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LLCs for non US folk
You spoke at length in HTBI about LLCs. In your experience with British clients, how useful are they to us over here, and are there any major limitations?

I have many readers and clients in the UK. However, American corporations and LLCs no longer work for Europeans (the "PT" crowd) hoping to open anonymous bank accounts in Switzerland.

It appears those happy days are gone forever.

How to maintain privacy when getting building permits?
How do you maintain privacy when getting building permits? Even if the home is titled in an LLC, often times building permit applications will ask for a contact person and all these applications/permits are often searchable online now, by name or address!

The last time I obtained a building permit was in 2002. I probably used my name, but it never showed up on the online records.

E-mail Security / Privacy
Pretty-Good-Privacy (PGP) encryption program has a flaw. It was made public Monday of this week.
ALL messages (past and present) can now be read in clear.
E-mail is NOT a secure method of communication.
See the link.

URL #1:

Do you have a device that uses an app for maps? How about GPS? Or any other location services?
You can be located in seconds.

"The story blew up because a *former* police sheriff snooped on phone location data without a warrant, according The New York Times."

Many Private Investigators come from some form of government service. They are surprised and dismayed to find out how difficult the job is when you lack a Support Division behind you. Some... *some*... are lazy and inept and stoop to illegal activity motivated by frustration or a desire to save face. Shame on those former law enforcers.

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LLCs and Addresses
I am confused about LLCs and their registered address. To clarify, it is my understanding that each individual LLC will have its own individual (ghost) address. Is that correct?


Re: #11666 Book List / Recommended Reading
I found an email I sent to myself re what may be this very same list referred to in #11666. Here is what it said, and your answer:

#1604 03/14/07 List of books to read
What ever happened to that list of good books to read? I once downloaded the list but now I can't find it.
Britney, , Age: 30

It is now in Appendix A of Skip College:

"Recommended reading
The author's favorites: From Business and Border Crossings to Inspiration, Writing, and Self Defense."

But is Skip College still available? I don't see it listed on .

I took SKIP COLLEGE off Amazon many, many years ago, sorry.

I've bought more than a thousand books since then but no longer keep a list.

Starting over
Jack, If You were just starting a new Business for the very first time, what would the Top Ten Businesses be. Very Curious My Friend. GOD BLESS, Lee

That question would take so many hours to answer, that it would have to be only with a paid consultation!

Error in Joining Your Mailing List
Not getting the confirm to my email. Plz advise. Thx!

1. If you were already on my mailing list, then you cannot download the free book unless you use a different email. Or:

2. When you entered the pass code "1914==", did you include the two dashes?

questions & answers
what link do I go to read all the questions & answers folks send in to you.
It seems the site asks me to enter a word on what I'm interested in searching.
I used to be able to click on Q&A , and all questions would pop up & I could read them all,
which I learned a lot from. It doesn't seem to be operating that way any more.
Am I missing something? Please help. Thanks Jack Appreciate it.
Have a wonderful day, and thanks for all the great books.

URL #1:

Click on the center link, rather that the one at the right.

(See above.)

book list
Hello Jack
Years ago ago you gave a list of books you recommended. I read a few, but lost the list.
They were very informative. Could you give me the list again?
Thank you

I too lost the list,sorry!

How can one maintain privacy and still vote? It seems to me that one can employ all the methods in How to Be Invisible, but the moment one registers to vote, privacy is lost. Is there any legal way around this or is there a techniques you could share? Thanks in advance!

Your choice is either to vote and give up some privacy, or not vote. (I have never voted in my life, for moral reasons, so for me, this is a non-issue.)

ID Cards
I own several home businesses under pseudonyms. I've never had problems with this because I require payment in cash.

One day, I reported to a job site and the doorman asked for my ID. Since I use my middle name and my sister's married last name, I had no ID to show. Luckily for me, the person who hired me recognized me and let me in.

My question is this....can I use a website to make my own company ID Card. I have no other's just me. Is that illegal?

Of course in instances where legality is concerned, I would show my passport/DL.

This does not sound like an idea worth pursuing. Your main quest should be to never connect your name with your true address.

Business Failure
Jack, I need to ask You a question. I'm 58 Years Young and I'm Retired on a Disability, but I can't quit Jack, if I do that I just won't make it. The Disability I have isn't Life Threatening but My working days out in the Public are over, so I want to start a Home based business and I've been reading Your book, Work From Home at Any Age and My Plans that I have written down meet all the requirements You have listed in this book and Your other e-book, How To Start A Small Business On A Shoestring With No Competitors. My Plans meet all 10 Features You have listed for a successful business, but to make a long story short, can I ask You , have You ever Failed at a Business because this is what scares Me more than anything. Just thought I would ask. GOD BLESS, Lee

Most entrepreneurs fail a few times. My self-published "Work from Home" book was a big failure. Lost a bundle on that one!

Since you are fearful, that worries me. Before you do anything, get and read Dan Kennedy's booklet, "The Ultimate Success Secret." After reading it, you may decide not to go in business after all, given your fearful attitude.

Home Businesses
What are your thoughts on having a business like Avon. Could you engage in something like that and still maintain privacy?

At least SOME privacy would be lost, yes. But perhaps you could hide your home address.
This website is great for deleting your information from numerous accounts.
URL #1:

Are you sure? If so, why? I do not like the ".me" instead of ".com."

Placung Purchases
What happened to the JJ Luna Online Store?

We got rid of it many years ago!

Careful about information
Just want to share a story. I have a nosey friend who is always into everybody business. When she try to learn where I live, I tell her various stories about looking for a place to live.

This week I had lunch with her and a person I have not seen for 11 years. This person ask me what type of work I did. When I told her, she ask if I knew her friend name xxx. I told her yes. However, I let her know we were not friends. There is actually bad blood.

Two days later, I was being pressed for where I lived. I continued to be vague. I would not give anyone my address. Turns out the person who I have not seen for 11 years friend knew someone wanted to do me damage professionally. I will not go into details about what they have done to others. But your advise to keep your address secret benefited me.

Keeping my address secret from my nosey friend kept my address secret from the person I had not seen in 11 years who could have given my address to someone who wanted to do me harm.

Congratulations on not giving out your home address, Debra!

Free secure email service in Europe?
A few months ago, in either this Q & A log or in an email, you mentioned a free secure/encrypted email service based in either Sweden or Switzerland (.se or .ch). I can't seem to find it now. Can you post it here again? Thank you.

Storage unit
Re: #11642

Mr. Luna, I recall you always suggesting not to disclose your SS#. That certainly and directly links to your identity.

The unit I have and am about to release have no real name, address, dob, ssn, photo or any ID associated with that.
It pains me to just give it back when privacy seekers could benefit greatly.
I know I paid and would pay a lot for such opportunity.

In some cases Tom, I do give my SSN. I am quite sure that no one is searching for me. Further, a P.I. friend assures me that--since I used units in another city--he would normally never check there. Just too difficult.

But if someone is on your trail, then, of course, use a nominee.

Visiting Cananda
Hello and thank you for all you do. I am a citizen of a visa waiver country in Europe and used to be a permanent resident of the united states. Have been gone for many years and understand that I have warrants for my arrest for misdemeanor vehicle charges. QUESTION: I understand that Canada has an Electronic Travel Authorization before traveling there, and that they will ask about past residencies. Will those outstanding u.s. tickets affect my travel to Canada in a negative way or worse? Do you know?

My guess is that Canada will not allow you to enter. However, only the Canadian authorities can answer that for sure. Have you tried contacting them?

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