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Ghost Addresses in 2017
Hello Jack

In your book "How To Be Invisible (2nd Edition)," I was reading through your chapter regarding ghost addresses and how to obtain them. One of the methods that you outlined as a possibility was the "Rural Mailbox" option. I am in the process of planning to set up a ghost address and I thought this was a viable solution.

My question(s) for you are these:
1. Considering the 2nd Edition was written back in 2004, I thought it best to check with you to see if this method is still effective to carry out in the year 2017.
2. If this method doesn't work, what would you recommend as alternative(s) for obtaining a local ghost address?

Thank You.

1. Rural PO boxes? No.
2. I will stick with my comments in the 3rd edition. Why not buy it?

Your newest edition
Hello I was wondering if there is anyway to get your newest edition of "How to Be Invisible" specially made into a paperback copy? If so I would pay extra for it.


Re: #11336 Voting
Registering to vote makes your personal information even easier to access. For instance, there's a website called Voter Records that has a searchable database of voter records for 14 states. Once you pull up a record you get quite a bit of information on the voter, including their residence address, age, links to their social networking pages, records for relatives and even links to get phone numbers and to run a full background check.
URL #1:

How many identities do you have?
Halfway through your book, I'm just wondering just how many identities you prefer to have and how you partition them amongst the various aspects of your life?

Do you have one for utilities, one for business, one for properties, etc? Or do you have one for EACH utility, one for EACH business you run, one for EACH property you own, one for EACH bank account etc, with a separate ghost address for every identity?

Back to finishing the book...

Unless Interpol is after you, what you suggest is extreme overkill. But each case is different. You yourself must make these decisions.

Revised 4th Edition of How to Be invisible
Will there be a 4th edition of your book this year?

No. Next edition 2018 or 2019.

Creating anonymous facebook account
Is there a way to create a totally anonymous Facebook account using a fake name? I tried and I was rejected.

I have no idea, Paul. I stay away from Facebook, as far as I can!

Question to readers who love to travel
Question to readers who love to travel

You are probably familiar with the generous sign-up bonuses in airline miles credit cards offer. If you effectively juggle these opportunities, you can get plenty of free travel. There are tons of information about it on the Internet without hurting your credit score. It doesn't take a full time job, as some skeptics might think. The only drawback for you may be that you have to furnish your SSN for each card sign up. Yes, it is possible to have some kind of credit card without SSN, but it's not possible to mass sign-up for mileage earning cards without providing the SSN. So the deal is, you give out your SSN, and you get a pretty decent amount of travel in exchange each year. What's your take on this? Do you take the Faustian bargain?

Not for me, David.

Legal Name Change
In your view, what are the pros and cons of getting your name legally changed? I know you didn't really recommend it in How to be Invisible, but would it ever be worth it? Does it help at all, with regards to privacy?

I much prefer just using a new name. That way, no one can pull up your real name that you use for banking, utilities, etc., if the only name they search for is the new one.

Keeping address private
Is it impossible to keep your address private ? I thought I was doing a good job but discovered a website that has my name, dob and address listed.

The site is

Do you know where they get their info from? The deletion methods offered requires identification and I don't want to give them more information that they already have.

URL #1:

Of course it is possible...but ONLY if you move, and follow to the letter the instructions in HOW TO BE INVISIBLE.

There may be hundreds of sources where their info comes from.

private investigator 2)corporate line of credit
I am interested in meeting with you but it will be a few months or so till I can do that. In the meanwhile I am looking for help finding a friend who is off the grid...if nothing else someone sending him a note or whatever if they can't give me his info. I haven't heard from him since he got in trouble and relapsed .

If anyone can find your friend, it will be Tim at Parker Lakes. (See my CONTACTS page)

However this will take time and money.

Unlocking an iPhone using a fingerprint
If one uses a passcode, it may be captured by cameras, whereas a fingerprint will not be. According to Apple, the chance of false positive is 1 in 50,000.

However, the initial unlocking after a reboot can only be done using a passcode because it is needed to derive an internal password for decrypting the information stored on the iPhone.

Privacy w/ an LLC
In my area, in order to have an LLC, you must list your name an address. A quick search of the online business registry shows many thousands of business where "owners" have put their home address in the documentation which gets published to the internet. Surprisingly stupid.

For the privacy side of this (legal stuff I'll handle through my lawyer), would a ghost address suffice for this? I have access to more potential ghost addresses than I may need, ever.

Please direct any question regarding NM LLCs to Rosie.

re 11460
I heard elsewhere (sorry, don't recall where) that you should not use any fingerprint reader with an iPhone, Android, tablet, or laptop. The reason: you cannot be compelled to give a password, but you cannot refuse to provide your fingerprint.


Apple Touch ID fingerprint
How concerned should we be about Apple Touch ID that uses a person’s fingerprint to log in or unlock his device?

My webmaster told me not to use the fingerprint. Sorry, I did not ask why.

Animal Laws and Privacy
Hi. Do you believe in getting your pets registered? Have you ever done it? It's only about 5-10 dollars a year in my city. They say the revenue from it goes to support our animal shelters. But 'they' say a lot of things....

1. No
2. No
3. No privacy

In one of your ebooks you wrote not to invest in the stock market because it's a "mass psychology" scam and you quoted another author Seth Godin to explain the idea. Do you still stand behind real estate investing as the only safe/private option or have you over the years come around to the idea that the stock market although might not be private in any way, yet people have their retirements and kids future invested in it? What are your thoughts on this subject at this point in time. Thank You for your work you have been an inspiration to start my own business.

Nothing is a safe investment any more. But make your own decision, Mark.

Canada bank account
Hi Jack,

is it still as simple as you wrote in 2013 to open a bank account at the BAnk of Montreal for a US citizen?
I am about to try and do just that! At a branch just over the border in Ontario. You wrote that bank is a good option and would open an new account with just a passport and Driver license. Still the same?

You can still do it at some branches, but it is not as easy. Your SSN will now be required.

Submitting Amazon Reviews Now Requires a Credit Card
I tried to leave a product review on Amazon using my anonymous account (funded by a gift card) but was no longer able. They now have a new policy where you have to have a credit card or debit card on file (and have spent at least $50 on it) in order to leave a review. This evidently was to crack down on fake or paid for reviews.
URL #1:

I am happy to hear that! Far too many 5-star reviews are fakes. I normally never read the for that reason. I stick to 1 to 4 stars.

collecting Social Securty & Medicare while being invisable
I've just turned 65 and eligible for Medicare. I noticed on the Medicare online signup form, they ask for your address (I gave my UPS Store address), then they ask if you live at that address. If you reply No, they ask for your residence address.

I don't know what the penalty is for lying, but how do others who are being invisible handle this?

Once you start with Medicare, I suggest you answer all questions freely. You give up some privacy but you gain otherwise, right?

Is This Common in Other Places?
I was recently standing in line at a local Target and the customer in front of my was purchasing an OTC cold medication. The clerk demanded that he show his DL and she scanned it into her cash register. She said she "had" to do that to track the amount of one of the ingredients in the medication that some people purchase excessive quantities of because that ingredient is used in the production of (I believe) meth. I know many states have passed laws that limit how much individuals can buy within a specific time frame for this reason. I remember reading an article linked from another post on this site several years ago about a woman who used a credit or debit card to buy Mucinex for one family member and an allergy medication for another family member a few days apart and was investigated by the police for "drug dealing"; at that time the recommendation was to always use cash for OTC drug purchases. If scanning your drivers license is now "standard", using cash may not help you anymore. Has anybody else seen or experienced this? I'm wondering if it could be specific to Target as I purchase an OTC allergy medication at a grocery store and have never had the clerk scan my DL.

Yes, that happened to me, at Office Max, last year.

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