Personal Consultations with JJ Luna

If you have a problem that you think I can help you with, and you understand that I consult only in person, then contact me. Tell me exactly what you hope to accomplish, with my help.  This is important because you may be looking for some solution to a problem that can be solved only by a magician with a magic wand—and I lack any such wand. I will meet with you only if I think I can help you, and if your needs are legitimate.  I turn down more prospective clients than I meet with.

The examples below are a cross-section of the sort of problems that I have solved to my client’s satisfaction.

Alexa, 28, a stalking victim from southern California

Alexa’s stalker was an ex-lover who was not only violent but was seeking revenge. He had cop friends who repeatedly found her unlisted telephone numbers as well as the addresses on her driver’s licenses when she moved from state to state. She was desperate to break from her stalker and willing and able to do whatever was required.

Jim, 65, a retired Seattle police detective:

Jim foresaw that a vindictive investor was going to file an unjust—if not frivolous— lawsuit against him. Once filed, Jim could be tied down for months or years and end up with horrendous legal costs.

“I’d like to just disappear without a trace,” he said. “I’ve got my eye on an offshore blue-water sailboat and I’d like to cruise up to Alaska in the summer and down to Mexico in the winter. The problem is how to title the boat so my name does not appear, and how to get my monthly pension checks and cash them without leaving a clue as to what port I’m in.”

Helen, 57, a wealthy widow from Arkansas:

Helen nearly died in a major car accident several years ago.  “When I recovered,” she said, “I felt like a different person and I wanted to start life over. I’m going to sell off all my land holdings and just disappear, but I need some help.” She wished to securely hide a large sum of money when her properties were sold, and to obtain and use a bank account in Canada..


With no obligation, e-mail me a list of questions that you expect me to answer, or a problem that you expect me to solve. Once I get your e-mail, I will decide whether or not a consultation is advisable.


Can we meet in some other location?

Sometimes that is possible, depending on the location.l.

Do you consult for reasons other than just disappearing?

 Yes. Safekeeping your assets to avoid being sued by anyone looking for “deep pockets.” Establishing secret hiding places and/or a secret “safe” room in your present home or including it in the plans for a new home yet to be built.  Obtaining and preparing a separate safe house for use in case of a complete economic collapse. Securing your online business so that it will be extremely difficult to track down the owner. Moving to a new location that cannot be tracked down by anyone other that a government agency. (The FBI and U.S. Marshals can track down almost anyone.)

 What if I am unsure if you can help me with my problem(s)?

 Send me an e-mail and outline your needs.