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Jack Luna:    Jack (at)
Consulting (personal privacy, home security, small business)

Rosie Enriquez:  Rosie(at)
New Mexico LLCs, ghost addresses in Alaska and Spain

Tim La Trasse: (866) 660-1212
If you’ve read the latest edition of my book, you know I recommend Tim LaTrasse and his company, Parker Lakes & Associates Investigative Services. He offers conventional and boutique security and investigative services, polygraphs, counter-intelligence services, and business intelligence to paying clients. Professional services aren’t free.
He and his network of associates across the globe accept any funded project. Tim consults with corporations and ultra-high net worth individuals – and their legal teams, but he will help my readers too, so mention “Mr. Luna” or “How To Be Invisible” when you call him. Be prepared to talk when you call Tim. You can trust him, but he has to trust you too, so tell him the truth. He expects a retainer prior to starting work or giving advice. Tim is happy to travel almost anywhere to meet with you (or your attorney) to discuss your needs.

John Clark:

  1. My personal attorney — a legal expert for avoiding pitfalls when implementing privacy strategies.
  2. Licensed in California but can associate with your local counsel (anywhere) who may not understand your privacy objectives.
  3. Specializing in California Privacy Trusts which avoid the $800/year minimum CA tax on LLCs.
  4. Custom operating agreements for NM LLC

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