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Sorry if this appears to be a thread to an earlier comment but I wanted to discuss this a little more. Since this field is my "niche" and has been for almost 20 years, I share this one on the house with the hope that some people heed my advice.

The suggestion for using a sort of subsitution algortithm makes sense and the randomness puts the results into 3 letter agency brute force if you use enough characters. However, an easier way to all this is to not visit web sites that ask for a password. If you must, get a throw away email address from Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. and register with that. This is what I use for on-line newspapers and articles. As far as any sites that I transact business with, I don't. No banking, brokerage, or anything else that's remotely close to this. Just because you see a padlock icon on your browser don't be fooled into thinking that it's totally secure because it's not. That icon just means that you are using secure sockets (SSL) between yourself and someone else. It does not mean that once your information is transmitted there are any guarantees after that. BTW, there have been exploits using similar tricks.

A far better to alternative to passwords are pass phrases. A pass phrase is nothing more than a few (or longer) words seperated by a space(s). The space is significant and I'll explain later. For instance, what is easier to remember; mary had a little lamb or Ye3%)@829 ?
The reason why the space is important is that most brute force attacks use all the printable ASCII characters. That's 96 possible characters arranged by the length of the password which is a pretty big space of possibilities even for a 6 character password. Most brute force attacks normally don't try spaces so it's a pretty good way to really slow someone down if they ever decide to break it.

Whether or not "they" want to make the effort is another matter.

Bill Gates wished he wasn't so rich
In your work at home and skip college book, you mentioned money is important to cover your needs, and from there it becomes less and less important. True. Even Bill Gates says he wished he wasn't the richest man, ""I wish I wasn't. There is nothing good that comes out of that."

Article on CNN.

URL #1:

His quote was also in many afternoon newspapers today. When he says that, I totally believe him.

PIs Selling Phone Records
Just to confirm the usefulness of the info in HTBI, this just hit the news.

"U.S. authorities said Wednesday they had filed suit against five online companies, charging they had illegally sold confidential phone records."

URL #1:

Not big news. That stuff happens all the time!

New website
Excellent new Website. I have 3 of your books and love all 3. Jack, you have certainly saved some women's (and probably a couple of men's) lives by helping them be "invisible" from some violent people. I hope you keep the site open for humanitarian grounds. Keep up the good work my friend.

One of the best protections for women living alone is to have a really secure front door, coupled with a secret hiding place where they can take refuge if they hear someone trying to break in. That will be included in a future report, along with many other ideas.

I have worked for McDonald's for 9 years and I have proposed the sign idea with respect to the Ice cream not being availible many times. The response I get from the supervisors is that McDonald's doesn't want to advertise that they do not have somthing because they would rather the person wait in line, and find out they dont have any ice cream. This way the person in the Drive thru has the opportunity to suggest somthing else to them. Sounds slightly underhanded but its actually POLICY !

Thanks for clearing this up. What a stupid policy!

Using a NM LLC to title a car in Texas
I believe Texas now asks for a SSN or TIN to register a car in Texas. Have you heard from any readers in Texas who have titled a car through a NM LLC and have they found the LLC number to be acceptable?

Also, I believe auto insurers will ask not just for a mailing address but for the physical address where the car will be garaged or stored. How can that question be handled without giving up privacy?

No, I hadn't heard that complaint about Texas, before.

As for physical address: If you also insure your home, the insurance company will know your home address anyway. HOWEVER, I've been told that at least in many states, the police can NOT pull up insurance records when they run a license plate.

Online information brokers
Dear JJ,
Hello and wanted to ask about what people can do about online information brokers and getting off their listings. Many of them do not have an "opt out" policy.

I know of no way to remove listings. In extreme cases, the only solution is to move.

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