A Ghost Address in Spain’s Canary Islands

This is a street address in Arrecife, on the small exotic island of Lanzarote. The mail is taken care of by Manuel, one of my best friends for the past 45 years. For incoming mail you have two options:

1.  Your letters, unopened, will be placed in a larger envelope, euro postage added, and mailed to you within 24 hours (weekdays).

2.  Your letters will be opened, scanned, and e-mailed to you.  The letters will be kept on file for 45 days before being shredded.  During this period you can contact Rosie if you wish to receive the original letter as well.  (All communication with Manuel goes through Rosie because he doesn’t speak English.)

The standard maximum number of mail pieces per account is 30. (More may be possible depending on the situation, contact Rosie.)

In addition to the annual fee, there is an initial one-time setup fee for each account.  This depends upon the number of different names that you plan to use (or have available to use) for receiving mail in the islands.  Each account can have a maximum of 10 mail-receiving names.

I recommend you set up your account with the maximum number of names you may eventually use.  What if you choose (for example) two names, but later decide you need an additional name? In that case, you will have to pay a new account initiation fee.

For current pricing and all other questions, please contact:  Rosie@senoritarosie.com