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Wyoming corps.
While reading about Wyoming corporations on your website.
I, was curious about what PT meant when you stated that
you sold Wyoming corps. to the PT crowd in Europe?

"PT" refers to Permanent Travelers.

There are some 500,000 well-to-do Europeans who do not pay taxes anywhere. They move from country to country, sometimes staying just 90 days in each.

Personally, I pay my taxes. What the PT crowd does is between them and God.

In the first draft of your book, you mentioned that some folks had success going out in the country , finding a clump of rural mailboxes, and adding their own mailbox to the clump. They were able to receive mail at that box and use it as a ghost address, even though they owned no property near there. I loved that creativity. Is there any chance that would work today with the way that USPS registers all addresses?

No. That is why the suggestion no longer appears in the third edition,.

level 3 PI
How do I tell the difference between the Level 1 to 3 PI.
I am in need of a L3 PI.
Thank you

If you mean "privacy levels" then the level depends on who you are, what you fear, and if you want a crooked PI or one who stays legal.

For the latter, send an email to

Facial Recognition
Jack, In your opinion does Facial recognition mean that Privacy and freedom are basically dead in America. God Bless, Lee


And by the way, readers, it is far easier to be private in the USA than in Europe, and in Japan it's impossible.

LLC For Current Holdings
In HTBI, transferring title to a newly purchased vehicle is outlined. Our home and vehicles are currently registered in our names. Many years ago we also had a WA LLC, so now our names and home address are public and can be found on an internet search.

My question is: Now seeking privacy, is there an advantage in registering currently owned property and vehicles in LLC's?

If you own both home and vehicle with a clear title and deed, then yes, there is some advantage. But it is far better to move!

sign up for mailing list
Just bought 3 copys of the newer book: Had several before 2012 but figured myself and my children needed new ones.

Would you please add me to you mailing list.

You yourself can do this. There are forms on this website.

Re #11690, and renting
Hi Mr Luna! I have more of a comment than a question, but I hope my advice may help someone, that is if you choose to print it. Your reply to #11690: "I live in a new 4-bedroom home but there is no connection to me. Three girls from Mexico rent rooms upstairs. One is a great cook and another was a nurse back home. The third one keeps the house spic and span." I live in Phoenix which has a very high illegal immigrant population. All immigrants need housing, so how do they do it? There are plenty of tips a privacy minded person can learn from persons who can't use legal ID! I found a decent house to rent by a private party. I found the house itself not through the internet, but the newspaper: this is key. Internet listings are not a friend to privacy persons, because more than likely they are through management companies which add your name to some kind of database and will associate your name with your address. I think some of the best places to live aren't ever listed on the internet (for many reasons that will take up too much space to list here, but I am happy to answer "why" if you want to know the reasons). My landlord deliberately avoided management companies and online listings as they wanted to be able to personally choose which tenants they'd like to be as renters (thus bypassing a 3rd party who would do the choosing for them). My landlord is also computer illiterate and does not use nor own a computer, so I won't worry about them adding me to any online databases or social networks. There are many apartment complexes and single family residences which will rent to the undocumented population, some are in safe but not pretty neighborhoods, some are in very bad neighborhoods. How to find them you need to use your imagination and smarts.

When I go shopping I notice many of the Spanish-speaking people use cash only- another HTBI tip! When they need medical attention they visit "Clinica Familia" offices, which also accept cash and are also very affordable. HTBI readers can learn a lot from the undocumented people who need to be "HTBI" themselves.

Mr Luna I hope my advice may help you, this message need not be posted on your Q and A if you don't want it to, I am merely passing it along. In all honesty, I rather like keeping some of my HTBI secrets and tips to myself, especially the advice on housing to myself, for fear a wrong party may learn of it and ruin it for the rest of us. Someone is always there to spoil a good thing whenever the idea becomes well-known!

Another benefit of living in a predominantly Hispanic/migrant blue collar area is one can really "disappear" in it, and being Caucasian as I am I do not stick out like a sore thumb as you might think. I know just a little bit of Spanish and just little courtesies spoken in your neighbor's first tongue goes a long way. Hispanic people have a set of manners that we Americans used to use but have forgotten or discarded- things like "Con permiso.." (if you permit me..) "Gracias" "Lo Siento/perdone" (I'm sorry, pardon me) They use titles such as Sir and Madam and expect younger ones to use them. I know you, Mr Luna already know of all this but I wanted to share it with others. Of course I am only passing this on like I said in case you want to use it.

I want you to know, Mr Luna that your book and advice has changed my life!! I must admit, I have not applied all the HTBI rules to myself but I wish I could. There are a few reasons why I wasn't able to, some of them require sacrifices I can't/won't do at the moment. It really does take money to implement all of the HTBI rules. If one is in dire straits it's a lot harder to be completely invisible.

One of my uncles is extremely, extremely privacy minded. Mr Luna, he personally visits the Google offices in Northern California once per year, to remove himself from some kind of listings, I do not know exactly what he does, or if it costs any money to do so, but he does do this. He goes so far as to request family members not take photos of his home for fear someone may put his name or house on the internet. I don't know if he has your book, but I am going to buy him a copy, and I sent him the URL to your site.

I hope this "comment" isn't too tiresome to read, of course feel free to post whatever you want on your website, or edit it or do whatever you want with it! It's YOUR website after all!

Thank you so very much for all you do for people, Mr Luna= you are such a treasure, and I wish more people would adhere their day to day things to your advice and book. God bless-


PS- another reason to Be Invisible- our country is becoming more and more fascist and will require more and more personal and identifiable information from us, including and not limited to our DNA. An initiative that has already passed called "Project Destiny" will have your DNA stored and used for research and to prepare all of your medical prescriptions. A nationwide network of pharmacies and any other "related companies" will have all of your medical and personal information. Ive pasted the website address on an article about that in your box below.

URL #1:

Comments are welcome!

You are absolutely correct as to the value of living in a Hispanic community. Way to go!

Now I am going to comment on your words about Kris: "God bless."

I often get that from readers. They refer to a mystical triune god who is never once mentioned in the Bible, but only in otrher pagan relions.

For the record, I believe in and and serve the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, a.k.a the father of Jesus Christ. who was born in line from David, grandson of Boaz. I do not wish to start an argument about religion in this Q&A section but if someone wants to tell me that I haven't got a clue, they can email me.

New Mexico Llc
Hello, I am already on your mailing list and I just received an email about Rosie and New Mexico LLCs. I replied to that email, but it bounced back to me with the message: Your email to group was rejected due to spam classification. The owner of the group can choose to enable message moderation instead of bouncing these emails. Jack would you p,ease provide an email address where I can correspond with you about my LLC renewal, which is due in December. thanks!

Contact Rosie, not me. True, she no longer forms LLCs but she continues as always with annual renewals,

Gold ownership
Do you think krugerands are a good investment?

Without knowing your circumstances and net worth, I cannot answer such a general question, sorry.

New Mexico LLCs
Hi Jack,

Who are you recommending these days for privacy LLC's since Rosie is retiring?



I should never have said "retiring" because Rosie did not retire. What happened was that she was following an attempt in NM to require ID for all LLC owners. That bill may or may not be passed by the NM legislature. If passed, it could possibly require identity of the true owners retroactively.

For all who already have an LLC, NO PROBLEM. Rosie will continue as always with your renewals for resident agent.

FYI I still use NM LLCs. I just used one to buy a new home. Even if the worst happens, it will take years to sort things out, or so it appears to me.

If I understand correctly, you were making the point that the reason you wouldn't publish an autobiography was that people would not agree with some of your life viewpoints and therefore would not sell. I don't have to agree with everyone whose life is interesting. Many of the interesting parts in HTBI are autobiographical.

Risk of being fined for falsifying a legal address
I had up until recently used a rental agreement from my mom with her home address so my daughter could attend the superior schools is the one that we were zoned for. Initially my mother had agreed should ever be called into question that she would back up to the store when confronted she refuses to perjure herself despite there being no risk to her and the penalty of $10,000 fine would fall on me not her. I’m not sure who would be finding me for lying about the address my question is this I have an opportunity where I could rent a room from a friend and produce a utility bill in my name with the friends so that I could reenroll my daughter in this better school. I’m now on the radar however because of being caught lying my question is what would be considered legal residence if I receive mail and I have a utility in my name for the same address and I likewise change my drivers license to reflect the address would any one have caused to make a claim that I am lying if I can produce documents showing residence i’m now on the radar however because of being caught lying my question is what would be considered legal residence if I receive mail and I have utility in my name for the same address and I likewise change my drivers license to reflect the address would any one have caused to make a claim that I am lying if I can produce documents showing residence ? The School deems the legal residence as where the child spends 50% or more of their overnights. I’m trying to find a loophole and want to make sure that I don’t put myself in legal jeopardy.

If I understand correctly, you are attempting to put your daughter in a school where she does not belong. I am not on your side, Shakti.

If you cannot actually move there,
then either home-school or let your daughter attend the school she is zoned for.

You write that you should have $10000 in cash. How do you suggest readers earn this initial money(assuming that the reader is intelligent enough to find this website)? Which jobs do you suggest chasing, in which cities? Is it mostly knocking on employers and temp agencies doors(and reducing spending in general) or is there more secrets(for an entry level or temp position). In addition, what's the chance of failing to find a job and starving to death? Also, how to you suggest finding low rent houses/roommates. Finally, how far away should my ghost address be from my real address? All of this is assuming I have $1000.

My advice was for older persons, not teens!

Off grid services
To: Priest, Tulsa,OK. Question #1168
I am interested in hearing about the website that offers off the grid services. I need to figure a way to obtain electricity and cable and internet services without my name being listed due to stalker concerns.

"Off the grid" is not the answer. To rid yourself on a stalker, you must move and then put everything in another person's name.

I live in a new 4-bedroom home but there is no connection to me. Three girls from Mexico rent rooms upstairs. One is a great cook and another was a nurse back home. The third one keeps the house spic and span. In return for a very low rent, she also has all utilities and internet in her own name. She pays the bills from her own checking account.

Go thou and do likewise, Ron.

Permission to recommend annonymous internet service
Mr. Luna, I would like permission to link your page to a company website. They specialize in off-grid services including completely annonymous internet service. I have been a student of your work for a few years now and would like to contribute the site service as a thank you. The site will be up in a week but I can provide all details to interested parties. Thank you for your continued educating.

Permission is not needed when liking to another site.

Can a Canadian obtain a New Mexico LLC or would they have to move countries?

LLCs from a US state will not work in Canada. However:

If you own property and/or keep a car down here, you can title them in LLCs from New Mexico or Wyoming.

hey JJ, heard about you from Mark Kohler...very interesting. I am prior Air Force Intelligence. Is there anyway I might add you some value???

What do you have to offer?

If you have knowledge in some specialized field such as security, burglar alarms, or self-defense, email me directly:

Updating Book
Hi JJ -
I am getting ready to purchase your book on Amazon and I noticed it was published in 2003. I wanted to double check with you first to see if you had any plans on releasing a newer version soon?

Thanks so much and keep up the great work.


Try Amazon again. Search for
"JJ Luna." The Third Edition will come up.

I would love to read your autobiography.

I have two years before I can make my move to the wilderness and will be using a lot of privacy techniques to make it extremely difficult for my relatives to locate me.

I appreciate your book and look forward to any new writings.

May God tend to you as needed.

NM LLCs formation
Have you found another person to take over formation of New Mexico LLCs?

Yes indeed--just a few weeks ago!

If you are on my mailing list, you will receive detailed information in September.

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