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Address on DL
I am considering moving to Nevada, but it sounds like they require your home address in your DL. Is there a legal way around this? I'm ok with them having my actual address, but I don't want this printed on my license. I have an LLC I use for privacy -- could this be utilized for this purpose? Is this a small concern that I shouldn't get worked up over? Could a person just use their passport for any ID needs except in the case of a police pulling someone over?

Keep your WA license, continue to bank in WA, and claim temporary residence only, in Nevada.

Finding an unknown mail drop
I signed up with a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA) in the Tennessee town I have just moved to. I have had no problem updating my mailing address on most of my credit-card and other accounts. But one bank--a large and well-known one with many branches in various states--refused to accept the full address when I attempted to enter the information online. I was unable specify a box number, only the street address WITHOUT the box number, apparently because the bank recognizes the CMRA as a CMRA. In any case, to prevent any possibility of mis-mailing, I think I will need a new address to receive mail from this bank. How can I find mail drop agent in town that would not be on any list of recognized CMRAs? It is possible that the bank may even be rejecting simple business addresses as non-residential. I've thought of switching banks, but for various reasons closing down the old accounts would be difficult and in any case could not be done immediately. Any advice? Thanks!

The postal service allows you to receive packages at their street address. Give the bank that address but tell them you get mail only at your CMRA.

Bank Annuity Info
Am opening up a bank annuity for my elderly parent with myself listed as the beneficiary. Beyond divulging my full name, home address, date of birth and social security number. Is it mandatory for me to provide them with my salary and net worth?? What could this possibly have to do with a parent's annuity other than for them to sell my financial info...

Many Thanks

You are on your own on this one, Tommy!

Following my previous post: Is How To Be Invisible still relevant today?
Hey Jack!

You said in a podcast with Michael and Justin earlier this year that your book is still up to date. However, I want to ask again just to make sure.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Close enough. No new edition needed yet.

Filipino resident expat. in Qatar thinking of getting your How To Be Invisible book; questions.
Hello Jack!

I guess I got hooked when I saw that your book includes a dedicated part for non-Americans/International. Most of the privacy resources (digital and non-digital) I come across are especially made for Americans. So, seeing that International part on your book is definitely attractive. And the first I've seen that has a dedicated part for non-Americans. Though, part of me still feels I should ask you to make sure if I'll benefit from it. If my nationality is included in the International section or if there's something for a Filipino citizen that's especially beneficial in the book.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Since I know nothing about you and your circumstances, that is an impossible question. If in doubt, do without.

Revocable Trust Data
Am doing the paperwork for a family revocable trust with Citibank. As a trustee, do I have to divulge my net worth and annual income?? This is a family trust for my elderly father.

Many Thanks

That is a question ask the bank, not me.

#11468 01/30/17 Creating anonymous facebook account
Paul, there is a way. Also for Twitter.
Having a Facebook account is a terrible idea though.

#11474 02/21/17 No Name Change available, Organized Crime & Witsec
Send your case to the PI on the Contact Us Page.

Why does it matter that utility companies have your real information?
Apologize if this is an obvious question - I've read HTBI and one thing seemed to be assumed that wasn't outright explained.

I get why one would want their house title to be in an LLC - because the title is public record. But why does it matter for utility companies / when signing up for utilities? The utility company's database isn't public record, and one can't simply look up customers of a utility company online.

For low-level privacy, what you say is true. However, a number of PIs are "bent." I used one of them back in 2004, to track down a real jerk. The PI nailed him with the TV connection to Comcast.

Renting Apt and Nominees for Utilities
I am moving very soon, but since it's to another apartment in the same complex, the agreement is currently in my name and will stay in my name when I move.

I am planning to get a nominee to setup my utilities and cable under. Considering that my rental agreement is still in my name is it worth using a nominee for those things? Also I have to show that I put the new apartment's utilities in my name. Obviously they will not be in my name. What should I tell the landlord about this? What story to give them?

A side question. Reason I'm looking into all this is someone on the Internet found me and filed a frivalous lawsuit against me. They had no lawyer they simply paid a filing fee, and someone found me to serve me. Side question is in that situation how much money will they spend to find me (when there's no law firm involved, just a private individual who paid a $400 filing fee)

Since the new place is still in your name, I see no advantage in trying to hide utilities.

VPN for internet security
Hello. Due to the recent bill that overturns internet privacy protections; do you recommend VPNs (virtual private network).
Thank you in advance.

URL #1:

I recommend a VPN, but it is not easy. Try Mullvad, or Private Internet Access and see how you like it.

Offshore Return Address for US Mail Order Business
Hello Jack,

Can you share your experience with Mail Order Business as it relates to your Privacy Principles

The general question is : What would you recommend regarding Return Addresses for US Based Businesses to avoid getting served subpoenas?

Specifically -

I have a growing mail order business. We are doing a few hundred pieces a month. We get maybe 10 returns per month

The business is operated out of U.S. However, I want to put an offshore Return Address on Mail Order Pieces. Say, the Seychelles or Malaysia. This way I cannot be served a US or EU subpoena, in worst case scenario.

I know you have a Canary Islands address. However, I am sure I would pass your monthly limits regarding mail pieces. Meaning your address is meant for personal affairs, not a mail order business.

Our principal place of business is already offshore, but I am technically operating here. I am willing to forgo actually retrieving the returned items and just give customers money back in order to avoid getting served a subpoena at a U.S. Based PO Box. That is a good trade-off in my mind.

Do you see a problem with USPS seeing a Seychelles Return Address on hundreds or thousands of mail order pieces per month. Going through the same Post Office or Regional Hub? Do you see a Postal Inspector getting involved?

Or - even if USPS did notice - is there nothing they can do about it? Assuming it is a legal, legitimate business

Thank you,

You may already be violating one or more laws if indeed you are i "technically operating" a business in the US that is setup to look like an offshore business.

The question to you about your "experiences with mail order" is fine, but my understanding is, there is no requirement to use a return address. Return address is for use by USPS if package is undeliverable. Of course it will likely be opened by USPS if undeliverable, so I'd be more concerned with what information the contents reveal, Rich.

Postal Inspectors have a lot of authority for serving subpoenas, and I suppose they are experienced in dealing with deceptive return addressing issues.

Congress Clears Way For ISPS To Sell Browsing History
Congress cleared a way for ISPS to sell everyones internent search history. Good news for encrypted content this will not be seen only the web address will be seen. Still its effecting everyones internet pravicy.
URL #1:

Buying a new car without giving your SSN
I have been reading that when buying a new car, dealers will often require you to give up your social security number, even if you are paying all cash. They cite an IRS or Patriot Act law that requires it.

How does this work if you want to title the car in an LLC? Would you need to apply for an EIN for that LLC and provide that instead of your SSN?

Or do I need to give up my SSN, title it in my own name, then transfer title to the LLC after the fact?

A dealer will insist on your name and SSN because he or she must run it though the infamous NO FLY list. No exceptions!

I never, ever, advise a reader to buy a vehicle from a dealer. Buy only from a private party and pay cash.

I only have cash. How do I ....?

I do not post, much less answer, queries with dumb answers to my simple questions. They do not affect your privacy in any way.

Court Public Info
Be extra careful not to get a traffic ticket in Maryland. If you do, a lot of sensitive information about you will end up on the MD judicial system's website, where web crawling bots may eventually pick it up. Even things like your weight and height, and the car's plate number. All the more reason to minimize any contact or interaction with law enforcement. Search any name to see how devastating to privacy it is:

LLC/Ghost Address cost
How much does it cost to create a New Mexico LLC with a ghost address?

Please contact Rosie at


HTBI is available at any Barnes and Noble. All others are Kindle Store only.

Log out of all of your online accounts on your laptop/phone before crossing into Canada
"Canada Border Services Agency officers are authorized to conduct searches of people entering Canada, including their baggage, parcels or devices such as laptops and smart phones. These searches may be conducted without a warrant. Officers may examine devices for photos, files, contacts and other media.

If your laptop or mobile device is searched, you will likely be asked to provide the password. If you refuse, your device may be held for further inspection. "

Additionally, if you have any online accounts automatically logged in on your devices, Canada Border Services Agency officers can access those online accounts and look through them.

URL #1:

Due to a similar search of my laptop two years ago, I seldom now cross the border. When I must,, I carry a "clean" laptop!

No Name Change available, Organized Crime & Witsec
I am between a rock and a hard place. I have had ID theft occur three times and a possible nine others have happened since I arrived on a US island. My other issue is that my ex-boyfriend has ties to 'Local Mob' he took my information and had a background check run on me. This state doesn't allow for people to seek name changes in private they will only publish them for ONE MONTH in the local paper on and offline. And to really make it fun they have state a witness program. But they don't offer anything once you leave their protection. I feel like once I testify that I will be unprotected, because the island is only so big. I tried to utilize Jack's information by re-reading his book three times. But without a Name Change and an LLC. I am very unsure that I have a chance of staying 'Alive' They still haven't implemented Address Confidentiality Program either. Talk about a living nightmare. I just don't want to be me, anymore.

If you are asking me if I can solve your problems, I cannot. This is way above my pay grade!

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