I have been offering this service since 2002 on my website, and before that in personal consultations with private clients.  I am a pioneer, the acknowledged trailblazer in membership services where ID is not legally required. Be aware that there are copycats and pretenders on the world-wide-web offering similar ghost addresses and copying some of my pages word-for-word. They may be here one day and gone the next, so watch out. For purposes of privacy and security I recommend only Judith in Alaska and Manuel or Josias  in the Canary Islands. They have all been sorely tested over the years and have never failed. (Many persons contact me from time to time, offering to furnish their own address for forwarding mail. My answer is always NO, so please do not ask.)  As for Judith., Manuel, and Josias, you will never have a serious problem with any of them.  You have my personal guarantee!

How do the services compare?

Alaska is ideal for those who plan to receive important documents from agencies such as the county registrar, a DMV, or an American or Canadian bank. Reason: There is no postage surcharge for foreign mail. Also, with the exception of California, it’s an ideal address to use for New Mexico LLCs that hold title to vehicles or real estate. (If there is any doubt about the DMV in your state, inquire as to whether an out-of-state address for an LLC that owns a vehicle will be acceptable.)

The Canary Islands, being overseas, are more private. U.S. subpoenas cannot be served there. Some prefer to use a non-US address to indicate to others that they live overseas.

Do you accept all orders?

No, Rosie reserves the right to reject any order. One reason is that some applicants are just too private, bordering on paranoia. Others have too many questions that indicate a possible illegality. A few come across as just too flaky. The agreement with the providers is that Rosie will screen out such applicants beforehand. All clients MUST use the addresses for legal purposes only.

How long does it take for mail to be received from Alaska? From the Canaries?

Both Judith (Alaska) and Manuel (Canary Islands) forward mail within 24 hours on weekdays. Mail from Alaska to the Lower 48 usually takes from three to five days. Mail from the Canaries is received between a week and a week and a half after it is sent (unless scanned and e-mailed).

What about junk mail?

Junk mail does not count against your annual quota.  It is tossed rather than sent on to you.