rent--nor live in--a house, a room, an apartment, or a tent. . When I did, I used a US PO Box.

Thus, no one could peek at mail in the box out front and see my name or the LLC name. (In fact, there WAS no box.)

Dept. Homeland Security - Face scan
The State Department already has your face scanned. That image is available to Federal agencies and law enforcement.

Countries with modern security equipment scan you in the entry ports.

URL #1:

Re 11533 Private tag/title service
Many but not all states have companies that will take care of the titling/registration paperwork for you. Try doing a google search for :
tag title service (your state name)
Apparently half the states have such companies, and the cost ranges from $50 up to a couple hundred dollars (plus state fees.) It's important to explain to them that the car is being titled in a company name and thus the owner will not have a driver's license or other paperwork. One company asked for DL# (NOT required in my state ) then relented when I explained the law, another wanted a copy of one of the company's "people" (officers, employees?) DL (again NOT required by law.) So you may have to call around.
Adding the word "fleet" to you Google search may help. Many of these companies do a lot of business titling/registering cars for company car fleets.

URL #1:

Getting around a requirement to print a name when trying to use an illegible signature for vehicle title
In your book example where you went to a private titling company wirh a client and as "Sales Mgs" you signed with an illegible signature, what do you do if the title form requires a printed name as well? That is what the form requires in Texas.

I appreciate all you have done over the years.

Print your real name. As far as I know, it will not show up on the registration.

Privacy laws in Germany, Europe vs. the USA
Jack, I may respectfully disagree with you that there is no privacy whatsoever left in Continental Europe and the US may be the last bastion of privacy. Consider Germany. Because of their turbulent history (WWII), they enacted some pretty tough privacy laws to assure the citizens the bad things in the past could not happen ever again.

Yes, your identities may be known for a few federal entities - just like your identity is known for them in the US. But you say, hey, my info is fairly safe with the IRS, I don't have to worry about it. You can think the same of Germany.

But in daily life, you can be pretty private from frivolous lawsuits, stalkers and the like. The usual stuff you give guidance to your American readers.

You follow the news. Just think about how tough the Europeans, and especially the Germans are on American online businesses like Facebook encroaching on the lives of just about everyone on the planet these days.

I have to add, Germany with its strong privacy laws is unique in Europe. Maybe Switzerland is another country that has something to offer for the privacy conscious, obviously they have a different experience with history, and I know less about their system.

Best laptop
I need a new laptop but all the options and makes confuse me. I do not play games and seldom watch videos. I hope to become a writer and a good keyboard is a must.

MacBoook Air 13

New Mexico LLC
I noted on Senorita Rosie's website that she is retiring. Will someone else be taking over her business? Is there someone else you would recommend?

I checked a website that does LLC filings in all 50 states and provides a registered agent. I had an online chat with a sales rep. They want to set up the EIN, articles, etc. for a hefty fee. Not sure why an EIN would be necessary to hold property in an LLC when it's not being used to conduct business.

Just trying to get a sense on where to go from here.

You do not need an EIN. I have bought and sold over a million dollars worth of properties. No EIN.

Rosie is quitting because she sees the writing on the wall, in New Mexico. However, she will still sell the anonymous LLCs until the end of this month so contact her NOW!

This is a comment on Mr.Luna's advice on a mom and pop operation to rent a mailbox at a CMRA. I was looking around and found a plumbing supply store that had about twenty mailboxes that they rent.. I filled out the forms and using old I.D. That was about to expire and it worked perfectly.

Purpose in life
I was going way back through the years, in all your questions and comments, and found one where you offered to send someone your belief about finding a true purpose in life. Since my wife of 45 years died last month, I am at sort of a crossroads about what to beleive in, or do with my life from now on. We were once baptized, each in a different religion, but we pretty much fell away over the years, after seeing too much hypocrisy in both religions.
If you still have that information, would you mind sending me a copy, Mr. Luna? I may not agree with what you tell me but I do promise to read it and do some serious meditating.

This forum is about privacy, not religion, but if you care to send me your email address, I will answer . Do put Purpose in the subject line because otherwise I may miss your email. (FYI, I am a dropout from the Congregational Church in Williams, Minnesota. That was long, long ago!)

Ghost Address
Jack, Is the rural ghost address story in your book still feasible and if not can you say why. ThankYou, Lee

It depends on each rural mailperson, Lee. It works with some but not with others, any more.

Private licensing bureaus for titling cars

In HTBI, you provide an anecdote of titling a car in an LLC by going to a private licensing bureau rather than a DMV office.

Any suggestions on how to locate these private licensing bureaus? I'm having trouble finding one near me.

Are there advantages to using a private licensing bureau other than shorter lines? If I can't find one, can I still execute the LLC strategy by going to an official DMV office to title my car?

Did you look in the Yellow Pages under licensing? I find some are friendly. Some are not. I suggest you try the DMV first. Perhaps all will be well.

re: real estate agency address q
I do

I do not answer questions from readers who do not give me the courtesy of letting me know their true first name, their age, and the state they're from. This information cannot affect your privacy, right?

Question #11521
What is the deadline on NM LLCs? On what date will the laws change?

Plase contact Rosie.

Tracked through my job?
I've been preparing to disappear for a while now and everything is taken care of, except I'm worried about one thing: my job. I'm moving to another state and I plan on getting a new job there, but I'm concerned I will be found through my job. I won't give out my social security number until I get confirmation that they want to hire me, but obviously I have to give it out eventually, and when I do, will I be located like that? What are the odds that they will find me through my job? My job will be the only place where my real name and SSN will have to be revealed.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to avoid being found in the "new hires" list.
If you do manage to keep your name off the list, please do let us all know how you did it!

Alaska Ghost Address
I am in the process of purchasing my first NM LLCs and I would like to use the Alaska ghost address for them. I assume this is where we request information on the ghost addresses since I didn't see anyplace on the website specific to requesting info on the ghost addresses. Thank you for all you do.

Contact Rosie

New Edition Book
Mr. Luna, Thank you for your great books. You sir have helped me become more private in everything I do. Do you plan on a new How to be invisible book anytime in the near future?

All new editions must be approved by the publisher, Saint Martin's press, in New York.
They only consider another edition, when the current edition's sales are dropping. As for my third edition, sales have not dropped at all.

Re: 11520 cell phones
There is a difference between keeping an old cell phone and maintaining legacy service. Should you decide to get a new phone, typically (depends on the company) you can transfer your current plan to the new phone. Of course, very old phones have the advantage that they do not have GPS.

What other service might you like to see offered?
Ghost addresses in Canada, Mexico, or Panama would be very useful !!

mail forwarding
What is the benefit of a temporary forward from a real home address to a po box vs a permanent change to a dummy box that you cancel and don't have forwarded at a later date (after anything important has been updated to a true, 2nd address)?

In your case, there may not be any benefit. Each reader must make his own decision.

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