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K7 PC phone number
Jack, a number of years you recommended K7, a PC phone number that was a free service.
I really liked the service they provided to remain anonymous on phone calls.. They went out of business I think. And the service went away. Do you know of another such service?
Bobby...... NPB, Ca.

Yes there are many services that provide this function today. The best is the iPhone app sudo.

Considering that Rosie is no longer creating LLCs because of possible changes in the law, what is there to do? Would you recommend a Nevada, LLC? Is something better than nothing in this case or is it the opposite?

Rosie and I disagree. In any event, she still has 2 or 3 shelf LLCs left. Contact her before all are gone.

For you who have LLCs already, all is well. Rosie will still take care of all your annual renewal fees.

Greetings to you JJ.

I just started reading your fantastic.

Here's my story....
I do have a dastardly ex. I've moved so many times. But each time, the trail leads eventually to me.

Lets say, that I want the trail leading to me, to end with my current location. All of the bank accounts, utilities, etc. stay as me. When I move next, hopefully my true identity will not be for public view. Should I follow all of the steps with getting an alternate name, a ghost address, a local PO Box, etc. if I don't plan to stay in the area?

Thanks much

It depends on what resources your ex has available. (Cash, connections with law enforcement, etc.)

This is the sort of question that cannot be answered without a face-to-face consultation.

What would be the purpose of having an LLC if you don't have a business? I know that in years past, my husband has registered cars under a corporate name. He even bought a house under a corporation (although we knew the respective agents.)

Would you use an LLC name to register your utility bills?

I am unclear about this.

I currently use LLCs for vehicles and real estate. For utilities, I now use a nominee. However, LLCs are fine for utilities if the companies will allow that. (Some do not.)

Bank Accounts/Brokerage Accounts
If you currently have checking/savings/money market accounts/stock brokerage accounts/529 plans under your real name, would you recommend closing them and starting anew with an account for bills under a nominee and your alternate name?

That question is above my pay grade.


What advice to you have to the winner of a large state lottery prize?

Keep it secret! Or is it too late?

If it were me, I would put almost all into a charitable remainder uni-trust. I would then live off the interest only, and all would go to a charity at my death.

Failing that, turn it over to an attorney. All requests for money will go to him, and he or she will say NO.

Otherwise, your winnings are going to ruin your life, sir!

North Carolina Police Obtained Warrants Demanding All Google Users Near Crime Scenes
"Raleigh police used search warrants to demand Google accounts not of specific suspects, but from any mobile devices that veered too close to the scene of a crime... These warrants often prevent the technology giant for months from disclosing information about the searches not just to potential suspects, but to any users swept up in the search"
URL #1:

I have the same concern. Your answer gives only one month time to receive bank statements, DMV .. which come either every month or are not very predictably. My bank, too, detected the address being CMRA, insisted on a real residential home address, and refused to use a "mailing address". So, is there another step to renting a motel room for a week or an apt for a month would allow for continuous receiving of mail? Thank you, great site!

Storage unit
Following Mr. Luna's advice I had obtained separate mailing address right after reading HTBI. It was not as difficult and demanding back then comparing to now. Lately I was not successful as most owners/managers want a personal visit and several identifying documents.
My next step was to rent a storage unit anonymously. Well, pseudonymously - under some other name. Again, that was accomplished.
Now, after years of using that due to some personal reasons I've decided to vacate it.
A lot of work went into that setup and just giving it all up is sad. Not sure if doing this today would be possible.
If anyone is interested and with Mr. Luna's permission, please let me know.

A few months ago I rented two different storage units. One was for two months, and the other, for just three weeks. I gave a PO Box and my real SSN to each. I doubt that a PI can find such rentals, especially when for a short time.

Money Overseas
The stamps are purchased at stamp shows. Certain stamps retain specific value and are discussed in the report. They are also sold at stamp shows, in larger European cities to insure a relatively reasonable exchange of value. This concern is addressed in the report.

I am planning on implementing this technique, this summer, as I travel north to visit my son. I think it would be a good workaround to help avoid " asset forfeiture" on the interstate, this summer.

I plan on writing my own report, describing my experience.

LLC & Cars
Hello Jack
I just read the questions and answers column. I recently went to the AAA Auto Club of Southern Calif to register my recently bought car in my NM LLC. They will Not do it anymore, but oddly enough, I was able to renew the registration of my other car in a different NM LLC without too much of a problem. I just told them the LLC was a personal holding company, not a business entity. When thru fine. Had to go to the DMV to register the other car. The Auto Club will not write insurance for my cars anymore because their titled in LLC's. So I found an insurance company that would insurance them. Such is life.
Just an added comment. When I go to the doctor or dentist, and they ask for picture ID, I show them my YMCA card or an old student ID card, or anything with a picture. If they won't accept it, I say good by & open up the yellow pages and find another one. All my current doctors & dentist accepted my YMCA ID as positive ID. I signed up at the local junior college & got a picture ID card. Yes, it cost a few bucks, & I did sign up for a class I liked. Just another way to get a photo ID But, whether one goes to class or not is another story.
Best Wishes
Newport Beach Ca. 92660

Calif Real ID for new Drivers License
Hello Jack
Thanks for all your great books. My question has to do with renewing my Calif Drivers Licence. The DMV wanted my lease agreement. DMV wanted this for prove of my Calif address. They said I could bring in a phone bill, utility bill, even my tax return. As of 01-22-2018, the new Federal Real ID Act, requires that I show my Social Security Card, my Passport, or other approved ID. This was needed for a Real ID, which is my drivers license.
I just heard I could tell DMV I will not be making domestic flights, & I might get a drivers license, but the license will state No Domestic Fights. Something of that nature.
Is there around all this new baloney?
Newport Beach 92660

I doubt it but I do not know. Readers?

Medical info
Hello,what do you do about health privacy other then never going to the dr?

If you do not use health insurance or medicare, then I see no problem.

But if you do, the privacy is lost.

National Debt
Jack, You and My Dad were both born in 1926, He turns 92 This Year, By the grace of God and there's one thing He never Forgets and He honestly believes it will happen again. Another Great Depression. His Bank keeps telling Him He has nothing to worry about, His money is safe. This is exactly what they told My Grand Dad in 1929 but He didn't believe them either. As an ex Banker Myself I know what I think and it's not good. I was just wondering a man with Your experience, what do You think. God Bless, Lee

(I am not 92.) I keep U.S. dollars in multiple banks.

Money Overseas
I got a report, from Eden Press, that descibes buying stamps and carrying them in an envelope, in your jacket pocket.
There is no limit on the value you can carry and you dont need to hide them, at all. You sell them at a stamp show, in the place you travel to. just as you buy them in the location you are leaving from.

URL #1:

There is no guarantee you can re-sell them at the same price. Might be far lower.

So, i am planning to move over seas and I know there is a limit of 10,000 cash that u can carry. if you have more than that or just not wish to carry 10,000 on u, what would u suggest to be able to get your money out with you and still not lose it?

Do you have a trusted friend overseas? If so, mail him the cash in multiple envelopes at different times.

ID Systems: A Reading List
Copied from the article at the link below:

"Start Here

If you read one thing on identity systems in the modern age, this should be it. In 2013, Kevin P. Donovan at the University of Cape Town and Carly Nyst, legal director of Privacy International in London, wrote an article in Slate entitled “Privacy for the Other 5 Billion.” In it, they argue that the Western world needs to pay more attention to privacy implications when they back programs like Aadhaar, India’s all-encompassing digital ID system, which is being used as a model around the globe."
URL #1:

Follow up question
Jack, I just have to ask this about a question I submitted a little while ago about starting a Mail Forwarding Business using basically just Paper, Pencil and Filing Cabinets. As a Ex Book keeper who worked in a Bank after Retiring from another Job I was taught to always put secure information on paper and then in a secure filing cabinet. Wouldn't this be 100% secure. I know by Your answer I'm missing something and its been driving Me crazy trying to figure it out. Could You please help Me understand with the answer. I'm sorry to be a bother, but I just can't help it. Thank You, Curious Lee

Where will your customers come from?

Will you require picture ID?

How can you compete with others?

Re: 11611 Adverse posession
The standard way to protect yourself when buying real estate is to get owner's title insurance. It would protect you from past problems such as encroachements from neighbors, adverse possession based on past actions etc. Protecting yourself after you buy th property requires being there as much as possible (living there or at least visiting often) so you can nip any problems (such as squatters, someone putting up or moving a fence etc. ) in the bud before they become a problem.

Starting a business
Jack, Could a Person, Nowadays start a Mail Forwarding Business if You did everything basically the So Called Old School Way. Paper and Pencil and Filing Cabinets. Thanks, Lee

In my ever-so-humble-opinion, no.

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