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back in the day when cell phones first appeared security was an issue. came across this gotenna and the gotenna network. wonder if you heard of it, and if its worthwhile looking into further.
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I have no experience with it, David.


Bible reason for privacy

Reading your posts I see that you use scripture from time to time. What scripture do you think or supports a life of privacy or using alternate names? wouldn't you want to be knowable to your neighbors using your real name who live next to you? Thank you for your time.

I devote an entire chapter to that subject, in the third edition of "How to be Invisible." See chapter 3, "When is a 'lie' not a lie?"

I have a cousin from my home town in Minnesota who moved to Portland about 60 years ago. He took on a pen name when he became a well-known DJ on a radio station there. When he got a little group going, from Idaho (Paul Revere and the Raiders), he kept that pen name.

He uses it still today, even in his congregation. He uses his real name for his passport, credit cards, and all ownership of assets. I am one of just a few persons who know what his real name is.

Alternate Names
Jj, I have a question on using alternate names for credit cards. I have done it in the past with no problem, but now they are asking for the last four of the SSN. I thought about giving a fake number, last four, from the list in your book since the card will be linked to mine and the rep at the bank stated they don't verify it. But think that perhaps it may be a bit much to go down this road. What do you think?

How about just adding a family memeber to your card? Perhaps in your wife's maiden name, or in your son'e middle and last name.

Moving and starting over
off the topic of privacy but I read somewhere before a suggestion from you about moving to some city I can't remember for work and they were paying really good wages due to not many people coming to work there.

I recently just accepted a buyout from my job and am seriously considering moving somewhere else and just working as much as I can for a year or 2 and just saving a bunch of money. Want to make the best use of my time, and be away from the distractions of my home town.

If you can remember what I am talking about, could you refresh my memory on this?

You are referring to my eBook "FLAT BROKE?".

I said that if you cannot find work where you are, then move to where they ARE hiring. I did not specify a city.

Makes sense, no?

forming LLC with Northwest
Hello JJ, Its been great reading your articles and you're such a blessing to many of us. My question is, My wife and I have this S-corps company we have been running since 2007 selling online, but we need to form an LLC to take over the s-corps. How can we make the proposed LLC to acquire the existing s-corp we have? Can we still use same federal tax ID ans same bank account to continue our retailing business using the new LLC??

Send this quesion to my e-mail address: Jack at JJLuna dot c o m.

I will then forward it to Northwest, to get an accurate answer.

Soapbox Derby
You wrote, "Note that I was back on my soap box for the very next post, #2714. How did you like that one? :)" Then in that post, you wrote that there were many gods and lords according to the scriptures. It was very interesting to read that. I attended a Gospel Church for many years and never heard anyone say that. Of course from reading your book I know that you led secret sessions in the woods of the Canary Islands to study the Bible and/or hold religious services.

By the way, I was telling another of your stories the other night at dinner. Someone was talking about sales and profit margins, and I related your adventures selling the flashing lights to gas stations and roadside diners, in particular how if the prospect was not willing to buy for full price, you would tell him you had a dented one in the car for cheaper. Then you would go to your trunk and take a hammer to the perfectly good product you had first offered, and let the customer buy that for a cheaper price, still at a profit to you. That's a great story, both funny and instructional.

Yes, that story about denting the unit in order to sell it was one that my Hollwood sister likes to tell, again and again. :-)

As for "many gods and lords ", you do not hear that in any church in Christendom. In the Bible, the majority is always wrong. About 99.9 percent prefer the wide road, the road where there is no sin to worry about.

I didn't see it in the FAQ but I'm sure you know by now that there is a MITM to your site via TOR. Can you comment?

Not all you readers will understand that MITM refers the "Man In The Middle," i.e., the Feds or the cops.

(When the Feds or cops use the Stingray, the signal from their device fools your cell phone into believing it has contacted a legitimate cell tower when in reality the 'man in the middle' is someone compromising your privacy. Using TOR, a person logs onto their browser and their browser then connects to one of many thousands of nodes across the globe. ) This reader is saying that between your computer and the TOR network a government agency has placed their own devices to trick you into surfing the web with a false sense of security.)

I have never once ever recommended TOR, nor would I ever dream of using it.

This is from two years ago:
The TOR project updates their browser frequently. Their blog is the place to go to keep up-to-date on their fight against MITM attacks.

VPN & Proxy Servers for iPhone
Do you (or any readers here) have any experience using VPN Proxy server on your mobile device? AVG offers a VPN & Proxy server which claims "Total Internet Privacy". Just wondering if it is worth paying for? Thoughts?


In Regards to Question 11702
Here is the question asked: In the first draft of your book, you mentioned that some folks had success going out in the country , finding a clump of rural mailboxes, and adding their own mailbox to the clump. They were able to receive mail at that box and use it as a ghost address, even though they owned no property near there. I loved that creativity. Is there any chance that would work today with the way that USPS registers all addresses?

If you OWN a piece of land (even in your real name) out in the country with a clump of rural mailboxes, and you want to use that as a ghost address, why would it not work if in fact you don't necessarily physically live there? I ask because I do own such a piece of property that I purchased with the idea of using it for the purpose of having a permanent residential address, regardless of where I lay my head at night. Thanks!

This advice does not appear in the latest edition, with good reason. It may not work.

If you wish, give it a try.

Website after you pass on
I have enjoyed the many purchases I have made from you since your big black privacy report manual many years ago.

HTBI has been my privacy "Bible." I re-read through it frequently. Version three is so worn out that I bought another.

Your old "Skip College" has been a fav in my household and with friends.

When the good Lord decides it's your time, what happens to your site?

Thank You

Thanks for the kind words, but I assume the "good Lord" you mention is not the one I serve, Rikko. There are many gods and many lords, according to the Scriptures. Does this lord you mention have a name?

As for my "time," remember this, at Eccl. 9:11?

"I have seen something further under the sun, that the swift do not always win the race, nor do the mighty win the battle,+ nor do the wise always have the food, nor do the intelligent always have the riches,+ nor do those with knowledge always have success,+ because time and unexpected events* overtake them all. "

Note that all deaths are because "time and unexpected events" determine this, not any predestined date.

I have no plans to retire, at least not before age 99, but if by CHANCE I am hit by a bus tomorrow, I have a friend who will take over. I have been training him for the past year. He knows far more about privacy on the internet than do I!

Thank you for answering my question.
I appreciate the time you put in to maintaining this interesting website. Thank you for answering my question about the mailboxes. I enjoy it when you get on your soapbox, whether about car payments or anything else.

Note that I was back on my soap box for the very next post, #2714. How did you like that one? :)

NM LLC stolen
What prevents an unscrupulous Registered Agent in NM to transfer ownership of an anonymous LLC. If no operating agreement is submitted to the state then a criminal registered agent can steal LLC assets right?

1. An operating agreement is never submitted to the state.

1. In the thousands of NM LLCs organized by Rosie, not one has ever been reported as stolen.

LLC address
What are your thoughts about the mailing address for an LLC that owns property being the property address? That way you are not giving additional info on public records. Giving a different mailing address provides links if that address provides links if used for anything else (or if ID was needed to obtain it, such as a PO box.)

You are asking a question that has already been answered on my website,

Northwest posts THEIR mailing address, not yours.

Rosie LLC contact?
Hello, I have written Rosie an email at the senoritarosie email address regarding an LLC I purchased from her. Is the email still good? I've gotten no reply.

New Zealand wants your passwords
Traveling to New Zealand?
Don't bring electronic devices.
One of the worst Privacy vs. Security failures is now in effect.

URL #1:

I agree. It appears that New Zealand plans to cut down on tourism. No idea why.


Since 9/ll, New York has become almost impossible when it comes to anonymous ownership of a vehicle.

If you use an operating agreement with the LLC, than that proves who the owner is.

Privacy in Death
Hi Jack,

Recently, the private cemetery that is home to most of my family members (and, in the future, me), recently added a feature on their website that allows the world's 7.5+ billion people to look up anyone buried in the cemetery. The information includes full name, birth, death and burial records.

I think this is awful. My family members and myself are private individuals who could have never imagined that such personal information would be broadcast by the marketing department of the cemetery in question.

The relevant loved ones know where deceased family members are buried, so there's no need to publish this info. (And, yes, I have fought and won against sites like "Find a Grave"... to keep my family members' grave sites off their websites.)

What's the point in fighting for privacy during one's life only to have it taken away in death? Does this mean that the only way to ensure privacy in death is to not be buried in a cemetery?


Once I am dead, I will no longer have any worries about privacy.

In any event, privacy disappears when the death notice is filed.

LLCs for UK car ownership
To Jack and all UK readers. Following on from my previous question, can anybody explain their experiences with using LLCs for car ownership? Knowing the DVLA, they wouldn't let a loophole like that slip through, but I could be wrong.

United States LLCs are not recognized in the UK, sorry.

I have a car I would like to put under an LLC.
Could I have the LLC buy the car?
If there is a loan on the car, that would also have to be paid in full in order to get the car in the LLC, am I correct?

Correct--pay off the car first.

I now step up on my soap box.

Why ANYONE would EVER finance a car is incomprehensibe to me. In this country you can get a car for under a thousand dollars that will get you to work and back!

Need to take a vacation? RENT A BRAND NEW CAR!

Tor browser
I just want to point out to fellow readers, that though many sources will advise you to use Tor as a way to suf the web anynomosly, it is NOT secure. Tor was developed by the US Dept of the Navy. If you think the Govt does not have a way to monitor who is using this "honeypot", you are mistaken. I've worked in information technology sinnce 1989, and share this so otheres may benefit.

Right! That is why I never use Tor.

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