Alaska Ghost Addresses

Fairbanks Alaska

In 2002 I made a series of expensive trips throughout Alaska—including one to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands—in search of a private mail forwarding provider with these features:

  • Excellent daily mail service.
  • A remote location that would be difficult to check out.
  • An exclusive U.S. street address with no associated telltale box number.

The search finally ended when I met up with Judith who lives in Fairbanks. (You’ll learn her nickname and last name when you place your order.) Judith had years of experience supplying mail-forwarding services and currently runs an accounting business in Fairbanks.

As a result of that meeting, I formed a private club. This satisfied my need of being able to use various names without showing ID. Here are the details:

  • Membership is limited solely to those of you who own one or more of my books.
  • You may use any name or names, and you can use Judith’s street address, her PO Box, or both.
  • You will be furnished with Judith’s e-mail address and she will respond by e-mail to any special requests you may have.

This basic service is ideal for those of you who plan to use the address for vehicle licensing, real estate tax notices, bank statements, and other private mail.  It may not, however, be used for addresses (such as for domain names) that show up on public websites, nor as your residence address if applying for an Alaska driver’s license.

The annual fees depend upon the number of letters received

For up to 15 letters (total for all names) per year,  $150.

For up to 30 letters (total for all names) per year,  $200

In addition to the annual fees, there is an initial one-time membership fee for setting up your Alaska address service. The amount depends upon the number of different names that you will eventually want for receiving mail in Alaska.

One name,   $195.  Two names, $245.  Three names,  $295.

Each additional name, $50, up to a maximum of ten.

Choose the maximum number of names you may eventually use.  What if you choose (for example) two names, but later decide you need another name? In that case, you will have to fill out a new application, pay $195, and also pay a second annual fee of $150 each  year.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

My assistant Rosie Enriquez is the one to contact, with questions or orders.  Her email address is