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Sending Direct Payments

The form below allows you to send an online payment to JJ Luna through PayPal/Credit Card for services other than eBooks. Because the price of these services may vary, the price box is open for you to place an amount into.

Your transaction will be completed with PayPal and you and Canary Islands Press will receive a transaction number. This is your receipt for the payment and will need to be referenced when you communicate about your order.

Do not use this form to pay for eBooks or other online purchases that are available directly through the Online Store. If you try to pay for eBooks with this form, the order will not complete automatically and you will have to email us for manual fulfillment. You will also not be eligible for updates to eBooks. This will take several back and forth emails and many days to complete versus using the Online Store to order your eBook which completes entirely online instantly after your payment.

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